12 Best books every woman should read in her 20s

Best Books every woman should read in her 20s – 20s is one of the best times to grow and develop, yet many choose loud music and consider it a life.

However, a few of us choose to sit in silence in a park, on a clean bench, reading, while smelling the aesthetic smell of books – that is much more satisfying.

As it is well said, “books are the best friend of a man,” and being a bookworm, I certainly agree with this quote, because be it a requirement of motivation to living in the world of fairy, love, and fantasy – your book will take you to a feeling-tour, everything you would want to feel.  

Moreover, depending on personal experience I definitely say that books affect you more than any person could. And to make that happen to you, I have come up with a few books that will help you gals! grow and develop just like a caterpillar grows into a beautiful butterfly from a pupa (chrysalis).

So, let’s see, our commendable books every woman should read in her 20s.

12 Best books every woman should read in her 20s (+Books For a 22-year-old Woman)

1. Little women

Rating – 4.3/5 (Goodreads)

Author – Louisa May Alcott

Want to learn how four sisters and their mothers learn to survive in society while their father was serving in the Union Army?

Yes! That’s one of the best books every woman should read in her 20s to learn how someone could be a giver even when they don’t have anything or how girls can work and support their family in case of need.

Yes, this book addresses three major themes: “domesticity, work, and true love, as all the sisters were interdependent and each necessary to the achievement of its heroine’s individual identity.”

Why do I love this book?

The best thing about, “Little women,” is how it teaches us to understand or unleash our own identity, plus how girls can perfectly juggle their family and work, without losing their individuality.  

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2. Self-help 

Rating – 4.1/5 (Goodreads)  4.5/5 (on Amazon)

Author – Lorrie Moore

Looking for self-help books for a 25-year-old woman?

Perfect, as this will be a perfect self-help book for you, considering that this book will teach you what it means to be a woman through hilarious and tragic stories. However, this book won’t provide you with the exact answer to what you are looking for but will give you a crack in the ceiling.

3. Nightwood

Rating – 3.6/5 (Goodreads) 4.3/5 (on Amazon)

Author – Djuna Barnes

Facing the world every day might not be as difficult for someone like someone from the LGBTQ community.

And if you agree, with this thought, that’s the book for you, a book that represents an undisputed classic of lesbians, including anger over literary lifestyle and feeling fierce. However, it is only ideal for you, if as T.S. Eliot quoted, “only sensibilities trained on poetry can wholly appreciate it”that’s you, right?”

Why do I love this book?

I love to know more about people from the LGBTQ community since they have struggled a lot to be a part of society and what could be better than reading a book about it. This book creates a perfect picture of their lifestyle and feelings, too through poetry.

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4. Delta of venus

Rating – 3/5 (Goodreads), 5/5 (on Amazon)

Author – Djuna Barnes

Looking for something that will fire up your loins like um…say, “Fifty shades of gray?”

Delta of venus is one of the best books every woman should read in her 20s, obviously, if you are interested in erotica or squeamish literally sex read this all-time heroism.

5. The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Rating – 4.1/5 (Goodreads) 5/5 (on Amazon)

Author – Milan Kundera

Like its name, this philosophical literature majors consist of a coterie of devotees for a reason that is the difference between love and sex.

With that, you will also know who we are without each other and other lookalike questions, questions which you might be interested to find answers for in your 20s.

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6. You can’t keep a good woman down

Rating – 4/5 (Goodreads) 5/5 (on Amazon)

Author – Alice Walker

A story of a black woman, who continues to stay with a lawyer who raped her just to get out of poverty. Though her mother was against this thing, yet in the hope that he would hold his end of the bargain which was, “paying for her college,” she never questioned this.

As a result of which, the lawyer even sent her mother to asylum, however, the abuse continued until she realized what was exactly happening to her and in the end made the big decision of shooting the lawyer dead, while stealing money to get into college.

Yeah! Of course, we are not asking you to physically harm anyone, yet, we are not also asking you to be a participant in any kind of abuse or oppression. And that’s what this is one of the best books every woman should read in her 20s, to understand that they are not meant to do something just to get what they want, but to learn how to stand up for themself.

Why do I love this book?

