14 Best Jobs For Seniors Over 60 (USA)

Working at the age of 60 is an oxymoron, but looking for the best jobs for seniors over 60 is redefining what could be termed as a transition into the next phase of life. Well, the good news is, you are not walking this path alone, almost 55% of Americans are probably sitting right in front of their screen and reading this article to find their dream job.

Some statics that might surprise –

  • In 2018, at least half of the new jobs were filled by people of age 55 years
  • As per Reuters, by 2024, one in four workers would be 55.
  • During retirement, almost one in three workers are expected to be 67 or above.

The numbers say a lot, isn’t it? 

Although, if you wonder if an employer might not be interested in hiring a person over 60 years, we would like to inform you that employers are waiting for you with open arms. Considering that a person with high age possesses the experience, loyalty, a strong work ethic, and a good attitude.

So, why don’t we move to the magical list of best jobs for seniors over 60 to help you pick the best career for you?

14 Best Jobs For Seniors Over 60 (USA)

1. Secretary

Best Jobs For Seniors Over 60
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Being someone’s secretary taking care of them is one of the best jobs for seniors over 60 years because this job requires organizational skills and we believe, being an experienced person, you must have a master’s degree in the same.

Another reason why this job is one of the perfect jobs for senior citizens is that you don’t have to run here and there to take care of things, just sit on a desk, take calls, fix schedules, and do other work-related things.

2. Customer Service Representative

Again one more preferred job for seniors over 65, that’s a customer service representative.

Do you know why it is best?

It is nothing like how it sounds, all you would have to do is to attend calls, solve queries or questions of customers, it might include providing information regarding products, services, taking orders, and processing returns.

We believe you have met several people at this phase of your life, someone who talks rudely, someone who talks as sweet as sugar, and someone who talks filthy, and probably no one can know it better than you to handle these people.

Why don’t you use your experience as a perk?

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3. Retail House Associate

Are you that bubbly person, whom your neighbor loves?

Thank you for existing!!!

And definitely, you would want to thank us someday, when we will tell you that, a retail house associate is a perfect job for a person like you. 

The main part of this job will be simple roles –

  • Greeting or welcoming customers in-store.
  • Assisting customers in finding the best products to pamper their needs.
  • Working with cash registers and processing payments.

These activities seem easy, isn’t it?

4. Childcare Worker or Nanny

Childcare Worker or Nanny
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Of course, you must want to live an independent life, but let’s face it, you miss your grandkids.

Can we help you minimize the pain of not seeing them regularly?

Of course, we can, with one of the perfect jobs for senior citizens or if we have to be honest, we would rather call it, “jobs for 60-year-old women.”

Although being a childcare worker could be tiring for you, thus, choose this job carefully as while taking care of the baby, you might need to be attentive (oh! You already know that, don’t you?).

5. Tutor

Know dance?


Must be a singer?


Um…expert in a specific field? 


Consider that you got the job, that’s a tutor. Trust us, a tutor is one of the best jobs you can engage in, thus, we would like to add it to the list of “best jobs for seniors over 60.

Come on, at this age, you would have so much experience you can impart, so many great ideas you can pass on to the next generation, all of it, by earning handsome money. 

Pro tip – You can also start your youtube channel and impart your academic knowledge and skills. 

6. Medical Biller

Good at coordinating with several individuals at a time, while keeping different, yet important aspects in mind, then this job is for you.


Let us explain it to you, a medical biller is supposed to submit the medical claims to insurance companies and payers. In short, you would be responsible for handling and transferring the information of patients or submission of medical claims, as mentioned before.

Though it might require some set of skills, thus, you need to know how organized you can be while handling different things at the same time. And we believe it could be one of the best jobs for a 60-year-old woman, considering that right from the start women is trained to take care of different things, and come on, you can do it now.

7. Consultant

Consultant job for seniors
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A consultant! 

Won’t lie, it would be hectic, but imagine providing a solution to people through all the life experience you have and knowledge you possess. And you know, we just thought, if you have retired, you can train or provide consultation to people regarding your job profile.

Could be a great way to earn handsome money, considering that job seekers look for someone who can guide them in their respective fields, and that could be you.

We must agree, it is one of the best jobs for seniors over 60. 

8. Bank Teller

Are you a retired accountant?

Never get enough to calculate numbers?

Why don’t give a kick-start to your career with this one of the jobs for senior citizensBank Teller. Being a bank teller will give you a chance to complete customer transactions, loan payments, and more (if you love to spend your day calculating things, it is for you).

Another reason for keeping it on our list of best jobs for seniors over 60, is that you won’t have to run here and there, but simply sit at your desk and work. Thus no physical exertion.

9. Writer and Subject Matter Concern

Being a writer, the dream of many people, sitting in Paris on your Balcony, pouring your heart out – seems like a beautiful dream.

So, if you still have that lost idea in your head that made you feel like being a writer, why don’t we start working on it?

And if you don’t wanna do that, you can be a subject matter concern, for instance, you were a CA, why don’t you impart your knowledge regarding the same. And you know what, we have a great idea for you, which is starting a Youtube channel to reach millions of people around the world.

