How to Get a Full-Time Job From an Internship?

During this pandemic, getting a job is like finding tranquillityat least for most of us. However, do you know, what is the most crucial thing a company looks at in a person?

Um…well, an archaic answer for this would be “good marks!”

But we would like to emphasize that or should we just say it directly: “NO IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE.”

Right from the start, we have been taught that being a bookworm will get you somewhere good, but things have changed now and by mean change, we mean major change, as if everything has turned around.

To be honest, if you would have asked us earlier the secret of getting a good job, we would probably stand and scream out loud – good marks. We don’t know what we were thinking back then.

Though, when the clouds of doubts cleared, that’s when we got my first internship as a content writer through Internshala out of all internship sites – we were so surprised that they have not asked us anything about my academic performance.

And we must add, Internshala is one of the finest platforms to fetch an internship for you, all you have to do is to register yourself as a student through your Gmail and provide the information as asked. Once registration is done, add your preferences like what kind of internship you are looking for and BOOM, you can apply for an internship.

Moreover, we are mentioning some of the fun facts about internships –

  • 50% of internships turn into full-time job offers (of course, your work affects it).
  • An emlpoyer prefers an employee who have indulge in internships.
  • Four-fifths of students who have had engaged in an internship said their professionalism and work ethic were ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ improved through their experience.
  • Some US companies offers over 1,000 internships.

With that, let’s see, how to get a full-time job from an internship or how to ask for a job after an internship.

How to Get a Full-Time Job From an Internship?

We don’t think we have to mention it but, you should only go for internships where your interests lie. For instance, if you think you are creative enough to write something, be a content writer, although, if you think you are better at using different elements and putting something beautiful together, be a graphic designer. 

So, it is better to know what you want to be, otherwise, you will be stuck doing something which you hate from your core and we are sure no one wants it, right?

So, here are some of the tips we would like to keep you in mind –

1. Get A Little Perspective Regarding Your Field

Get A Little Perspective Regarding Your Field
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Here getting a perspective means knowing a little about everything associated with your field. For instance, back then, we first focused on creating content that includes structurization, use of right words, with a hinge of creativity, well that’s not the end of content writing it also includes including keywords in the content naturally, SEO, knowing how to write a meta description and more.

So, with time we conquer everything associated with content writing, and of course, we are not ashamed to admit that we still learning. Likewise, we would advise you to emphasize every possible thing associated with your work field.

And let us tell you a secret: if you do more than your job, you can turn things in your favor – it worked for most of us and of course, perfect communication skills go a long way. Trust us, one of our colleagues is so good with his communication skills he always gets things done his way, we mean, what’s that about?

2. Know Where You Want to Go in Your Field

As we said, one field is associated with various things or job positions you can get. Can’t say anything about your field, but in the case of content writing, you might want to learn more about SEO or you might be interested in creating a content strategy. 

One of my friend’s elder sisters changed her field from a content writer to a content strategist, so you might want to know and understand where you want to head.

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3. Know Which Internship is Better – Virtual or On-site?

Know Which Internship is Better - Virtual or On-site?
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Some internships are better if you would do it physically, for instance, if you are interested in learning or knowing about coding, it would be better to go for an on-site internship that would help you understand each aspect clearly.

However, in the case of content writing, you can get a hold of everything through a proper phone call or video calls because it requires doing your own research rather than learning to code.

We must say, out of 1,000 students, 999 prefer doing a virtual internship. If we have to tell you the truth, we have been trying to find a content writing intern for a few months now and still didn’t get any.

No no, nothing is the issue, except this internship is not virtual, trust us it is like finding the needle in a haystack.

How to Get a Full-Time Job From an Internship?

Some internships can be easily turned into a full-time job, however, if we have to say, it completely depends on your performance. If we have to say, we have been working here for the past two years, it’s amazing and we love what we do. 

So, let’s have a look at the guide to – how to get a full-time job from an internship.

1. Focus on Improving Your Performance 

Well, of course, if you are not doing your best, you won’t really stand out to be the best, there is a simple fact behind it, if you will study hard, you will get top-notch marks, if not, then you would be just a part of the average student (who does not stand out in anyone’s eyes).

And we must add, only 4 out of 10 interns show the seriousness, others just want a stipend. Trust me, it happened, just now, we hired an intern, and apparently, when we asked her to come to the office after lockdown, she said she would be able to join after two weeks. 

Well, as it was destined, she was not serious and we had to let her go, though, she was perfect for the work, we mean a person completed a graphic designing course, why wouldn’t she be perfect. Above all, it was our graphic design who left us heartbroken because now all work befall him again.

2. Complete Targets Within Time Constraints 

Complete Targets Within Time Constraints 
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Ah! How to get a full-time job from an internship – this question used to startle us every time, but we can bet, this mantra will get you there.

We know you are still learning and you have to go a long way but completing the assigned task on time can create a good impression on your employer. However, we would say, don’t create a mess just to try to get things done, yeah! we did it in the past and now we are stuck rectifying things.

3. A Good Relationship With Colleague Goes a Long Way

Of course, interns generally work under someone so, having a good relationship with them, though, you should keep one thing in mind that is – having a friendly relationship with a colleague does not define your work performance.

