22 Best Stress-Free Jobs Without Degree

Best stress-free jobs without degree a concept long lost, because a job is simply another name for stress.

Wake up, spending most of the hours working and of course, wondering if maybe we are not meant for this and I should do something else. And some of us end up on sites like this, to find that one slow-paced low stress job.

One more issue is not simply about finding or typing, “150 best low-stress jobs,” but we need money too, don’t we?

We do, and what if we will tell you that dozens of low-energy jobs are paying if not more but at least 100K.

Who wouldn’t want it?

We will leave you to find the answer to this question, but we would love to tell you that some “Best stress-free jobs without a degree” do exist that provide you with financial freedom and independence. 

To make it easy for you to pick the best stress-free jobs without a degree, we have developed a list of “peaceful jobs.”

Well before that, why don’t we have a quick rain check on job-related statistics in the next section –

  • As per 40% of workers, their work is stressful.
  • 25% of individuals consider that their jobs lead to stress.
  • 29% of workers feel a little or extremely stressed at work.
  • 26% said that they are often or very often stressed because of work.
  • 80% of workers feel stress at work, while approx half say they need help to manage stress at work, and the rest 42% say their coworkers need such help.
  • 25% of workers have felt like screaming or shouting because of job stress.
  • 10% of workers are concerned about an employee at work they fear could become violent
  • 14% of respondents had felt like striking a coworker in the past year, but didn’t
  • 9% of workers are aware of an assault or violent act in their workplace
  • 18% of workers had experienced threat or verbal intimidation in the past year

Ah! This data makes us scream, “job stress is a real thing dude!”

On the brighter side, we would say, it was a thing until you have seen our list of best stress-free jobs without degrees.

22 Best Stress-Free Jobs Without Degree (Slow Paced Low-Stress Jobs)

1. Massage therapist

Massage therapist - Best Stress-Free Jobs Without Degree (Slow Paced Low-Stress Jobs)
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Massage therapist!

One of the flourishing careers you can be a part of, do you know why?

Because you get to massage stressful people, that too charging them for their misery, that too while enjoying serene environments, beautiful confines of spas, physicians’ offices, fitness centers, and more, that too listening to soothing music.

Although we ought to inform you that, to work as a massage therapist, you might need healthcare certifications.

Pro tip – If you don’t want to associate with any money-earning company/ office, you can always freelance.

2. Electrician

A complicated yet, one of the slow-paced low stressful job that pays well, is like finding a jar of golden coins.

Although, if you choose this profession we would like to tell you that might be a little profession considering that it often includes apprenticeship training, that too for up to 4 years. 

Moreover, to be an electrician, you would also need a high school diploma or its equivalent for entry into this profession – so there is that.

Hint – You can start by attending a technical school offering programs related to circuitry, safety practices, and basic electrical information.

3. Travel agent

Fun job! That pays well – ah! We need it. 

Travel agent – planning and selling transportation and accommodations for customers, including determining destinations, travel dates, modes of transport, costs, and accommodations required, and other activities.

We could do it, can’t we?

Trust us, anyone good enough with planning and coordination, possessing a diploma, basic computer knowledge, and communication skills, you are good to go (please take us with you).

4. Fine artists

Fine artists - stress free job without a degree
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A painter?


Ah! an artist who makes sculptures?

Of course, if you are looking for one of the best stress-free jobs without a degree, then what could be better than creating something of your own.

Do you know what the best part of being a fine artist is?

You can sell your work, under your name on online platforms or collaborate with art galleries for auction or to show your art.

5. Optician

Have knowledge of how to interpret the results of eye examination, using the written prescription?

If you can, you can work as an optician, including advising patients regarding frame weight, material, styles, and color.

Although possessing good communication skills, interest in health and care, and other skills are not merely enough to be an optician, you would also need a degree to be an optician as it is a critical job profile.

6. Solar photovoltaic installer

Have knowledge of how to install solar photovoltaics? 

It includes simple activities such as measuring, cutting, and assembling the support structure for solar PV panels. It is to be noted that, mostly, solar photovoltaic installers just require a high school diploma, if you don’t have one, you can simply attend a course at a community college or technical institution.

So, I believe, we can safely put it under our category of one of the “best stress-free jobs without a degree,” considering that you don’t need a degree, just a diploma and basic knowledge of assembling, installing, and maintaining.

7. Makeup artist (slow-paced low stressful job)

Makeup artist (slow-paced low stressful job)
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Let’s paint every face with glitter and color.

It is not just one of the slow-paced low stress jobs, but you can also term it as something fun and creative. With the chance to showcase your creativity, you can work in a motion picture and video company, if you want to work independently, you can provide personal care services.

A secret, it could also be one of the best jobs for moms, considering that with years of personal experience, you have learned at least the basics of how to do make-up, right?

8. Plumber (stress-free job without a degree)

Another low-energy job is plumbing, that too without the requirement of any degree. We don’t think, we have to preach what a plumber does, do we?

We understand, that it might not be a dream job for everyone or at least for most of you, however, it pays well, that too without a degree, thus, you won’t have to wait until you complete your diploma or college.

9. Dental hygienist 

With the increase in the aging population and the demand for dental hygienists is increasing. Being a dental hygienist, you would be responsible for keeping your patient’s teeth clean, including examination for oral infections and giving advice regarding oral hygiene. 

However, it is to be noted that oral surgeons or orthodontists can be stressful, but we can bet dental hygienists can explore their career opportunities.

10. Carpenter (stress-free jobs without a degree)

A carpenter does not sound fancy, does it?

But we would say, it is more about creativity, and of course, it pays well, that too without stressing you out. Though you don’t have a degree if you pursue a career as a carpenter, you might need an apprenticeship program or a high-school diploma. 

