17 Best Jobs That Give You A Company Car

Hey, are you tired of driving miles and miles in your personal car for professional work? Your company hasn’t provided you with a company vehicle to work for? Or, are you someone who is searching for the best jobs that give you a company car? 

Then your search is over here because I have picked the best jobs for you that will give you a company car for your work. 

You must be wondering how this article will help you, right? Then I would like to tell you that this article is completely dedicated to your needs. You’ll read about many things here such as-  

  • Best jobs that give you a company car.
  • What are the jobs with car benefits?    
  • What are entry-level jobs with company car? 
  • Details of companies that provide company cars. 
  • What are the jobs that give you a free car?

And so many other things have been covered as mentioned below. 

17 Best jobs that give you a company car

An awesome benefit of employment is having access to a company car.  Which can be used either full-time or part-time but obviously it depends on the job title. 

So, to provide such benefits to you I have come up with 17+ best jobs that give you a company car. The details of such jobs have been mentioned below. 

#1. Upper Management Jobs 

Upper management jobs - Best jobs that give you a company car
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Upper-level management jobs are high-level positions in a company. Upper management jobs are one of the jobs that give you a company car. For upper management and other standard posts, many companies provide cars to their staff members to showcase the company’s growth and worth. 

Jobs such as chief executive officers, executive management officers, and other standard posts take advantage of facilities provided by companies. Some of the facilities are Car, or travel allowances, company’s quarter for living, and other allowances and benefits depending on the post. 

In the United States, a person working as an executive and management in a well-established company earns around $128,000 per year. 

# 2. Federal or High Ranking Patrol Police Officer Jobs

Being a police officer requires dealing with people at their worst days. Each officer completes training in crisis intervention, and they work together with specialists from the Crisis Response Team and mental health professionals. 

They have to deal with different mentalities, different scenarios, and different locations every day. So, cars are crucial for patrol police officers. 

Because they devote the majority of their working hours either patrolling designated areas, directing traffic or stopping traffic, or responding to accidents and other instances by driving cars to specific locations. 

The US government provides cars to the officers for the welfare of the public and to investigate the different scenarios. As of now the annual salary of a patrol officer is expected to be $54,700

# 3. Car Dealership Jobs

Automobile or Car dealerships employ car sales consultants, whose primary duty is to generate revenue for the company. The major part of their time is spent either out on test drives. Or in the workplace to finalize the paperwork. Or on the car lot for showcasing cars to their customers.

Since the job of a car dealership is mostly related to selling and buying cars. So, the company provides their employees with a car to work for. If someone like you is searching for jobs with car benefits then it can be the best choice for you. 

In 2018, the annual median wage for car dealership jobs was $39,900, with a pay range of $23,570 to $95,620.

# 4. Delivery Service Jobs

Delivery Service Jobs
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Many companies offer delivery services to their customers next to their doors. Hence in order to make sure to deliver the product on time, companies provide cars or other vehicles to the service providers such as delivery men. 

Making and breaking the company’s reputation is in the hands of delivery drivers. So, to make their work convenient, companies offer them vehicles such as Car, Van, Cargo Van, etc. depending on the company’s need for delivery. 

The average salary of a delivery person in the United States generally falls in the range of $39,000 to $54,000 per year. 

# 5. Travel Related Jobs 

Travel-related jobs are one of the jobs for which a company provides you with a car for professional work. Some of the travel-related jobs you can assume as Sales and other Marketing & Advertising related jobs. 

For such jobs you have to travel far distances, that’s why companies provide their company car to the employees. In such jobs, the employees cover far distances every day for the company’s sales and hence growth. 

So, it is not worth it if they use their own personal vehicles. Hence, the company provides cars to travel-related employees and also pays the fuel costs. 

# 6. Field Technician or Labour Jobs 

There are many field technicians or laborers who work for cable, electric, and HVAC companies. The work responsibilities of such jobs include the installation, and repair of equipment or devices for HVAC, cable, and electric companies. 

Since the jobs require fieldwork, the workers have to move from one to another place to provide the best customer service. That’s why many companies provide cars to their employees in order to work faster and smoother. 

