33+ Best Jobs That Pay Well With Little Schooling

In this competitive era, it is not that easy to find jobs that pay well with little schooling. What do you think about it?

As per the data reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017Students having higher education make about $25,000 more annually than high school graduates.

So, if you don’t have a higher degree then you probably have to settle for less-paying jobs. But do you know there are some jobs available that require little schooling which can provide you with the highest paying jobs? However, some of those jobs also demand relevant short-term certification. 

Do you want to know about such jobs? I’m damn sure that you are highly curious to know about such jobs.  

Therefore, to answer your curiosity we have come up with 40 jobs that will pay you a decent amount of salary depending on several factors. 

This post has helped many people with little schooling to earn a good amount in their bank accounts. And I’m 100 % sure that today you will get benefit from this article too. 

So, what will you learn from here today? What does this article contain? Let’s read…

  • 40 jobs that pay well with little schooling. 
  • What are the careers that pay well with little schooling? 
  • What are the easy careers that pay well with little schooling? 
  • What are the low-stress jobs that pay well with little schooling?
  • 10 highest paying medical jobs with least amount of schooling.

35+ Jobs that pay well with little schooling | Careers that pay well with little schooling

Here we are listing 40 jobs that pay well with little schooling along with the highest paying medical jobs with least amount of schooling after having relevant certifications. 

# 1. Photographer- $38,950 per year

Job Description:

To become a photographer, you just have to complete your high school. Formal education is not necessary but you can advance your skills by taking photography classes. So, it is one of the best jobs that pay well with little schooling. 

As a photographer, your work will be edited, cropped, enhanced, or otherwise modified as an image or video using tools like computers, photo editing applications, and high-quality printers.

# 2. Fitness trainer- $40,700 per year

Job Description: 

A trainer plans customized fitness routines for their clients, encouraging and assisting them to motivate toward their objectives. This career requires a little bit of training, so people searching for easy careers that pay well with little schooling can go with this career. 

Exercise activities such as cardiovascular exercises, muscle strengthening, and stretching are led, instructed, and taken under the guidance of fitness trainers and instructors. They deal with individuals of every age group and different backgrounds.

# 3. Professional CDL driver- $48,310 per year

Job Description: 

Tractor trailers and large trucks are used by CDL drivers to carry goods between two locations. They regularly travel great distances to send their loads, and while doing so, they must follow all traffic and safety rules and deliver their packages on schedule.

This is a job for which you don’t have a professional degree. You just have good driving skills and traffic rules. So, professional CDL drivers can be one of the easy careers that pay well with little schooling. 

# 4. Real estate broker- $48,770 per year

Job Description: 

There is no need to have a professional degree to become a real estate broker. If you have only a high school diploma then it is more than enough. You just have to master your skill in property dealing, and more importantly in communication. 

As a real estate broker, you will be responsible for buying and selling properties at a handsome rate to make more profit. You must have knowledge about the market value of the properties to become a real estate broker. 

# 5. Graphic designer- $50,710 per year

Job Description: 

A graphic designer is skilled at presenting ideas that complement the goals along with the image of your company. Different shapes, colors, typography, images, and other design elements are used by graphic designers to convey information to audiences.

Visual concepts are developed by graphic designers to convey information. They design everything, including packaging, logos, promotional content, as well as billboards and posters. Graphic designing jobs is one of the jobs that pay well with little schooling. 

# 6. Paralegal- $56,230 per year

Job Description: 

Paralegals are extremely important to the client representation process. Paralegals coordinate with clients to collect data and documents. They assist attorneys with the preparation of legal documents and court appearances, and much more.

An associate degree is required to become a paralegal, not any high-level professional degree. With the time and experience, you will be paid handsomely. 

# 7. Computer support specialist- $57,910 per year

Job Description: 

Computer support specialists can be one of the best easy careers that pay well with little schooling. They just have to be interested in computers and their components. 

By keeping all the design or installation guidelines, they install and make minor repairs to peripheral, software, and hardware devices. Their work also includes monitoring the functioning of computer systems on a daily basis.

# 8. Funeral service worker- $58,900 per year

Job Description: 

A funeral worker oversees and plans the specifics of a funeral. To decide on the dates, specific locations, times of visitation, and funerals, they collaborate with the families. 

Funeral directors take care of all the formalities associated with a person’s death, like submitting the correct paperwork to the appropriate state authorities to obtain a death certificate. 

# 9. Architectural drafter- $60,290 per year

Job Description: 

The architectural drafter is responsible to create precise illustrations for buildings and structures based on an architect’s specifications. They use computer-aided drafting (CAD) software to convert a building’s rough drawings into a full-scale, and in-depth design.

