13+ Best Trucking Companies to Work for With No Experience

Are you searching for jobs in the trucking industry, but have no experience? And worried about how to get into the best trucking companies to work for with no experience. Then I promise you, all your worries will be resolved today by the end of this article. 

Is it worth reading this post to get into the best trucking companies?

The honest answer is a big ‘Yes’. You will find much information below including the latest statistics on the trucking industry, the best trucking companies for new drivers, company’s details, offerings, etc. 

Why should you choose a career in the trucking industry?

The trucking industry maintained its crucial role in the nation’s supply chain system throughout 2021. Commercial trucks are essential for delivering goods and products because they move approximately 72.5% of the total freight by weight in the U.S. alone.  

So, there is high scope in the trucking industry for those who are searching to get hired by the best trucking companies to work for with no experience. 

For such more latest statistics of trucking companies, and to know which companies are hiring non-experienced truck drivers, continue with us till the end. 

Latest Trucking Industry Occupational Outlook 2022

Before searching for the best trucking companies to work for with no experience, it is highly recommended to search for the latest job outlook. 

The latest occupational outlook for the trucking industry predicted by various platforms has been gathered below in one place. This will let you know the upcoming career opportunities in the trucking industry.  

  • In 2022, the trucking sector will continue to expand significantly. As per the data reported in, U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast to 2022 American Trucking Association (ATA); freight tonnage in the country will increase by 24% by the end of 2022.
  • Revenue in this industry is projected to hike by 66 % as a result of this growth.
  • A lot of trucking companies want to change the fact that historically women have only made up 7% of the industry’s drivers. It shows there will be a high number of opportunities in the trucking industry for women as well.  
  • The need for trucking services is hiking every day, but there are not enough drivers to meet the demand. The American Trucking Association (ATA) estimates that as of now, the industry lacks 80,000 drivers.
  • Platforms for real-time transportation visibility will become more crucial than ever for supply chain management in the upcoming year. As per the report collected by Gartner, by 2023, half of the global product-centric enterprises will invest in supply-chain platforms. 

Now you have well-known the upcoming opportunities in the trucking industry for freshers as well as experienced ones. So, let’s move forward to know which are the best trucking companies for new drivers. 

Top 13 Best Trucking Companies For New Drivers

Many businesses in the trucking sector hire recruits without any prior experience because they provide professional training on the job to the recruits. 

Here is the list of best trucking companies to work for with no experience that hires new drivers without having any prior experience.

  1. U.S. Xpress Inc.
  2. Swift Transportation
  3. Schneider National Inc.
  4. Trans Am
  5. KLLM Transport Services
  6. Maverick Transportation
  7. Covenant Transport
  8. Stevens Transport
  9. Pam Transport
  10. Roehl Transport
  11. Werner Enterprises
  12. C.R. England Inc.
  13. Knight Transportation

All the companies mentioned above hire candidates with no prior experience. Some of the companies mentioned above are the trucking companies that hire high-risk drivers as well.  

The detailed information about the above-mentioned trucking companies is given below in the next section. 

Top 13 Best Trucking Companies To Work For With No Experience: Description, Company Details, and Offerings

The detailed information about the best trucking companies to work for with no experience are given below. This information consists of Company Size, Description, Offerings, etc. to their workers. 

1. U.S. Xpress Inc.

U.S. Xpress is considered one of the largest asset-based truckload shippers in the U.S. 

U.S. Xpress can be a perfect match for the best trucking companies to work for with no experience.

It offers transportation services to companies all over North America using a fleet of trucks of a variety of sizes. 

In this company, you can find employment as a driver development specialist, utility worker, or committed dispatcher.

FedEx Ground has named the company U.S. Xpress as “Carrier of the Year” in 2021 and has won the SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award two times.

In the first year, your earning limit can cross $75,000 as a U.S. Xpress truck driver. 

Establishment Year 1985
Location4080 Jenkins Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421
Contact Information(866) 576-2979
Company Size10,000+ employees
Company’s Offerings (Expected Salary / Benefits)$ 50,000 + per year$ 30,000 + sign-on bonus for team
Health Insurance
Tuition Reimbursement
Life Insurance, 401(k) Plan
Dental Insurance

2. Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation, is the largest truckload carrier in North America, it is renowned for its high employee retention rate. 

Swift, a SmartWay Transport Partner, takes pride in its dedication to its fundamental standards and ethical conduct in business.

At Swift Transportation, you can find employment in positions such as Class A driver, new driver facilitator, and HRIS analyst.

Establishment Year 1966
Location2200 S 75th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona, AZ 85043
Contact Information(602) 269-2000
Company Size10,000 + employees
Revenue$5,027,000 +
Company’s Offerings(Expected Salary / Benefits)$1,000 Weekly Pay
Tuition Assessment Program for CDL schools and Training
Health Insurance
Retirement Plan
Signing Bonus
Weekly Bonus Referral Program

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3. Schneider National Inc.

