18 Best Jobs for Teachers Who Don’t Want to Teach!


Do you often find yourself in a place where you think that you don’t belong?

Maybe, your talent will be appreciated more, if you were to be someplace else, right?

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Well, if that’s the case, then it is time for a career transition!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” 

-C.S. Lewis

Now, you must be thinking to yourself, What Can I Do With a Teaching Degree if I Don’t Want to Teach?”

Well, let us tell you that it does not matter if you have a tonne of experience in teaching or the only profession you have ever worked for – if it does not make you happy anymore, now is the best time to start over.

And, we are going to help you out here by presenting in front of you 101 alternative careers for teachers.

What Can I Do With a Teaching Degree if I Don’t Want to Teach? 

What are the best jobs for teachers who don’t want to teach? Let’s find out!

1. Child Day-care Worker- Best Jobs for Teachers Who Don’t Want to Teach

If you are not happy with your school or college itching job, you can start a daycare center for young kids. Or you can start working at once.

It is one of the best jobs for teachers who don’t want to teach as you still get to use your teaching and caring instincts, but you do not have to actually teach anyone. 

Child care is all about taking care of kids and helping them learn very basic manners and etiquette.

2. Human Resource Personnel 

Teachers are great at people skills. Their ability to read their students and their body language makes them great at dealing with people at an emotional level.

Thus, in the corporate world, one of the best jobs for teachers who don’t want to teach is that of a Human Resource Personnel.

An HR’s responsibilities are not limited to hiring and firing employees, but a lot of major, imperative roles in between the two. An HR leads its employees to the overall organizational goals and serves as a role model. 

Also, another crucial part of HR’s functioning is employee learning and development.

3. Personal Tutor/Online Tutor

Personal Tutor or Online Tutor
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If you do not like the classroom experience of teaching, or the administrative and extra-curricular activities that school teachers have to do, then you may be interested in offering tuition.

There are a lot of different ways in which you can provide tuitions like:

  • You can start online tuitions
  • Provide personal (one-on-one) tuitions
  • Offline batch-wise tuitions
  • Register on online teaching sites like Coursera and start creating video lessons.
  • Coaching for competitive exams’ preparation

4. Content Writer – Best Jobs for Teachers Who Don’t Want to Teach

If you love writing and exploring new topics, then you might be a great fit for a content writing career. You can get a job as a content writer, or provide freelance writing services, etc.

There are a lot of different content writing styles like SEO, technical, publication-based, fiction, non-fiction, copywriting, ghostwriting, corporate writing, blogging, lifestyle writing, etc.

5. YouTuber

Being a YouTuber is a dream job for many. People from different job and qualification backgrounds desire to make a YouTube career

A successful YouTube career does not just make you famous, but wealthy! YES! YouTube pays very well if you use the right monetizing strategies and have a lot of patience.

If you want to have a career on YouTube, you should focus on content ideas that are unique and in-demand.

6. Blogging – Best Jobs for Teachers Who Don’t Want to Teach

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Another great alternate career for teachers can be blogging. I’m sure you must be aware of what blogging is and what a blogger does. In this digital world, almost every online business uses a blog to send its brand message to its clients.

Now, you can either help these brands in managing their blog or you can start your own blog. 

Again, you are free to choose whatever topic or ideas you want to represent through your blog. It can be for marketing purposes, information, entertainment, and much more.

7. Translation

Another one of the best jobs for teachers who don’t want to teach is translation. If you are a language teacher, it can be an added gemstone to your portfolio. Your experience can make it easier for you to find a translation gig.

You can make a lot of money while translating, right from the comfort of your couch. Or you can even get a traveling job as a translator.

8. Graphics Designer

Graphics designing is one of the most in-demand skills in this digital era and if you have a way with it, then you must go for a full-time career in the same field.

Graphics designers get paid very well, both as full-time employees and as freelancers. And, you do not need to meet any educational requirements.

There are a few specific websites that businesses use to hire freelancers for graphics designing gigs. Make sure you create your portfolio on each of these.

9. Full-time Artist

Full-time Artist
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Are you an art teacher? And stuck with, “What Can I Do With a Teaching Degree if I Don’t Want to Teach?”

Don’t worry! For you, we have one of the best jobs for teachers who don’t want to teach. 

