6 Best Jobs for Book Lovers to Make Money Online

6 Best Jobs That Involve Reading Books to Make Money Online (For Book Lovers) – USA

Reading for a living?

Is that possible?

Okay, but first answer these three to yourself. 

  • Are you a Bookworm? 
  • Do you want to earn thousands of rupees just by reading books? 
  • Are you looking for jobs that involve reading books? 

Well, you are in the right place and I’m going to guide you on how to make money by reading books. So, we will be discussing the jobs that require reading skills, research, and analysis. 

There are a ton of reasons why a person might pursue a job that lets them read books to earn income while just sitting at their houses.

Many people love reading books, even in their free time, so they look for careers that pay them to do what they’d be doing anyway. 

Other reasons include an interest in the publishing and writing industry – reading is often a part of any writing and publishing career.

Jobs that require employees to read books for their job can also sometimes offer flexible working hours and opportunities to work remotely. This can be attractive to job candidates who want to maintain a strong work-life balance while working at ease in their homes. 

Getting paid to read books can be a great career option for those who love this pastime. In order to find a job that pays you to read, there are many things to consider as well as various approaches one might take.

Also, I’m not going to discuss every random job that you can get only by reading books. Because there are no such exams or jobs that you can crack without reading books. 

Professions like teachers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, IPS, and like every other job require reading books to crack those exams and interviews. But this doesn’t mean that you love reading books or you can vibe alone for days and weeks just being around books. 

So, this blog is truly for those who love to get a kick out of reading books. 

And if you love reading, then you might want to consider a career that allows you to read for income. Many different jobs allow people to get paid to read, be it in the publishing industry, education, or other industries.

Here are the top 6 ideas of careers that pay their workers for reading. 

6 Best Jobs That Involve Reading Books to Make Money Online (For Book Lovers)

1. Book Editor

book editor - Jobs That Involve Reading Books to Make Money Online
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Book editors or book proofreaders are the ones who are responsible for reading books after their completion by the authors for publishing houses. It is one of the Best Jobs for Book Lovers to Make Money Online.

They need to determine the changes and edits to the written word of the books for producing polished content without any mistakes in order to publish the best books. 

There are a lot of authors and publishing houses that hire experienced editors to proofread their books. Or you can be a freelance book editor and provide your services to writers and content creators online and charge whatever you want. 

Book editors are of three types including-

  • Development editor- In this role, you have to look thoroughly at the author’s work and provide suggestions and edits in order to make the book ready for publishing. 
  • Proofreader- Here you are only responsible for fixing grammatical mistakes and fine typos before the book is ready to publish. 
  • Line editor- Inline editing, all you have to do is identify run-on sentences and make sure to check on other things like if the tone of the content is consistent, the words chosen are correct and the syntax of the manuscript. 

Although, in general people don’t consider these three types of editors separately while they want it all to be done by one and the only person as a book editor. 

Moving onto the second job as a book lover! 

2. Literary Agent

Literary Agent
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If you are someone who likes to be on the cutting edge, being an agent might just be for you!

Start by reading through query letters and manuscripts of aspiring writers. After identifying the latest and greatest work in this way, your role will involve pitching your ‘prized pony’ to big-name publishers.

Being an agent is not all reading work though; you must also know how best to provide feedback on their writing so they improve over time.

A key part of the role is maintaining the relationships between published authors, whose books you find on shelves in bookstores everywhere, and powerful publishing houses, which had previously decided that they want to market these books around the world. If this sounds like something that interests you, it might be time to consider what becoming an agent entails.

3. Book Reviewer

book reviewer - jobs that involve reading books
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Many of our reviewers work on a volunteer bias with little to no compensation, but some publishers do pay upfront, while others only offer review opportunities.

Some publishers only offer free books in exchange for reviews while others offer more, like salaries or bonuses. It depends on the job itself and usually on the schedule that one must follow to accomplish their duties which allows some people to submit more reviews than others. 

If you’re considering education as a career path you might consider looking specifically for publications that focus their reviews on educational materials for students and youngsters because these can be really great to gaining experience.

You could also look into other types of magazines, newspapers, academic journals – whatever reads your cup of tea!

If you love books and are looking for work, review publishing offers various ways you can earn extra money while getting paid to suggest/purchase new books for your peers.

4. Market Research analyst

Market Research analyst - reading books for a job
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Back in the early days, my friend, we didn’t have the internet. We had encyclopedias and non-fiction books. Thankfully nowadays we have magical tools called search engines to help us find information very easily. This means that we must be wiser about what information we take in. 

Lots of people, including professors (but certainly beyond them too), use research assistants to go scouring through existing works as they work on their own writing projects. Trust me, it is one of the highest paying jobs involving books.

While using search engines may be useful for gathering information quickly, there’s still plenty of value in searching for information via first-hand sources like diaries written by the people who experienced it themselves at the time. 

If you’re really interested in diving deep into specific subjects you should consider becoming a professional researcher because all that information you gather will end up helping lots of people around the world learn more about that topic that was once hard to find!

5. Literary translator

If you are someone to loves to read books in different languages or learn about different languages then this job role is the right fit for you! 

A literary translator converts novels, articles, poetry, books, etc. from one language to another. They keep the tone, style, and spirit of the original piece intact as much as possible.

Whenever possible, literary translators work closely with authors to capture the intended meaning of the text as well as its literary and cultural characteristics.

By translating literary works, literary translators preserve the tone and style of authors’ work even when it is converted from one language to another. They are expected to capture the overall mood or feel of authors’ original works, which includes capturing their cultural characteristics.

6. Copy Editor

copy editor - online book review jobs
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Copy editors work in a variety of fields and with almost any medium: books, journals, magazines, and the web to name a few. Their job is to make sure that everything is written just right. 

Copy editors usually have some formal training in English or journalism but some are self-taught through on-the-job experience. Getting involved with copy-editing while still in high school could give students an important early step on their journalism career path! And, don’t worry! You can easily get a full-time job from an internship by reading this article.

A copy editor can be anyone from a freelance writer who’s hired by a publication to correct the typos and grammatical errors of an article, book, or even website content, to a full-time employee working for a large publishing house.

Their role is very important in making sure that all written content is free of any mistakes while also adapting to the style manual used while writing for their company.

A certified copy editor must have solid knowledge about English grammar, punctuation, spelling, and more so they can nip any sneaky errors in the bud before they’re published. 


Here, you have enough idea about the best possible jobs you can pursue being a book lover excluding all those boring jobs that you are running away from. 

Try to find your best fit for the above-mentioned job roles and start earning money while enjoying and being around books!

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