You must have a CAD certification or specialization that requires no higher level of degree. So, you can assume it is one of the best and low-stress jobs that pay well with little schooling. 

# 10. Boilermaker- $64,290 per year

Job Description: 

Boilers, big tanks, and closed vats are made, installed, and maintained by boilermakers, who are skilled craftsmen. Boilers warm up the liquid (typically water) that is used to create electricity or warm up structures like factories, buildings, and ships.

The job of a boilermaker requires no high-level professional degree. Therefore, you can assume it is one of the best jobs that pay well with little schooling. 

# 11. Aircraft mechanic- $ 69,470

Job Description: 

The structural systems of aircraft must be examined, identified, and repaired by aircraft mechanics. They also assist in identifying repair techniques, planning regular updates, and maintaining mechanical and hydraulic systems. 

They might work in the logistics or aviation sectors. You can opt for this job if searching for jobs that pay well with little schooling because it pays well without having a high-level professional degree

# 12. Transit police- $ 71,000

Job Description: 

A transit police officer is responsible for the security, well-being, and safety of both workers and passengers who use public transit. A high school diploma or GED is typically needed to start out as a transit police officer. 

However, each company has its own requirements for training. So, you can opt for such careers that pay well with little schooling. 

# 13. Locomotive engineer- $ 72,940

Job Description: 

Before each run, locomotive engineers are responsible for examining mechanical issues and making sure they have enough fuel, sand, water, and other necessary items.

They are responsible for monitoring devices such as gauges and meters that measure efficiency, amperage, battery level, and airflow in brake lines and main reservoirs. 

# 14. Agricultural manager- $73,060 per year

Job Description: 

Agricultural managers should be masters in controlling all farmworkers’ activities such as managing crop planting during the planting season. They plan the irrigation needed for agriculture with qualified and experienced engineers.

They are also in charge of selecting the right farm workers. They must have knowledge of the appropriate fertilizers for the crops. You can definitely opt for this career if you have none of the higher degrees but are searching for low-stress jobs that pay well with little schooling. 

# 15. Aerospace engineering technician- $73,580 per year

Job Description: 

Technicians in aerospace engineering design, construct, test, and repair both civil as well as military aircraft. Air and spacecraft, such as rockets, helicopters, and planes, are designed, built, and tested with the assistance of aerospace technicians.

An aerospace technician must answer to and support project managers, who are typically a group of engineers and scientists. 

# 16. Signal and track switch repairer- $ 74,220

Job Description: 

A signal and track switch repairer examines and fixes track and signal circuits. They examine the electrical components of the gates at railroad grade crossings and fix any loose bolts or damaged electrical wiring if any.

They are in charge of checking and testing the mechanical components, and operation of signal equipment like interlocks and hotbox detectors as well as the circuitry of signals and gate crossings.

# 17. Electrical powerline operator- $74,530 per year

Job Description: 

An electric powerline operator is an electrician who has specialized training in the building and upkeep of electric power lines as well as distribution hubs. In order to install and manage telegraph, TV, telephone, fiber optic, and cable lines, power operators are responsible.

A high school diploma or equivalent certification is enough to get a job as an electrical powerline operator. But keep in mind that 2-4 years of experience is an additional requirement as it is a risky job. So, people searching for jobs that pay well with little schooling can definitely go with it. 

# 18. Gas Plant Operator- $ 76,970

Job Description: 

Gas plant operators are responsible for the processing or distribution of gasses for utility companies as well as others. They do so by managing compressors to maintain predetermined pressures on the main gas pipelines. 

They also use control boards, panel boards, and semi-automatic machinery for the process or distribution of gasses. To ensure that safety precautions are taken, they keep an eye on how flammable products and other dangerous items are transported and stored.

# 19. Web Developer- $77,200 per year

Job Description: 

The job of a web developer requires no higher degree. Just you have to master web development, that’s it. As a web developer, you are in charge of planning and creating software solutions and web applications.

You have to understand user interface (UI), cross-browser compatibility, and fundamental web standards in a comprehensive way. You are also responsible for creating and verifying test procedures to guarantee the integrity of the external as well as internal interface.

# 20. Transportation inspector- $ 77,620

Job Description: 

Transportation inspectors inspect the equipment as well as operating procedures. They do so to make sure that trains, public transportation, and airplanes adhere to state or federal safety regulations. 

Inspectors for transportation typically progress from maintenance positions. They are familiar with the workings of subways, streetcars, buses, trolleys, and other types of public transportation.

# 21. Petroleum Pump system operator- $ 80,500

Job Description: 

An individual who installs, maintains, manages, and controls petroleum refining units is known as a petroleum pump system operator. A petroleum refinery employs a petroleum pump system operator. 

