11 high-paying dangerous jobs with little or no experience (USA)

11 high-paying dangerous jobs with little or no experience (USA)

Many jobs in the United States pay well and offer a great work environment. In this article, we investigate difficult or dangerous job positions that are accessible to assist you with deciding the right choice for your career objectives.

These high-paying dangerous jobs with no experience have many lucrative incentives that provide you the opportunity to live the life of your dream.

As per Statista, anglers and hunters are the most dangerous Job now. Delivery and truck drivers’ dangers came lower on this list. Although, 887 people died on this Job in 2020. The count came down as people choose profession now.

Other dangerous jobs in America are listed in this article. We maintained the list of dangerous Job that doesn’t kill you for sure but can kill you if safety measures aren’t followed.

Why do people choose the most dangerous jobs in America? 

Why do people choose the most dangerous jobs in America? 
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It is obvious to understand that people do jobs for a living. In America, the cost of living for a single person is $3189. Apart from earning that figure, other reasons connect the dots with doing dangerous jobs in America.  

  • Easy job does not sound compelling to some. People bore out easily. To maintain that chills at a job, they tend to shift to dangerous jobs. 
  • A survey says that people stay in one job for 4.1 years. For 4 years in a dangerous and high-paying job, they can earn a good amount. 
  • Dangerous jobs bring good contacts. It has been noticed that some of the dangerous jobs bring in good contacts. 
  • Some people get peace by doing a thrilling job in terms of psychology. They get the aura of self-confidence while doing dangerous jobs.

Do Dangerous jobs require experience?

We highly recommend our readers gain some technical experience before landing in dangerous jobs. This kind of job raises the stake in your life and death scenario. Some of the dangerous jobs don’t require prior experience but only training.

Later in this article, you will learn about one most dangerous jobs in the USA that require a great amount of experience.  

Top 11 dangerous jobs with high salary

1. Divers – 

Divers - high-paying dangerous jobs with little or no experience
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Underwater machines such as oil rigs, bridges, and pipelines are inspected, serviced, and repaired by divers, sometimes known as commercial divers.

To economically and securely repair these buildings, they use scuba technology, water-safe devices, and diving industry standards.

They perform submerged search and salvage, rescue, recovery, or cleanup tasks. They utilize submerged cameras and other hardware to review and record the state of moors, ships, float frameworks, and submerged pipelines and links.

Earning potential for divers – Approx. $50,000-$70,000 annually.

Experience Required: Experience of 2 years is required. Along with experience, certification is needed. 

2. Firefighter- 

Firefighting is one of the most physically demanding jobs and often requires long hours in dangerous conditions. In a crisis, full-time firefighters assist in the protection of society.

They attend to a wide range of situations, including automobile accidents, industrial pollution, floods, & search and rescue, and fires. 

Aside from responding to emergency calls, the work entails deploying advanced fire suppression equipment.

This job is also considered the most dangerous job in America. Apart from their work and responsibilities, this job has many perks, especially its incentive option.

Earning potential – Around $100,494 annually

Experience required: No prior experience is required. Candidates need to sit for some tests like GCSEs, math, and English. 

3. Law Enforcement– 

Law enforcement officers are constantly putting their lives on the line to protect the public. Most law enforcement officers are formally dressed, faculty. They also work as a detective and are answerable for exploring criminal cases by get-together realities and gathering proof.

Law enforcement officers are not afraid of danger, and take responsibility. They
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Earning Potential as a law enforcement officer – $55,000-$70,000 annually

Experience required: No prior experience is required. 

4. Zoo veterinarian-

Zoo veterinarian
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A zoo veterinarian reviews, determine, and treats creatures housed in a zoo, including enormous untamed life like elephants, tigers, and bears.

They’re liable for distinguishing wounds and ailments, endorsing meds, working analysis hardware, and medical procedures.

Since zoo veterinarians can work with various creatures, they might risk being harmed by enormous or risky creatures.

This is one of the best high-paying dangerous jobs with little or no experience.

Earning potential – $60,000-$90,000 annually

Experience: No experience required. The candidate needs to complete an undergraduate degree in veterinary science and medicine. They also need to register with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. 

5. Nurse:

An enrolled and registered nurse focuses on patients by giving drugs and treatment, checking vitals, tending to wounds, and teaching patients and their families about appropriate treatment and health.

A Nurse, or Registered Nurse, is answerable for supporting Physicians in regulating patient consideration. Their obligations include:

  • Giving patients the right dose of medication.
  • Overseeing I.V.s in light of their patient’s circumstances.
  • Observe their patients’ vitals to guarantee they have the appropriate circulatory strain or pulse.

These medical care experts might be in danger of getting ailments, handling unpredictable patients, and working for extended periods.

Earning potential – $70,000-$90,000 annually

Experience: 2 Year associate degree in nursing is required. 

6. Coast Guard

Coast Guard - One of the high-paying dangerous jobs with little or no experience (USA)
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The coast guard is responsible for protecting U.S. waterways from natural disasters and unauthorized entry. Their job description includes Defending and safeguarding counterfeit islands, seaward terminals, establishments, and gadgets in the oceanic zone, securing.