Other jobs that give you a company car

Except for the above well-known jobs, there are many entry-level jobs with a company car, as provided below. However, a driving license is a must and the employees must have experience in driving different vehicles. Such jobs are 

# 7. Commercial Cleaner

# 8. Sales Consultant

# 9. House Cleaner

# 10. Territory Manager Jobs 

# 11. Sales Manager Jobs

# 12. Autonomous Vehicle Operator

# 13. Group Pack Adventure Specialist

# 14. Route Service Representatives

# 15. Field Service Representatives

# 16. Delivery Ambassador

# 17. Field Service Representatives

Companies providing jobs with car benefits for professional work 

Many companies are concerned for their employees. And hence for the comfort of work they provide cars and other different kinds of vehicles to their employees for professional use only. 

Here is the list of companies that offer jobs that give you a free car or other vehicles for professional use. 

Company NameJob PostVehicle TypeCompany/Apply Link
Building startsCommercial CleanerCarApply here 
Car DealershipsSales ConsultantCarVisit your local dealership’s website
Domino’s PizzaDelivery ServiceCarApply here
The Cleaning AuthorityHouse CleanerCarApply here
Floor Covering Internationals Sales RepresentativesCarApply Link
Ford Motor Company Autonomous Vehicle OperatorCarApply Link
LabcorpService RepresentativesCarApply Link
Merry MaidsIn-home Cleaning TechniciansCarApply Link
Molly MaidHouse CleanerCarApply link
Quest DiagnosticsRoute Service RepresentativesCar/VanApply link
Cox EnterprisesUniversal Home TechnicianVan Apply link
Amazon Delivery DriverCargo Van Apply link
United Parcel ServicesPackage Delivery DriversCargo VanApply link
Edible ArrangementsDelivery AmbassadorVanApply link
Dogwalks.com Group Pack Adventure SpecialistVan Apply link

Companies that provide company cars for taking-home

Company NameJob PostVehicle TypeCompany/ Apply Link
Makita USA Inc. Territory ManagerCarApply link 
Nielsen Field RepresentativeCarApply link 
Pella Sales ManagerCarApply link 
Police DepartmentsOfficerCars and SUVsVisit your local department’s website
Pink Energy SolarField Energy Sales ConsultantCarApply link
Reynolds and ReynoldsField Sales RepresentativesCarApply link
STERISField Service RepresentativesCarApply link
WOW!Cable Installation Technician Van Apply link

Final Note…

Besides the above-mentioned jobs, there are many other jobs available that give you the comfort of a company car. Whenever you apply for jobs in any company ask and negotiate with them to provide you with a company car. If you don’t want to waste your money on burning fuels in your own car. 

Rest of the mentioned jobs, if you have heard about any other jobs that give you a company car then write the job posts in the comment section below. We’ll definitely add your suggestions here. 

FAQs related to jobs that give you a company car

What Jobs Provide a Vehicle?

Numerous jobs are available there that provide company vehicles. Especially jobs which involve more traveling, delivery services, sales, forestry, maintenance, etc. 

What are the companies that provide company cars for work?

There are many companies that provide company cars for work. Name of these companies are mentioned below: 
Makita USA Inc.
Reynolds and Reynolds
Ford Motor Company, etc. 

What are the jobs that give you a free car for work?    

There are many jobs that give you a free car for work. Such as delivery jobs, patrol officer jobs, upper management jobs, high-ranking jobs, travel-related jobs, etc. 

Do companies give cars to employees?

Yes, many reputed companies give cars to their employees depending on their work needs and work responsibilities. Like if you work as an officer or on higher posts in a reputed company then for sure you’ll be provided a car by the company. 
Or, if you are a delivery person and working for the company. So in order to make the company profitable, they will give a company car or vehicle for sure. 

How do I get a company car?

To get a company car you have to make sure before applying for the job that the company provides perks such as car benefits or not. If they provide such a great perk then definitely you’ll get a company car depending on your job posts. 

Is a company car a good benefit?

Yes, obviously it is a good benefit from the company’s perspective as well as the employee’s perspective. 
Providing company vehicles, especially cars, to employees is a nice perk from a human resources perspective and it may help to attract top talent to the company. 

Having a company car can be a great perk for people who travel a lot because the car is already paid for, so you don’t need to stress about additional expenses.

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