You still have to work hard to get things done with high quality. Here, having a good relationship is essential so that he can put good words for you, especially to a higher authority.

4. Have a Work-Focused Attitude

It is something most of us don’t have, we work for the sake of completing things, not because we want to – just a while ago we were standing right behind you in this line (if you are standing there), but we guess, we have had a realization if you have been trusted with something, it is your responsibility, not duty to do it right.

5. Asking Questions Might Help

Asking questions! we know most of you are like, “Wh-what, how asking questions can help?”

Do you remember how your teacher used to like that annoying kid in your class who asked so many questions?

Depending on our observation, asking questions regarding something reflects your interest in that certain thing. Though, that does not mean, you would run to your employer to ask every minor detail. 

We are encouraging you to ask questions that are appropriate, for instance, you can do research regarding your work then come up with things that confuse you.

6. Be Like a Sugar

“Be like a sugar in water,” means blend with work culture or employees. 

Blending in an office environment could help you understand how your organization or you can support each other’s goals.

Maybe, a new employee or intern might consider that we don’t care about the work, well, no that’s not true, we work tirelessly, but with a different action plan. So, it is important for that new employee or intern to understand our work environment rather than acting aloof after noticing our culture.

7. Understand the Rules

Understand the Rules
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Want to know how to get a full-time job from an internship, well praise the rules.

Being ignorant is better in some situations, but this tactic does not work in the office, because rules are obligatory to follow. If we have to be honest, we know that too many restrictions are not good, but you gotta do what needs to be done.

So, while trying to understand the culture of your organization, don’t forget to keep an eye on what people do and don’t, if you have any doubt, raise a question during your induction or talk to your HR.

Following rules means you respect the workplace.

8. Showcase Your Work Ethics

How to ask for job after an internship – something all interns want to know, isn’t it?

Work ethics – are probably the best way to know how to ask for job after an internship.

And if are not aware of the work ethics, why won’t we help you out and mention some –

  • Be punctual, be it a meeting or reaching office or submitting the assigned work
  • Focus on providing consistent and high-quality work
  • Organise your task and work them precisely

9. Show Enthusiasm and Demonstrate Initiative 

Another mantra of – how to get a full-time job from an internship is to show your enthusiasm and demonstrate initiative when work is assigned to you. There is an intern with whom we are coordinating. We have recently assigned her a new job and as she got to know that, we noticed her eyes lighten up at that very moment.

And yes man! It felt good, it showed that she’s interested and is willing to learn something.

With that enthusiasm, taking initiative shows that you want to be part of the team, it shows that you consider yourself already a part of a team.

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10. Offer Solution

You are not just hired to get the job done, your goal is to contribute some value to an organization, and what could be better than offering a solution to a problem.

Thus, if you think you have a better solution to tackle an issue, don’t be scared to express your ideas. Trust us, it might be a good opportunity to turn your internship into a job as this reflects that you are offering distinct advantages to the organization.

11. Seek For Feedback From Your Employees

Seek For Feedback From Your Employees
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We always say, communication is the key and we believe it could be helpful for you too.


All you have to do is to seek the feedback of your team members or supervisor, considering that you are learning and there is a lot you have to learn, why not make your internship worthy, you keep a track of your performance simply by seeking feedback.

Moreover, this will also help you understand the areas you have worked on and how you can improve your performance.

12. Hey! I’m Interested in Full-Time Employment

Yeah well, you have to show your interest in full-time employment. Just going to the office, working, sitting on that chair, staring at your computer won’t help you to get that job but talking about it.

In an organization or company, it is all about clarity, so talk to your supervisor regarding this, now how you can secure a full-time working opportunity, even if you are a high-school student, you need to explain why you are perfect for it.

13. Identify Issues Not Addressed By an Organisation

Sometimes working on so many aspects of an organization, some things might slip from your eyes, why not identify these issues and serve them on a platter in front of your supervisor, of course with potential solutions. 

What Are The Signs Your Internship Will Turn Into a Job?

  • Being trusted with rather more responsibility.
  • If your boss values your opinion.
  • Your colleagues endorse you.
  • Your solutions are being heard and worked on.
  • You have an appropriate understanding of how your work ties in with the bigger picture.
  • You are trusted with big high profile projects.
  • Attended meetings with supervisors.
  • When you are allowed to coordinate with higher authorities.

So, if you notice these changes towards you, then there are quite high chances that your internship will turn into a job. All you have to do is to put in 100% of your efforts to know the tricks to how to convert your internship into a job. 


The tricks or tips mentioned are all the personal aspects that we think you could work on and get to know how to get a full-time job from an internship and if you think you have been doing great, you don’t have to search how to ask for a job after internship because your work will speak for itself.

Although, if you think we might have missed something regarding how to ask for a job after an internship, we are open to suggestions. Why don’t you ping us in our forum, and let’s have a deep conversation regarding any doubt you have.

Hi there, I'm Deepika Kaushik. I'm a content writer and have an economic background. I love to write on topics related to jobs, courses, and current market trends.

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