7 Best Foreign Language to Learn for Jobs

One day while searching for international jobs, I came across some pretty amazing jobs. And, you know what was even better? It was a match!

The job requirements matched my profile. And, the salary offered was generous. 

What do you think could have happened next? I’d apply for the jobs and hope to hear back, right?

But, no. That was not how it went. *I COULD NOT APPLY FOR THE JOB* 

Because, even though I matched all the other requirements, I didn’t know French or Japanese 🙁

And, trust me when I say it hurts to let go off such opportunities. 

So, I dig a little deep into this and found that learning a foreign language has multiple benefits – whether it is a better job, higher salary, better learning opportunities, networking, and so much more! Agreed?  

So, once you are convinced about these benefits the question arises, “Which is the best foreign language to learn for jobs?”

Don’t worry, I got you covered. Because, by the end of this discussion, you will know the answer to, “which foreign language has more job opportunities?” 

7 Best Foreign Language to Learn for Jobs

Best Foreign Language to Learn for Jobs
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Wonder which is the best foreign language to learn for jobs? The list is here!

1. English – Best Foreign Language to Learn for Jobs

Woohoo! If you are reading this post, then you already know the best foreign language to learn for jobs. Yes! English is nearly undisputed #1 most useful language for getting hired.

Even though English is only in the third place when it comes to the number of native speakers, it is still the most widely used international language in business, academia, and tourism.

Additionally, Dutch sociologist Abraam de Swaan classified English as the only “hyper central language” that bonds all “super-central” languages.

Now, as you already know the language, I would move ahead with our discussion to talk about the languages that you will (most probably) have to learn from scratch.

2. Reasons to learn MANDARIN CHINESE

Mandarin Chinese is definitely the best foreign language to learn for jobs. 

Did you know?

Mandarin is the world’s most widely spoken native tongue with more than 873 million native speakers. This means one in every five people in the world speaks Mandarin! 

Another reason to consider learning Chinese, keeping in mind the job prospects, is China’s role in the global economy.  Mandarin has vital importance in the export and import industry.

Chinese is the seventh most-studied language by American undergraduate students.

Chinese is considered to be one of the most difficult languages for native English speakers to learn. But, that also means that it is an impressive and unique skill set to catch employers’ attention.

Thus, if you want to avoid too much competition in the future, Chinese would be the right choice as most people prefer learning German, French, or Spanish to Chinese due to its complexity.

3. German – Best Foreign Language to Learn for Jobs

German - Best Foreign Language to Learn for Jobs
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The next best foreign language to learn for jobs is German.

And across the globe, it has over 100 million native speakers and a total of 185 million speakers. German is the most spoken native language of Europe.

As far as the digital world is concerned, German is the second most commonly used language on the internet.

The fact that it is easier to learn German than French makes it even more attractive. But, let me tell you it has more challenging syntax than Spanish.

Germany is the fourth-largest economy by nominal GDP globally. It is also the world’s second-largest exporter. Keeping this in mind, we can see that the scope of learning German is full of lucrative salaries and job opportunities.

German has the highest median U.S. salary for linguistic jobs. Even though German is a relatively more difficult language to learn than most other European languages, it will provide you a much better edge in getting hired.

If you want to pursue studies or do business in Germany, Switzerland, or Austria, German is an excellent selection.  

Some famous German companies include Trader Joe’s, Henkel Bayer, BMW, Puma, Audi, Lufthansa, T-Mobile, Adidas, Mercedes, DHL, Volkswagen, and Siemens.

4. Which foreign language is easy to learn? FRENCH!

You must already know that French is also the best foreign language to learn for jobs.

There are more than 30 Francophone countries across the globe and French has roughly 300 million speakers globally. By the end of 2050, there will be 750 million French speakers in the world, as per Forbes.

French is relatively easier to learn if you know English. French is a favorite among American college students. It is the second most-studied foreign language in American colleges. 

French offers immense career possibilities. The most common professional positions with a demand for French-language abilities include: service, sales, and education positions.

French is the official language of many international organizations including the UNO, AU, FIFA, NATO, EU, ISA, IOC, etc.

If you are looking for an international career in pharmaceuticals, IT, aeronautics, fashion, energy production, and telecommunications, then French is the way to go. 