10. Office Manager

Office Manager job for seniors over 60
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If managing is a thing for you, you are a match made in heaven (of course, talking about this job role and you)!!

As its name implies, you would be responsible for running the office smoothly to avoid any issues, which might take place.

11. Government Worker

Looking for a job in the USA government department, you got it!

We know, it might surprise you that over 25% of federal workers are over 55 years, well, you can also join a concerned government department, obviously if you fit the criteria. And the best part is that a government job comes with a handsome pension.

It’s like catching two birds with the same arrow.

And if you are wondering where you can find the best government jobs for you, then you can websites like USAJOBS.

12. SEE Program Participant

Skill for Education and Employment (SEE), in America there are several SEE programs that might need a volunteer to help their participant learn something from someone who has the experience and required knowledge in a specific field – if you have it, go for it.

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13. Coach or Referee

You must know Bill Cowher (best American Footboard coach) or Bruce Arena (Best Soccer coach), and more.

Of course, they must have started from somewhere, right?

Why don’t you kick-start your career, by being a coach or referee, as a matter of fact? And if you think you are too old to be a coach, you can be a referee, but you would need to show that you are aware of all the aspects of a specific game.

14. Receptionist 

Being a receptionist is one of the best jobs for seniors we can include considering that this job does not require you physically exert yourself to get the job done.

All you would be responsible for is answering calls, scheduling appointments (probably), and more.

6 Best Jobs For 60-year-olds With No Experience

Have no experience? 

Yet, desperate to work, no need to panic, as we have come up with a list of jobs for 60 years olds with no experience, to make job hunting easy for you.

Let’s explore the options you have!

1. Housekeeper

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Housekeeper – one of the best jobs for 60 years olds with no experience. 

Do you know, because it does not protect you from exertion because you will have to take care of the home? With that, you can get to play with the kids of the house owner and you can simply earn a good amount of money being in a comfort zone, without sacrificing your health.

Moreover, the main reason for keeping on the #1 position is that in case of a medical emergency you can easily reach a phone or someone.

2. Sales Person

Do you miss those days when you go talk to people?

You don’t have to do anymore, because our #2 best jobs for 60 years olds with experience are going to give you the experience to do it all over again.

And if you are thinking, this is not a perfect fit for you, then I am delighted to inform you that many companies are looking for an experienced person, someone who can invest their real-life experience to sell the product. 

And the best part of being a salesperson is that you work in, say, baby product areas, recommending to people what product might be suitable for you.

3. Driver

Have perfect driving skills?

Why don’t we become a driver, all you will need is a driving license. You can also work for companies like Ola or Uber, although you might need a car for that.

4. Bookkeeper or Librarian

Bookkeeper or Librarian
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“Books are man’s best friend.”

If you have that zeal to be around books and have read almost every book that ever exists, we believe you are a perfect person to be a bookkeeper or librarian.

Being a bookkeeper or librarian, you would have to guide people to find the book they are looking for, ensure books are in the right slots, and more.

The best job for a 60-year-old with no experience – the best job for book lovers.

5. School Bus Monitor

Love kids?

A school bus monitor could be a perfect way to enjoy being a kid again with little kids going to school. Although, while taking care of kids, you might need to ensure you work according to the school policies to monitor the kids.

6. Handy person

Do you know how to take care of minor basic maintenance of a building, home, or office?


You can work as a handyperson. We would advise you to join some shops or establishments providing such services for better earning. Though we might warn you, it could be quite hectic for you as it involves traveling from place to place.

Some other jobs you might want to explore are mentioned in the next section.

Other Best Jobs For Seniors Over 60

  • Blogger
  • Influencer
  • Administrative assistant
  • Virtual assistant
  • Dog walker
  • Fitness instructor
  • Casino worker
  • Office clerk 
  • Artist or craftsman
  • Musician or singer
  • HR
  • Pet sitter
  • Mail carrier
  • Gardener 
  • Cashier

Found your better match?


Hope reading our, “best jobs for seniors over 60 years,” was worth it. We have picked these jobs keeping your health in mind and ensuring minimum physical exertion because we understand, an individual over 60 years is in no condition to take physical exertion.

With that, we would love to hear from you, whether our article has ended your job hunt or if you would want us to include any other job in our list.

Hi there, I'm Deepika Kaushik. I'm a content writer and have an economic background. I love to write on topics related to jobs, courses, and current market trends.

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  1. i am a senior that is a licensed nurse. i do not want floor duty as a nurse. i am looking for a medical job that would need assistance in some other area of work, in the medical field other than a nurse. part-time position is more preferred. I am also interested in the Art field. I have always loved drawing and painting. I am in good health and very active.

  2. i am a senior that is a licensed nurse. i do not want floor duty as a nurse. i am looking for a medical job that would need assistance in some other area of the medical field. Part-time position is more preferred. I am also interested in the Art field. I have always loved drawing and painting. I am in good health and very active.


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