For non-experienced new drivers, Schneider is a reputed and reliable truckload carrier with a reputation for providing huge advantages like quality training, and also providing a Class A CDL training program.

Long-haul, expedited, committed, bulk, multimodal, brokerage, cross-dock logistics, pool point distribution, and logistics, are just a few of the services that the company offers.

The company won the BIG Innovation Award and the CIO100 Innovation Award in 2020 for its supply chain management investment returns, and high-quality services. 

Establishment Year 1935
Location3101 Packerland, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54313
Contact Information(800) 447-7433
Company Size20,000 + employees
Revenue$5,000,000 + 
Company’s Offerings(Expected Salary / Benefits)$50,180 + per year
Tuition Assessment Program for CDL schools and Training401(k) plan
Health Insurance
Paid Time Off
Adoption Assistant

4. TransAm Trucking 

TransAm was established in 1987 and has grown to become a leading carrier for temperature-controlled freight. TransAm has some of the long-lasting and most powerful trucks available at the time.

People searching for the list of second chance trucking companies should check out here. Because it is one of the second chance trucking companies. 

The Midwest, Mid-South, Northeast, and Southeast regions are operated by this company. The company has openings for truck drivers who have a driver’s license and are aged at least 21 years old.

You can apply for positions at TransAm Trucking such as trainee for road assist, roadside assistance specialist, and tractor technician.

Establishment Year 1987
LocationOlathe, Kansas
Company Size500- 1,000+ employees
Revenue$280 Million 
Company’s Offerings(Expected Salary / Benefits)$ 53,000 + per year
Tuition Assessment Program for CDL schools and Training401(k) plan
Health Insurance
Paid Time Off
Gym Membership

5. KLLM Transport Services

Driving jobs are available at KLLM Transport Services for both seasoned and inexperienced drivers. Obviously, new drivers are paid a little less because they are under experience and potential risk to the company, but on the whole, it’s a great place to work for the inexperienced.

Depending on your skills, the company offers a variety of vehicles from which you can select or be assigned. New drivers might be given smaller trucks that operate only in a specific area, whereas experienced drivers get more advanced trucks and jobs.

At KLLM Transport, you can apply for the positions as a class A truck driver, owner or operator truck driver, tractor-trailer driver, and some other positions.

Establishment Year 1963
LocationJackson, Mississippi
Contact Information(800) 925-1000
Company Size1,000- 5,000 employees
Revenue$695 + Million
Company’s Offerings(Expected Salary / Benefits)401 (K) matching
Paid Sick Days
Paid Holidays
Health Insurance
Tuition Assessment Program for CDL schools and Training

6. Maverick Transportation

Maverick Transportation offers a student training course for those who want to work as professional truck drivers. It is one of the leading transportation companies in North America. 

It gives its students preference when applying for jobs. Consider applying to its program if you are searching for the best trucking companies to work for with no experience.

It is also possible for new drivers from outside the company to apply to work there. You can apply for positions at Maverick Transportation such as supply chain manager, CDL trainer instructor, and student truck driver (CDL).

Establishment Year 1983
LocationLittle Rock, Arkansas
Contact Information(800) 289-6600
Company Size1,000- 5,000 employees
Revenue$653 + Million
Company’s Offerings(Expected Salary / Benefits)Computer Assistance Performance Bonus
Referral Program401 (k) Matching
Health Insurance
Tuition Assessment Program for CDL schools and Training

7. Covenant Transport

Covenant Transport provides logistics and transportation services to its natives and different industries across the country. The company frequently offers various job openings for both new and experienced drivers as well.

Covenant Transport is considered one of the best trucking companies to work for with no experience. From the company’s official website, you can learn more about the kinds of trucks and services you might be able to drive for them.

Establishment Year 1986
LocationChattanooga, Tennessee
Company Size1,000- 5,000 employees
Revenue$275 + million
Company’s Offerings(Expected Salary / Benefits)401(k) plan
Health Insurance
Casual dress code
Paid time off
Cell phone provided
Tuition and certification reimbursement

8. Stevens Transport

Stevens Transport is a well-known transportation company that specializes in providing services for temperature-controlled transportation. It has a sizable fleet of vehicles that can be used to move different kinds of goods between different locations in the country.

For those looking to enter the trucking industry, the company offers a CDL training program. Both new and experienced drivers can find employment here, in the company.

Establishment Year 1980
LocationDallas, Texas
Contact Information(800) 806-4917 
Company Size1,000- 5,000 employees
Revenue$730 + Million.
Company’s Offerings(Expected Salary / Benefits)Health Insurance
Monthly bonuses
Life insurance
Experience driver referral bonus
Fuel bonus program
Paid time off
Tuition and certification reimbursement

9. Pam Transport

Pam Transport is well known for its dependability and dedication to serving a large area. The company offers services in all 48 states as well as in Canada’s southernmost portion of Ontario. 

You can apply with full confidence because the company values diversity and offers equal employment opportunities. The company is also highly regarded for its efforts to uphold the dignity of its workers.