Since these operators frequently have to deal with toxic materials, the work can be dangerous. So, don’t apply if you are searching for easy careers that pay well with little schooling or low-stress jobs that pay well with little schooling. 

# 22. Network system administrators- $80,600 per year

Job Description: 

Network system administrators are in charge to plan, setting up, and providing maintenance for a company’s computer systems. This system includes intranets, LANs, WANs, network segments, and other systems for data communication.

They are also responsible for analyzing and then accordingly improving the system or network performance. If someone is seeking jobs that pay well with little schooling then they can definitely work as network system administrators. 

# 23. Power plant operator- $ 83,740

Job Description: 

A power plant operator oversees the functions of a power plant facility. They maintain a plant’s operational systems and also guarantee the facility’s safety.

To arrange transmission loads, line voltages, and frequencies, they collaborate with system operations. By utilizing testing tools, they inspect and test the machinery and equipment which are used in electrical power distribution.

# 24. Criminal investigator- $ 90,370

Job Description: 

Criminal investigators are in charge of investigating a range of potential criminal offenses. Such as outrageous civil rights violations, copyright violations, financial crimes, organized and conspiratorial activity, as well as other suspicious crimes.

They also collect and keep track of physical data about suspects. Such as fingerprints, height and weight measurements, photos, etc. 

# 25. Ship engineer- $ 96,910

Job Description: 

Engines, winches, electric motors, pumps, and other mechanical, as well as electrical equipment, are maintained and repaired by ship engineers. 

They are in charge of keeping up the engine and other equipment s performance and also pinpointing system failures and their causes.

# 26. Elevator installer- $97,860 per year

Job Description: 

Elevator installers are in charge of constructing escalators, elevators, dumbwaiters, and moving walkways. They carry out maintenance tasks, update outdated models, and fix broken elevators.

Elevator installers prepare a blueprint for the arrangement of parts of the system, and frameworks, and for the selection of installation equipment as well.

# 27. Construction Manager- $98,890 per year

Job Description: 

Under the guidance of a general or another senior manager, construction managers plan, arrange, direct, regulate, and evaluate the operations of construction companies. 

They are in charge of preparing agreements with engineers, consultants, customers, suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors and then negotiating adjustments, alters, and additions to those agreements. 

# 28. Logistics manager- $ 105,580

Job Description: 

A logistics manager takes care of the distribution, transportation, and storage of a company’s supplies. They are primarily responsible for reviewing budgets, handling shipments, and planning delivery routes.

If you are someone who can handle pressure and search for easy careers that pay well with little schooling then go for it. 

# 29. Software Developer- $110,140 per year

Job Description: 

A software developer is responsible for figuring out both the technical and design features of software projects. 

They work together with the technical team members to identify client requirements and to perform best practices for needed software. They also release updates frequently to resolve customer and business concerns.

# 30. Nuclear power reactor operator- $ 111,220

Job Description: 

Nuclear power plants or  Nuclear reactors are operated by operators. Operators are in charge to move control rods and turn the required equipment on and off. 

They are also responsible for reporting the data in logs. When necessary, they use emergency procedures. In case of any abnormalities, they identify their cause and then suggest a course of action.

Highest paying medical jobs with least amount of schooling

The jobs listed below are the highest paying medical jobs with least amount of schooling. 

# 31. Massage therapist- $46,910 per year

Job Description: 

Massage therapists control the muscles and some other soft tissues of the human body while providing treatment to their clients. With their treatment, therapists help patients to relax more, less stress, heal injuries, and then improve circulation.  

Their therapy provides overall pain relief in the body. They also give advice on posture correction, general relaxation, and strengthening exercises to their clients.

# 32. Surgical Technologists- $48,530 per year

Job Description: 

Surgical technologists are responsible to check instruments and other power equipment to ensure that they are operating in proper order. Then they identify defective instruments and equipment and fix them. 

They also report the operations of equipment and if needed then take that out of service. They are also responsible to perform basic surgical procedures as a scrub person and, as necessary, then taking part in complex surgical procedures as well.

# 33. Occupational therapy assistant- $61,520 per year

Job Description: 

An occupational therapy assistant collaborates with an occupational therapist to help the patient who is having trouble in activities of daily living and work activities as well due to reasons such as illnesses, injuries, or any kind of disabilities.

They also keep an eye on a patient’s activities to ensure they are performing the recommended activities correctly and to provide encouragement.

# 34. MRI technicians- $61,980 per year

Job Description: 

All the diagnostic procedures are carried out by MRI technicians. These examinations involve the use of electronic MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners. 