If you are a great fan of suspense and woman’s heroism, I would recommend reading this. As the name of the book, this book is all about a naive poor woman who agrees to be a part of a man’s game, losing all of it. However, once she realized her worth, all it took was a step to be free.

Though, definitely, not encouraging to do something illegal but be a better version of yourself.

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7. You will grow out of it

Rating – 3.8/5 (Goodreads) 4.4/5 (on Amazon)

Author – Jessica Klein

Want to know the journey of a woman of 21 century?

This is one of the best 50 books every woman should read, to learn how a tomboyish, late bloomer and comedian Jessia Klien, find herself not a part of modern femininity.

And you know what, if you like a comical voice, well, if you didn’t read it, I can bet, you will miss all the fun as this book has an irresistible and singular comic voice.

8. Hey ladies

Rating – 3.1/5 (Goodreads) 5/5 (on Amazon)

Author – Michelle Markiwotiz

Hey, gals! Missing your squad?

Well, that is so sad that you can not meet them, but what if we can bring summer house rentals, holidays, dates, brunches, breakups, and everything that excites you in the comfort of your home.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

So, if you are a happy-to-go person, this is indeed one of the best books for a 22-year-old woman because friends are synonyms for fun and excitement and if you want it all, garb it right now.

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9. The ambition decision

Rating – 3.8/5 (Goodreads) 4.4/5 (on Amazon)

Author – Hana Schank and Elizabeth Wallace

Every woman at a point in time has to make a choice, a choice between her career and home, including how a woman balances her life and career, like a joker juggling so many things at the same time.

And if you need to fill the gap of knowledge of how to navigate your personal and professional life, that’s the book for you.

10. Girl in white dress 

Rating – 3.2/5 (Goodreads) 3.7/5 (on Amazon)

Author – Jennifer Close

A white dress typically represents a tie between two people – a marriage.

Although this is one of the best books every woman should in her 20s revolves around three young women struggling with their career change, family pressure, and new love, of course, with everything, how come we can forget, heartbreaks.

And as its name specifies, it includes rounds of weddings and bridal showers (let me see, where I can find this one of the best books for a 22-year-old woman).

Why do I love this book?

In “girl in a white dress,” you will find the most connected of your life, from heartbreak to family pressure, and finding new love – who would want to know that there are other women out there just waiting for someone to make things easy.

I connect with this book, and I  believe many of you too.

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11. All the single ladies

Rating – 4/5 (Goodreads) 4.5/5 (on Amazon)

Author – Rebecca Trainster

Looking for books for 24-year-old women.

Here we have got a book for you, if you think being single sucks because let’s face it, being single sucks, yet we are better off than those who are suffering in marriage (not all, of course).

So, know about the role of unmarried women in society, from recent history to present – get in all in ladies.

12. Bad feminist

Rating – 3.9/5 (Goodreads) 4.6/5 (on Amazon)

Author – Jennifer Close

A bad feminist is a book that rails against the idea of an “essential feminist,” however other the idea of feminists can simply be grouped together. It is about, how women enjoy rapping while finding lyrics offensive, and that’s what bad feminist it is.

Some ideas are cherished and accepted, however, others don’t. This book will break all the ideas we have formed regarding being a feminist, yet we all are nothing but bad feminists.

Need more books suggestion, I have got more books for you –

  1. Sula
  2. Bastard of California
  3. Grit
  4. Daring greatly
  5. Bird by bird
  6. Big magic
  7. The rules do not apply
  8. You are a badass
  9. The patron Dorothy Parker
  10. The Complete Claudine
  11. The liar’s club
  12. The silent women
  13. A visit to a good squad
  14. Magic of beginners
  15. The complete stories
  16. Against interpretation


Hope these 12 Best books every woman should read in her 20s – will help you grow and know the outer world. Maybe, some of the books will help you understand womanhood, like one of my favorites, “Little women.”

Although, I also liked, “Nightwood,” since I love reading about how the LGBTQ community grow and is being accepted in society. And you know what, I would love to hear more suggestions so that I can expand my knowledge by dipping into a new world.

You can also keep these books on your desk so that you feel more positive, and motivated about your life.

See ya! Have to read my book that has been sitting on my desk forever.

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