11. Photographer

Photographer - stress-free jobs without a degree
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Say, one…two…three….and cheese!!!!

Click..click..click…and there you are, capturing the beautiful moments through your lens.

Photography can make you another Robert Capa or Ansel Adams, who are famous for being top-notch photographers. They have been remembered for their work. 

So, if photography is your hobby (perfect way to earn money through your hobby) or you are passionate about clicking photos – it could be one of the perfect stress-free jobs without a degree.

Pro tip – You can work as a freelance photographer and can capture the image as per the requirement of your client. Moreover, you can also sell your photographs on platforms and earn handsome money.

12. Choreographer

One two three…ta-ta-ta….three two one…ta-ta-ta!!!

Let people dance to the beats, make new routines, lead, and rehearse. With that, being a choreographer might not be much of a peaceful job, but we can bet, it is one of the fun jobs, where you can explore more opportunities such as stage performances. 

13. Sound engineering technician

In show business, sound engineering technician plays an important role, be it Broadway or Presidential debates, sound engineering technician adds value to the performance or speech.

And trust us, it is one of the peaceful jobs, however, it could be quite frustrating at the moment, but it is surely, one of the peaceful jobs you could do.

So, use audio equipment, ensure the microphones work, and monitor and operate the equipment. However, you might need to provide your educational requirement ( sound engineering technician) which could vary from a high school diploma to a college degree.

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14. Hearing aid specialist

Hearing aid specialist
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Working as a hearing aid specialist is one of the perfect stress-free jobs without a degree as your role and responsibility would be to evaluate the extent of a patient’s hearing loss by conducting various tests.

Through the conduct of tests, you can find out the patient’s hearing aid, including fitting the device in the patient’s ears. With a few responsibilities, this could safely be termed as one of the stress-free jobs without a degree, that certainly pays well.

15. Construction equipment operator

Being a construction equipment operator, you would be responsible for operating excavators, bulldozers, and dump trucks among other heavy vehicles. Moreover, to be a construction equipment operator you might need a diploma or its equivalent, along with that, vocational training will be provided to you.

16. Insulation contractor

Insulation contractor – one of the finest stress-free jobs without a degree, this job is far more simple than it sounds, trust us.

Let’s finally jump to your roles and responsibilities.

Well, that would be to use safe products to insulate homes and buildings with the purpose of regulating temperatures and life indoors comfortably.

17. Graphic designer

Express your imagination on a digital canvas, graphic design is an identity of the brand, from images on websites to social media platforms. And being a graphic designer, you can paint your vision to represent the values of the company.

Trust us, being a graphic designer could be one of the stress-free jobs without a degree. As you can see, to be a graphic designer you don’t need a degree. The best part of being a graphic designer is that you can also provide freelance services on platforms like Fiverr.

18. Delivery Man

Delivery Man - Stress free job
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Hey! Hi, I’m your delivery man.

Delivery man – one of the slow-paced low stress jobs since your job would only be delivering what an individual has ordered on time. The best part is that, you won’t need any degree to be a delivery man, simply look for an opportunity and here, start working.

With the rise of covid, the demand for home delivery has been increasing simultaneously, so, this could be one of the flourishing fields to grow and expand.

19. Freelancer

Sign up on Fiverr and get started.

Working as a freelancer is one of the stress-free jobs without a degree because all you will have to do is to sell your talent.

It could be writing, blogging, website development, and any other skills you have. One of the team members being one of the top Fiverr sellers earns a handsome amount by providing exemplary and visionary services.

Freelancer is one of the slow-paced stress jobs because you can work on your own time, without any pressure, although you would need to meet the established deadlines, it could be a perfect job for a college student.

20. Social media manager

Social media is like the different faces of a company that reflects its values and services, and in an era where social media is a game-changer. From startups to big brands like Jio, everyone is precisely focusing on building a social presence.

And social media managers play an important role in it from building strategies to understanding the behavior of the audience, you will be responsible for everything which covers social media. Though it seems like a tissy bitsy job, but it could be tough sometimes if you don’t have market knowledge and understanding of customers’ behavior.

21. Baker

Baker - Peaceful job
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Bake, add toppings and there you go. 

If baking is your specialty, why don’t we use it to earn handsome money by being a baker for everyone rather than just letting your family eat that delicious cake? Although, entering this business could be quite tricky, yet seamless if you have the talent.

And the best part is that you can start by working under someone, then start your own bakery. 

Not interested? 

You can start your bakery right from home, online.

22. Model

Walk. Pose. Flaunt. Walk again.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a model?


Go be one.

Becoming a model might be a dream job for many girls, although, you might face problems considering the competition you might have to face. Although, we can definitely keep it under one of the “slow-paced low stress jobs.”

You can also check out other jobs you might be interested in –

  1. Cement mason and concrete filler
  2. Radiologic technologist
  3. Glazier
  4. Computer support technician
  5. Operator construction equipment
  6. Construction painter
  7. Heavy and tractor driver
  8. Personal trainer
  9. Flight attendant
  10. Proofreader
  11. Librarian
  12. Bookkeeper
  13. Environmental engineer
  14. Virtual assistance
  15. Youtuber/Instagram influencer
  16. Purchasing manager 
  17. Glass blower
  18. Hand sewers
  19. Remote sensing scientist


There you go with the best stress-free jobs without a degree, which we have hand-picked for you to keep your relaxation time on time that you can do while resting and sitting at your home or in the office.

We understand, how important it is for you to relax without compromising your routine. So from now, enjoy, relax, and work peacefully.

Hi there, I'm Deepika Kaushik. I'm a content writer and have an economic background. I love to write on topics related to jobs, courses, and current market trends.

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