In this process, they capture images of the patient’s body through this scanner. MRI technicians generally work under the direction of a physician.

# 35. Cardiovascular technologists- $75,380 per year

Job Description: 

Cardiovascular technologists are in charge to assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients who have a cardiac and vascular illness. Or treating such patients who may be at risk for developing it. 

Cardiovascular technologists may carry out invasive procedures, such as inserting catheters into patients’ bodies or performing non-invasive procedures, such as ultrasound.

# 36. Registered nurse- $77,600 per year

Job Description: 

Registered nurses work with the collaboration of nursing assistants, doctors, and other medical professionals. Registered nurses evaluate and assess patients’ health conditions.  

After evaluation, they are in charge of planning, delivering, and documenting patient care in accordance with established standards and procedures. 

# 37. Dental hygienist- $77,810 per year

Job Description: 

Dental hygienists usually work in collaboration with other dental team members. They have the knowledge to use different hygiene-related tools to clean, scale, and then polish teeth. 

They also advise on preventing teeth and gum-related issues and performing dental hygiene to avoid problems. The dental hygienist is one of the highest paying medical jobs with least amount of schooling. 

# 38. Nuclear medicine technologists- $78,760 per year

Job Description: 

Nuclear medicine technologists are well trained in the distribution of radioactive drugs. Nuclear imaging is carried out by nuclear medicine technologists using specialized cameras.

Nuclear imaging procedures such as PET and SPECT scans are performed by nuclear medicine technologists. People seeking the highest paying medical jobs with least amount of schooling can go with this job profile after acquiring the required certification and training. 

# 39. Diagnostic medical sonographer- $ 80,680

Job Description: 

A diagnostic medical sonographer uses ultrasound machinery to view and analyze images created by sound waves. The medical sonographer job is one of the highest paying medical jobs with least amount of schooling after having relevant certification. 

The sonographer directs sound waves of higher -frequency to the targeted region of the patient’s body to produce a clear image of that particular area for examination and diagnosis.

# 40. Radiational therapist- $82,790 per year

Job Description: 

Radiation therapists are professionals who treat cancer patients with linear accelerators. They work in the hospital’s oncology department and deliver treatment to patients fighting different forms of cancer.

A radiotherapist’s job is one of the highest paying medical jobs with the least amount of schooling. 

Note- All the median wage data in this article has been taken from the survey of BLS Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics for 2021. 

Final Note…

Your degree doesn’t define you and also the degree cannot restrict you to get a well-paid job if you have relevant skills in the desired field. However, the importance of a degree cannot be totally ignored as well. 

Now you have familiarized yourself with all the 40 jobs that pay well with little schooling. These are only a few of the available jobs, you can explore more according to your skill, interest, and certification. 

Which is your perfect match according to your interest? Which job did you like the most? Write your interest and do share it with us in the comment section below. We are eagerly waiting to know the position of your interest. 

FAQs related to jobs that pay well with little schooling

What are the easy careers that pay well with little schooling? 

The easy careers with well-paid salary structures with little schooling are Architectural drafter, Agricultural manager, Web developer, Logistic manager, Photographer, Graphic designer, Fitness trainer, etc. 

What medical field takes the least amount of schooling?

There are many medical fields that require the least amount of schooling. Keep in mind that in any medical field you will have a relevant certification after your schooling, however, no high-level degree will be required for sure. The list of such fields is-
1. Radiology Technology
2. Diploma in Practical Nursing (DPN)
3. Dental Assisting
4. Occupational Therapy Assistant (Associate)
5. Associate of Science in Nursing 
6. Associate in Surgical Technology
7. Physical Therapist Assistant (Associate)
8. Medical Assisting

What are the available jobs which make a lot of money with little schooling?

There are many jobs that make a lot of money with little schooling, such as-
1. Graphic designer
2. Web developer
3. Commercial driver
4. Logistic manager
5. The customer service representative, etc. 

What is the average salary with no high school diploma? 

The annual, and weekly average salary range along with the unemployment rate for the jobs with no high school diploma is given as under- 
Median annual expected earning- $32,560
Median weekly expected earnings- $625
The average rate of unemployment- 8.3% 

What jobs or careers make the most amount of money with the least education?

The jobs which make the most money with the least education are Construction manager, Software developer, Web developer, Blogger, Civil engineering technician, Registered nurse, etc. 

What are the low-stress jobs that pay well with little schooling? 

The list of low-stress jobs that pay well with little schooling is given below- 
– Photographer
– Fitness trainer
– Agricultural manager
– Data entry operator
– Computer Operator
– Graphic designer, etc. 

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