5. Reasons to learn SPANISH

If French seems to be a difficult language and you’re still stuck with the question, “Which foreign language is easy to learn?”, then Spanish can serve you right.

Spanish is the official language of 20 countries. It is the ‘lingua Franca of not only Spain but most Central and South American states.

The number of Spanish-speaking individuals in the world is roughly 572 million.

The USA is the second-largest Hispanic-speaking country with over 50 million Spanish speakers.

Spanish is probably the most simple of all the languages in this list. Its syntax and grammar are not too complex and the vocabulary is highly similar to English.

If you want Spanish to shine on your CV, you can appear for the Spanish Proficiency Test, i.e., B2 or C1 of the DELE or SIELE Test. With regular practice and proper guidance, you can pass in 2-3 years and be an expert in Spanish.

Spanish has long stood as the language most studied by U.S. undergraduate students and most in-demand by U.S. employers. Thus, it is the best foreign language to learn for jobs.

Hola! Cómo estás? Yes, I’ve been working on my Spanish too! I’m using Duolingo. Have you heard about it?

If not, then let me tell you about it. I have been using the app for almost six months to learn Spanish. And I must say that it has helped me a lot. The best part is that it is free to use. 

So, anyone can learn a new language without having to pay for classes or even being confined to a rigid time schedule. It’s more like a game and it’s very engaging. You won’t get bored. 

6. JAPANESE – Best Foreign Language to Learn for Jobs

Japanese is known as the “language of robotics”, because of Japan’s immense progress in robot development and integration. So, if you are looking for a career in science or technology, Japanese can help open up a plethora of opportunities.

Japanese has over 130 million native speakers making it one of the most commonly spoken languages across the globe.

Let me tell you one fact about the Japanese economy. Most Japanese are shy to speak a different language in the corporate world. They prefer using Japanese as the medium of communication, which is why they are always looking for reliable Japanese translators and interpreters.

This could be an amazing opportunity for you. Also, if you are seeking a job in Japan, the ability to speak Japanese fluently could significantly increase your job advancement.

If you want to be officially an expert, you can prepare for a higher Japanese test like JLPT N2/N1.

7. PORTUGUESE – Best Foreign Language to Learn for Jobs

PORTUGUESE - Best Foreign Language to Learn for Jobs
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Brazil has proven to be a steadily developing economy with the current global GDP ranking at the 9th position. With that being said, Portuguese is found to be the fastest-growing language in Europe and one of the most useful languages to learn.

Portuguese has approximately 260 million speakers across the globe and also, is the second-most spoken language in Latin America.

Several African countries, including Zambia, South Africa, Namibia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, teach Portuguese to their students in schools.

With the newly opened trade routes in Brazil’s growing markets, Portuguese will continue to create demand for translators and interpreters.

Foreign Language Careers Salary

Here is a list of foreign language careers salary in the USA for you to see and choose the best career path for yourself.

Foreign Language CareersAverage Salary (p.a.)
Linguistics Specialist$37K
Customer Care Executive$68K
Telephone Interpreter$43K
Medical Interpreter$43K
Language Instructor$30K – 80K
Foreign language careers salary in the US

Which Foreign Language Has More Job Opportunities?

If you are looking for job opportunities in Linguistics, then these languages have great career prospects 👇

  • Mandarin Chinese
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Korean

What are the Foreign Language Jobs in Government?

So, the government offers various jobs that require expertise in a foreign language. The departments offering such foreign language jobs in the government include embassies of foreign countries, external affairs, national security, and tourism

The job profiles include translation, teaching, etc. 

What are the Most In-Demand Languages for Government Jobs?

Stop scrolling if you are here looking for the most in-demand languages for government jobs.

The top three most in-demand languages for government jobs are:

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese


As businesses continue to expand globally, communication becomes a key skill to power this growth. And, by obtaining bilingual or multilingual skills, you multiply your chances of getting a job.

When it comes to learning foreign languages, the more difficult part retaining your language skills.

It can be pretty tricky keeping it up in case you do not have the excuse to use it every day. Make sure you continue to practice your newly acquired skills regularly. 

You do not want to learn a new language only to forget it after a while!

So, this was all about the best foreign language to learn for jobs. Hit us up for any further information or queries.

We are happy to help you!

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