There are a lot of jobs for artists that you didn’t even know exist. With these jobs, you’ll be able to work on your passion full-time. 

And, how about selling your art online? You will be working for yourself and without any creative limitations. Sounds great, right? Why don’t give it a try then?

10. Career Counselling

Teachers are great at counseling. With their instincts and wide knowledge about careers and jobs, they can be amazing career counselors.

Career counselors help people find their career calling and navigate the right path towards it. Also, the average salary of a career counselor is more than INR 3 lac per annum.

11. Data Scientist

Data scientists collect, gather, and interpret large amounts of data and present their analysis and look for patterns in data sets. One of the best jobs for teachers who don’t want to teach is being a Data Scientist as it is also the best job for the future.

Data scientists are in-demand in almost every industry and sector. And thus, get paid very well.

12. Book Author – Best Jobs for Teachers Who Don’t Want to Teach

If you have a lot of experience and knowledge related to your subject of expertise, then maybe it’s time to write and publish your student handbooks.

Being an author, not just makes you famous, but also ensures recurring income and is a way of creating your legacy too. 

13. Librarian

If you want to have a career transition but do not want to leave your school, you may think of a career as a librarian.

You will no longer be teaching, yet working in the same institution with the same people that you love. 

And, honestly speaking, being a librarian is less stressful than being a teacher. Also, it is a great job option for introverts.

14. CA – Best Jobs for Teachers Who Don’t Want to Teach

If your specialization is accounting, then there is no better career transition for you than being a Chartered Accountant. 

It takes a lot of time and effort to be a qualified CA, but with your experience and expertise, you can even start preparing for your exams along with your teaching job.

Being a teacher will help you constantly refresh your knowledge and you will be able to interact with fellow CA aspirants. 

15. Museum Guide

Museum Guide
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Know what is an amazing alternate career for history teachers? Museum Guide!

Museums are the places that curate and preserve the evidence of history. And, museum guides are the ambassadors, educators, and entertainers for a museum. 

Being a history teacher, you already have the knowledge that it takes. And, instead of teaching a class from textbooks, you will be teaching tourists through sightseeing (which is far more interesting)

16. Corporate Trainer

Corporate trainers are professionals who create a learning experience for employees at corporate organizations. They design and develop training programs in collaboration with SMEs.

It is yet another one of the best jobs for teachers who don’t want to teach. The reason is, teachers have great people and L&D skills.

17. Fitness Coach – Best Jobs for Teachers Who Don’t Want to Teach

If you are a PE teacher at your school, then you can very smoothly transition into a fitness coach or a sports coach.

You can work as a gym trainer, a personal fitness coach, or start your own gym or coaching center.

18. School Administration

Another way you can transition from your job without changing the place of work is by joining the school administration.

Administrative jobs include positions like principal, headmaster, vice-principal, etc. Now, your responsibilities will extend to managing and overlooking all the functioning of the institute. Also, this increased responsibility will come with a better salary! 

We hope you have found the right answer to, “What Can I Do With a Teaching Degree if I Don’t Want to Teach?” If not, then you’ve still got “83 more best jobs for teachers who don’t want to teach” to choose from.

Find the next 30 alternative careers for teachers here! 👇

101 Alternative Careers for Teachers

101 Alternative Careers for Teachers is a great book written by Margaret M. Gisler, that tells you how you can re-assess your career goals, find the best fields for your specific teaching expertise, practical ways of searching for new jobs, most lucrative career alternatives, and much more!

So, if you want to keep looking into more options in detail, you can just buy the book.

Although, if we’re being honest, we have to say that many career options listed in this book are a bit outdated. With the tech boost in almost every industry, there has been an emergence of a variety of new jobs.

I’ll suggest you read The Ultimate Guide to 21st Century Careers.


“Although, no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

-Carl Bard 

If you want to try something new, now is the best time. You can try out so many different career options with a teaching degree. 

And, not just different jobs, you can even pursue further education. Maybe even a completely new stream this time, right? 

We hope you find your dream job and enjoy working towards it! 

If you liked this article on ‘Best jobs for teachers who don’t want to teach’, do give us a 👍 in the comments section below. And, feel free to hit us up anytime for any queries. 

Till then, keep exploring!

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