Also includes helping anglers in trouble, and saving and safeguarding marine climate, including controlling marine contamination. This is dangerous but still one of the favorite jobs among the youth of the United Nations.

Earning potential – $70,000-$90,000 annually

Experience: No experience.

7. Paramedic- 

A paramedic is a highly-skilled medical professional responsible for providing emergency care to people who have been injured or fallen ill. Paramedics are answerable to answer clinical crisis calls, give nearby guides, and move patients securely to clinical offices.

They are supposed to survey patients’ circumstances and execute emergency treatment methods.

Extra obligations incorporate keeping up with gear, documenting reports, and shipping patients between clinics. The high-risk, high-paying jobs overseas include jobs in the finance, insurance, and real estate industries; management positions in manufacturing and engineering; and work in the entertainment industry.

Earning potential – $100,000-$120,000 annually

Experience: Need to have voluntary experience in the medical field. 

8. Air Traffic Controller– 

air traffic controller - high paying dangerous job with high experience
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Air traffic controllers are responsible for ensuring safe and efficient air travel by controlling aircraft movement in and out of airports.

Air traffic controller jobs include the progression of an airplane or any airways-related vehicle into and out of the air terminal airspace, guiding pilots during departure and landing, and screening airplanes as they travel through the skies for safety and security purposes. It is one of the high-paying dangerous jobs with little or no experience. Why no experience? Continue reading…

Earning potential – $50,000-$70,000

Experience Required: No prior experience is required in this job. But the selection and training process is rigorous. 

9. Crude oil hauler- 

A crude oil hauler maintains and operates enormous trucks that convey oil, gas, or different synthetics to service stations or different areas. As well as having the option to drive a semi-truck or heavy transport rig.

These experts should securely stack and dump materials, follow safe driving practices, and intently screen the truck’s activity to arrive at their objective safely.

Earning potential – $70,000-$90,000

Experience: Prior experience as a commercial truck driver is required. 

10. Gas Service Engineer- 

The job involves repairing the gas appliances, heating systems, pipes, meters, and other systems that involve power and supplies. To become a gas service engineer, you need to complete a college course that involves a level 2 or 3 diploma in plumbing and heating.

An apprenticeship is required that involves training to become a smooth technician. 

One must go for an apprenticeship that will take about 18 months to complete. A professional body will assess you before placement. 

Earning Potential: $18000 to $38000.

Experience: Training of 18 months is required. 

11. Skyscraper Cleaner- 

Skyscraper Cleaner - most dangerious job in america
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This job involves cleaning the high-rise windows of a tall building. The cleaning is done by hanging on the tallest buildings. Research says that from 2001 to 2009, there was a rise in tall buildings. 

To clean those tall buildings, a day washer is required to cover an area of around 80 vertical feet. Height is not only the issue in this job. During the summertime, bugs are found at high altitudes and can bring plagues and irritation to the workers. 

Earning Potential: Average payout is $38653. 

Experience required: No experience required. 

Highlighting One of the most dangerous jobs in America!

Below mentioned job is among one of the most dangerous jobs in America as per our observation. The job requires great experience and is one of the highest-paying jobs. The job is dangerous as it can destroy life through radiation.

Read below to understand the job profile. At present, there are around 150 resident inspectors in this job. 

Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspector

Nuclear power plant - Highlighting One of the most dangerous jobs in America!
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Inspectors review safety procedures at nuclear power plants. As this job is dangerous to get exposed to radiation, it is considered high-paying.

The nuclear regulatory commission inspectors confirm that the hierarchical construction, administrator capabilities, plan, upkeep, fuel taking care of, and natural and radiation assurance programs are satisfactory and agree with NRC wellbeing necessities. 

The NRC inspectors also conduct around 1,000 investigations of atomic material licensees a year.

Earning potential – $120,000-$140,000 annually

Experience: 5 years of experience with NRC is required. 

Wrapping up

Above, we have featured lucrative positions or dangerous jobs hiring with no experience. As may be obvious, a portion of these job positions compensates fairly more than $50K every year. 

These jobs come with some benefits as well as some consequences. But the overall job is a job, whatever it is; after all, everyone needs a job to earn bread for his family.

While there are some dangerous jobs, no experience is required, and it is important to be aware of the risks involved before applying for any job.

Before joining a dangerous job, read the pre-requisites of the job, the total hours to be devoted to the job, and the pay scale. We do not recommend or motivate any individual to seek these jobs.

Joining in will be your only choice, and we will appreciate your risk-taking confidence. 

Hello, Readers! Sneha Verma is my name. I take relief in writing about mental trauma and comebacks since I know how they affect ordinary job lives. I am a graduate student working on the ACCA programme. Jobs that require mental alignment appear to be very significant to me in this era, so I consider this to be one of my hobbies. In addition, I am well versed in employment topics and challenges that are directly relevant to the jobs.

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