You can apply here for various posts such as corporate recruiter, semi-trailer inspector, and truck driver.

Establishment Year 1980
LocationTontitown, Arkansas
Contact Information(479) 361-9111
Company Size1,000- 5,000 employees
Revenue$707 + Million.
Company’s Offerings(Expected Salary & Benefits)401(k) matching.
Paid vacation time
Disability insurance
Experience driver referral bonus
Health insurance
Performance-based incentives

10. Roehl Transport

Roehl, a pioneer in the transportation industry, and assisting new hires in getting CDL permits. It is one of the biggest transport companies which has fleets of 5,200 trailers and 1,900 tractors in the United States.

Usually, a driver needs about 6 weeks to complete the licensing process and to get on the road. Once after having the license, they can begin taking advantage of Roehl’s numerous benefits and adaptable driving schedules.

It is one of the flatbed trucking companies for new drivers. With this company, you can choose from a variety of fleet options as a new driver. Such as dry van, flatbed & specialized, refrigerated, and curtain side. 

Establishment Year 1962
LocationMarshfield, Wisconsin
Contact Information(715) 591-3795 
Company Size1,000- 5,000 employees
Revenue$500 + Million
Company’s Offerings(Expected Salary / Benefits)401(k) plan
Flexible spending accounts
Health insurance
Experience driver referral bonus
Paid time off

11. Werner Enterprises

Being a part of an allied shipping network that includes companies that offer rail, ocean, and air transportation services, Werner Enterprises is highly regarded for its diverse portfolio of international transportation services. 

The company provides CDL training to assist new drivers by giving an edge to their careers. The company recently launched a company-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative in addition to continuing to work towards lowering its carbon footprint.

Establishment Year 1956
Location14507 Frontier Road, Omaha, NE 68145
Contact Information(402) 895-6640
Company Size13,000+ employees
Revenue$ 2 Billion
Company’s Offerings(Expected Salary / Benefits)$ 56,000 + per year
Tuition reimbursement 401(k) plan
Stock purchase plan
Paid tolls and fuel cards
Defensive driving and simulation training

12. C.R. England Inc.

C.R. England is best known for helping students to succeed and developing driver careers through its 5 renowned training facilities.

C.R. England was recognized in 2021 as one of the best-managed companies in the United States. The company is presently North America’s largest provider of cooled transportation services.

Establishment Year 1920
Location4701 W 2100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84120
Contact Information(801) 974-3880
Company Size6500+ employees
Revenue$538 + Million
Company’s Offerings(Expected Salary / Benefits)$54,000 per year
+$2,500 retention bonus401(k) plan
Health Insurance
Student tuition reimbursement options for continuing education
Paid CDL school and training

13. Knight Transportation

Full-trailer transport and container load shipping are two of the many transportation services which are offered by the company, Knight Transportation. 

Knight Transportation is among the best trucking companies to work for with no experience, which runs over 30 service centers and focuses on providing high-quality services at affordable prices. 

You can apply for positions at Knight Transportation like CDL Class A driver, dispatcher, driver manager, etc. 

Establishment Year 1990
Location20002 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona, 85027, United States 
Contact Information(602) 269-2000 
Company Size1,001–5,000 employees
Revenue$6 Billion
Company’s Offerings(Expected Salary / Benefits)Monthly bonus
Retirement plan
Stock purchase plan
Health insurance
Paid time off

What are you waiting for, explore yourself on the roads…

Your search for the best trucking companies to work for with no experience is now at the end. However, it is important to note that there is a significant increase in demand for truck drivers due to the expansion of trucking companies throughout the world. 

The more experienced drivers are becoming harder to find and they are too expensive for newly founded transportation companies. This makes it easier for new drivers to find employment in the trucking industry. 

So, the people searching for the best trucking companies to work for with no experience have a number of opportunities in the near future. 

FAQs related to the best trucking companies to work for with no experience 

What is the best trucking company to start out with?

There are many best trucking companies to work for with no experience through which you can start out. Some of those companies are Pam Transport, Roehl Transport, C.R. England Inc., Werner Enterprises, etc. 

Which trucking company pays new drivers the most?

Swift Transportation, Con-way Freight, and J.B. Hunt are some of the highest-paying companies. These companies pay the new drivers most depending on the information available from the sources. 

What is the safest trucking company?

The list of top safest trucking companies is given as under:
Roehl Transport
FedEx Custom Critical
Bison Transport
FTC Transportation, Inc.

What trucking company has the most accidents?

A lot of factors, such as the distance traveled and the seriousness of the accidents, must be properly considered when deciding which trucking company has the most accidents. The company’s size can sometimes be related to the high accident rates.
Following are the examples based on data collected  (Feb 2019) for the number of registered injuries:
– UPS insured 2,632 crashes, resulting in 950 injury issues and 56 losses of life.
– Werner Enterprises, Inc. insured 983 crashes, resulting in 306 injuries and 24 losses of life.

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