Top 11 Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs (USA)

You will be surprised to know the career advancements and growth of mechanical engineers globally!

If you think the role of a mechanical engineer is limited in the manufacturing sector, then sir/ma’am, you are mistaken. 

How about we tell you that mechanical engineers work at space stations, nuclear plants, renewable energy development centers, and a lot more!

And, No! Mechanical engineers are not just responsible for fixing machinery.

Now, this means that there are plenty of high-paying jobs for mechanical engineers that you probably don’t even know about. 

Wonder what these highest paying mechanical engineering jobs are? Come, let’s find out. 

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11 Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs

1. Automation Engineer – Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Automation Engineer - Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs
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Automation engineers are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining self-operating machines and processes. 

The work of an automation engineer starts by understanding the task or process that has to be automated by working closely with clients. Next, begins the designing, testing, programming, and maintaining of the system.

An important part of the functioning of an automation engineer is to stay up to date on safety and health regulations. This requires proper time management and precision. 

Automation engineers are most often employed in the manufacturing and food processing industries.

2. Senior Design Engineer – High Salary Jobs After Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

If creativity is your strong suit, then this is one of the best highest paying mechanical engineering jobs for you. 

The primary role of a design engineer is to create new products. And, as a senior engineer, your responsibilities will also involve leading a team from the beginning through production. 

Senior design engineers also double as project managers and work with clients to understand their requirements and objectives, develop a budget, and lead the team through the design process. 

3. Research and Development Engineer – High Salary Jobs After Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Research and Development Engineer - High Salary Jobs After Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
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Next on the list of high salary jobs after diploma in mechanical engineering is a research and development engineer.

As the name suggests, R&D engineers are responsible for building new manufacturing methods and products. Their role also involves improving existing systems in order to improve productivity, efficiency, and safety. 

A research and development engineer’s services are sought whenever a new concept design is to be built, prototypes are to be tested, or when new methods and products are to be introduced in a market. 

R&D is a great field, especially, if you like to work alone, if you don’t like interruptions, or if you have SAD.  

4. Powertrain Engineer – Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs

If you are looking for a career in the automotive industry, then Powertrain engineering is the best job for you. 

They work closely focussing on the appearance and performance of engines, electrical components, powertrains, and software in modern vehicles. 

As a powertrain engineer, you will get the opportunity to work on two-wheelers, cars, and commercial vehicles, etc. 

Powertrain engineers also have to make sure that automobiles comply with government emissions and safety requirements.

5. Solar/Renewable Energy – Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Solar/Renewable Energy - Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs
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The demand for clean energy increases every single minute. And, solar energy, wind energy, or any other form of renewable energy has an extremely high potential for exploitation. 

Also, this is a field where mechanical engineers and electrical engineers collaborate to meet the demand. 

Mechanical engineers have great employability in the areas of wind energy, turbine energy, solar energy projects, etc.

6. Senior Mechanical Engineer – High Salary Jobs After Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

The basic responsibilities of a senior mechanical engineer include planning, designing, and developing products while working with a team. 

Depending on the team and its scope, they might work on any kind of product like mechanical parts, sensors, electrical systems, circuit boards, etc.

Further, these engineers also work on technical reviews writing and improving products once they are sent to the market. 

7. Instrumentation Engineer – Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Certain types of equipment monitor and control engineering systems. And these are a specialization of an instrumentation engineer. They overlook the entire process concerning this equipment – design, built, testing, installation, management, and maintenance.

8. Nuclear Engineer – Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Nuclear Engineer - Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs
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Who do you think supervises nuclear plants?

Yes! You guessed it right. Mechanical Engineers! They support the technical functions of nuclear power stations and plants.

They also design, develop, and calibrate machines used within nuclear power stations. Some other designations held by mechanical engineers at nuclear power plants are-

  • Reactor operators
  • Quality engineers 
  • Process engineers

9. Aerospace Engineer – Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Aerospace engineers are responsible for directing and coordinating the designing, manufacturing, and testing of aircraft and aerospace products.

These engineers also hold the authority to assess proposals for station projects and determine their technical and financial feasibility.

10. Supply Chain Engineer – Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Supply chain engineers are responsible for ensuring error-free movements in a plant, overseeing that all the tasks are going smoothly and are complying with the given deadline.

In order to avoid bottlenecks and maintain efficiency, supply chain engineers supervise the different steps of production and the requirements of any material, etc.

11. Cost Estimation/Finance and Management Jobs – Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Cost Estimation:Finance and Management Jobs - Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Jobs
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Being a mechanical engineer does not mean you have to design and build machines. 

No, really! Just think about it. You are numerate. You are computer savvy. You have your way with problem-solving and decision-making.

So, all you need to bag an amazingly lucrative job in finance or management is an MBA degree! 

How Can I Increase my Salary as a Mechanical Engineer?

So, here are 5 tips that are guaranteed to help you increase your salary. Let’s get scrolling!

1. Earn a Master’s

You can easily get a job in mechanical engineering after completing your bachelor’s. But, having earned a master’s will enhance both – your skills as well as your CV.

Thus, making you a more valued employee and capable of handling greater authority and responsibility. 

2. Earn an MBA

If you seek management opportunities, then earning a Master of Business Administration degree is the right way to go!

Not only will it allow you to expand your operations but will also have a greater impact on your salary. 

Moreover, some MBA majors can help you establish a niche that could be quite valuable to employers.

3. Change Locations

Many a time you’ll find that firms in some areas offer higher engineering salaries than firms along or outside those areas. 

So, what you can do is, you can research the salary packages in the areas where you can potentially move keeping in mind the cost of living, commuting, your personal feasibility, etc.

4. Earn a PE License

Have you heard about the Professional Engineering License?

To make it short and crisp, we can say the PE certification is considered the highest level of competence for engineers.

The license will raise your stature in the field and your employability. Not only that, it makes you a great fit to handle a higher level of responsibilities and authority.

To be a professional beginner you need to have:

  • a bachelor’s degree in engineering
  • professional experience in the field for a minimum number of years (which varies from region to region)
  • membership of any recognized professional engineering institute
  • a maintained Continued Professional Development (CPD) 

5. Upskill

Besides working on your technical expertise in your chosen field of engineering, there are some other skills that can help you move up the ladder, faster than others. Continuous upskilling is vital to growing in any field.

These include general people skills and business development skills.

It is not enough that you are an expert at creating or building things. You also need to be a great salesperson. You need to learn to sell yourself and your product/service.

4 High Salary Jobs After Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Some of the best Diploma in Mechanical Engineering jobs designation for aspirants with experience are:

  • Design Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Research and Development Engineer
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer

Highest Mechanical Engineer Salary

Job ProfileAverage Salary (per annum)
Automation Engineer$92,974
Senior Design Engineer$97227
Research & Development Engineer$90,029
Powertrain Engineer$91,279
Solar/Renewable Energy Engineer$106,879
Senior Mechanical Engineer$103,083
Instrumentation Engineer$95,788
Nuclear Engineer$85360
Aerospace Engineer$118,610
Supply Chain Engineer$87,975
Finance Manager$94835

Top 11 Highest Paying Mechanical Engineering Companies in the World

CompanyCompany Rating (out of 5)
Johnson & Johnson3.9
Boston Scientific4.0
John Deere4.0
Apple 4.0
Lockheed Martin3.7
Ford Motor Company3.9
GE Aviation3.7


Mechanical engineers are in high demand, but at the same time, the competition is very stiff in this field. For any job in this field, you are sure to be competing against hundreds of candidates for one position at a given point in time.

This is where it becomes necessary to stand out! The above-mentioned tips to get your salary increased will come in handy here. 

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