6 best-paying jobs with an associate’s degree (USA)

6 best-paying jobs with an associate’s degree (USA)

Are you someone with an interest in an Associate’s Degree? and want to know more about the best-paying jobs with an associate’s degree then this article is crucial for you. 

Currently, an associate’s degree is very high in demand in the country and there are many good jobs that can help shape your career.

What the article consists of:

This is a well-researched article consisting of the best-paying jobs with an associate’s degree.

What are an associate’s degree, its scope, and what everything you must know about it? 

Moreover, this will help you know (Jobs you can get with an associate’s degree).

Furthermore, here you will find a detailed description of the best-paying jobs with an associate’s degree that will further help you understand what a career an associate’s degree is about.

What is an associate degree?

An associate degree is a two-year course offered by junior colleges, community colleges, and other institutions in the USA.

There are many universities in which you can enroll in an online associate’s degree program if you want to study part-time.

An associate degree opens a new path in your career, the degree somewhere comes between a high school diploma & a bachelor’s degree when it comes to the level of education. 

An associates degree can cost you somewhere around $4350 per year.

Also, if you are from Texas, these high-paying jobs would help you a lot.

Why choose an Associate degree?

Now, you must be thinking about what jobs can I get with an associate’s degree, don’t worry we have got you covered. 

  • Successful completion of an associate’s degree can land you a great job in various fields. 
  • Most of the students pursue a bachelor’s degree after an associate’s degree to gain specialization in their field of study. 
  • This directly helps them to build a better career thereby enhancing the chances of getting some of the best-paying jobs with an associate’s degree.
  • Furthermore, an associate’s degree is less time-consuming as compared to a typical Bachelor’s degree. 
  • It is also a great start for a career in professional fields and earning an associate’s degree could be a good option for anybody who wishes to end the professional sector. 

Types of Associate Degrees

Associates degrees are of different types so everybody can pursue an associate’s degree in any field they wish to. 

Here, we will discuss some of the main types of associate’s degree

1. Associate degree in arts

An associate degree in arts revolves around courses in social sciences and humanities.

2. Associate degree in applied science

The field of science is a broad field as we all know it to be. An associate degree in applied science is considered a career degree program as it prepares a student for employment directly after its completion. 

In today’s fast-paced world it is important to look out for a career that can directly get you employed.

As you will scroll down you will see we have also listed some high-paying jobs with an associates degree in applied science

3. Associate degree in business

It would not be an understatement to say that the business and management sector is one of the best fields we have. 

The sole reason is their significance in all other fields. It is comparatively easier to find the best-paying jobs with an associate’s degree in business than in other fields.

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6 Best-paying Jobs with an Associates Degree

1. Air Traffic Controller

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Average salary – $ 130500 per year

The air traffic controller is undoubtedly one of the best-paying jobs with an associate’s degree and people in this field are really earning a good amount of money. 

The main responsibilities of an Air Traffic Controller revolve around taking care of proper landing of airplanes, giving instructions, and maintaining protocols.

Talking about the requirements to start a career in this field, is either an associate’s degree or a professional certificate. 

It is definitely a lucrative field that could kickstart your career in the coming years. This field is expected to grow 5% in the coming years.

2. Fashion Designer

Average salary: $ 87,600 per year

The word fashion might excite quite many of us but let me state a fact for you, becoming a fashion designer is not as easy a task as it seems.

 Fashion designers are students with great talent, creativity, and patience who are mainly responsible for designing new clothes. 

Fashion trends have changed a lot in recent years in the USA all thanks to the world-class designers of the country.

These professionals have associate’s degrees in fashion design, fine arts, and other fields. 

The fashion design industry is likely to grow even more in the coming years owing to the shift of customers from normal clothes to fashion and trendy ones.

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3. Radiation Therapist 

Average salary: $ 86700 per year

The job of Radiation Therapist is one of the high-paying jobs with an associate’s degree in applied science and anybody who is interested in building a career in the medical field can opt for this job.

It generally revolves around managing the radiation therapies and treatments of patients, the majority are cancer patients who need regular radiation therapies.

 It would not be an understatement to say that this sector is likely to experience growth in the coming years.

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4. Web Developer

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Average salary: $ 68800 per year 

Web Developers are very much in demand now owing to technological advancements and there is no doubt that web developers could have a bright future if they work in the right direction.

 They mainly look at what the websites can perform and how they can improve their functionality. 

Many programming languages like Python, Java, and HTML are used by web developers. The jobs are expected to grow 15% over the decade.

This makes it a promising career for anybody who is passionate about programming. I must say this is one of the high-paying jobs with associate’s degree in psychology.

5. Electrical Engineer Technician

Average salary: $ 65000 per year

Designing, assembling, and repairing electrical equipment are some of the main responsibilities of an Electrical Engineering Technician. 

Anybody with expertise in this field can make a great career for themselves in this area.

Packages in this field can even go up to $90000 per year and that states how good of a career it can be.

6. Store Manager

Store Manager
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Average salary: $ 47000 per year

A Store Manager is someone with a lot of patience because managing everything is not a simple task, even if it’s a small store. 

Store managers need to have good multi-tasking abilities, and time-management to manage the store properly. 

An associate degree can help you start your career as a store manager and you can work in many good stores as it is a professional course.

For your better understanding of what associate’s degrees actually are, we have distinguished the high growth sectors as well as low growth sectors. 

This will help you better know the career paths you have after doing an associate’s degree.

High growth sector for associates degree jobs

In this fast-moving world, everybody is looking for good jobs that pay you well.

The below-mentioned fields are the best high-growth sector these days.

  • The medical field
  • IT
Low growth sector for an associates degree

An associate’s degree in these fields would also get you a job but they might not be very fulfilling and satisfying.

  • manufacturing
  • information sector

With this we come to the end of our article, we hope you must have got all your questions & queries regarding the best-paying jobs with an associates degree.

Do you have some questions in your mind? We are covering some popular frequently asked questions below. Give it a quick look.


1. What is an associate’s degree?

An associate degree is a two-year degree program that is pursued after a high school diploma and before a bachelor’s degree. 
After completing it, you can either study for your bachelor’s degree or take up a job. There are great opportunities for students with an associate’s degree.

2. Should I study for an associate’s degree?

Yes, if you are someone who is not willing to directly pursue a bachelor’s degree go for an associate’s degree in the chosen field of study. 
Then, you can look for jobs and work in your respective field, there are many best-paying jobs with associate degrees.

3. Can I get a good job after pursuing an associate’s degree?

Yes, you can definitely get a good job after pursuing an associate’s degree. 
You can find jobs with an associate’s degree in business, applied science, arts, and many other fields.

4. What are the requirements for pursuing an associate’s degree?

There are not many requirements for an associate’s degree, though the requirements differ from college to college the main one is that you must have passed a high school diploma.

5. Why is earning an accredited associate important?

There are many colleges and institutions in the USA offering associate’s degrees in various fields but not all the programs are accredited. 
It is always better to pursue an accredited course as it is recognized and further helps you in your career.

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