Top 11 Jobs that Don’t Require Communication Skills in the U.S

Workplace communication statistics show that 86% of employees and executives cite the lack of effective communication as the main cause of workplace failures.

Furthermore, the pandemic has changed the game when it comes to communication. Over 33% believe that communication has become an even bigger challenge for them.

But wait a minute! If you are one of those employees who lack communication skills, read this 👇 before riding yourself to guilt.

60% of companies themselves don’t have any long-term strategy concerning their internal communications. As a result of which, 74% of employees have the feeling they are missing out on company news.

This further leads to low employee morale and frustration! 

Now companies are working towards tackling the challenge of communication. Meanwhile, what if I told you that you can perfectly excel in these jobs WITHOUT ANY COMMUNICATION SKILLS?!?!

Yes! You read that right.

You do not need communication skills for these jobs! Scroll down to find out the best jobs that don’t require communication skills.

But before that, let me make something clear.

What are the Types of Communication Required On A Job?

More or less, every job mostly requires the following two communication passages:

A) Internal Communication Within An Organization

This is the communication of an employee within their organization. It may be with a senior-level executive, a peer, a supervisor, or a subordinate.

B) Communication With Clients

This is the communication where one deals with their client or customers. This is most common for employees working at the senior level, freelancers, marketing, advertising, PR professionals, or other professionals like lawyers, doctors, etc.

11 Jobs That Don’t Require Communication Skills

Here’s our list of the best jobs that don’t require communication skills at work.

1. Transcribing

Transcribing - Jobs That Don't Require Communication Skills
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Job Description 

Transcribers prepare written transcripts of live proceedings, and also audio and video recordings. They work as freelancers and full-time employees. Although, transcribing makes one of the best part-time jobs that don’t require communication skills as you can do it as a side hustle from anywhere.

Legal and medical advisors require specific academic qualifications. And they get paid at a higher rate.

Average Salary – $18.03 per hour 

Author’s Opinion About the Job  

Except for legal and medical transcribing, this is a great job for people with no prior experience. If you generally run away from having to take part in conversations, then this job will give you great comfort. 

But, I personally don’t think that it can be a great full-time job option due to the pay range. But, yes, this is a great way to make side money without any expertise. 

2. Blogging/Content Writing/Copywriting

Blogging/Content Writing/Copywriting
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Job Description 

Writing is one of the best jobs where you don’t have to talk to customers.

The role of a blogger or a content writer involves writing, editing, and publishing content. They are also responsible for promoting the content on their blogs. They perform research, come up with new ideas, write their views on the ideas, and promote them to readers.

While a copywriter is responsible for creating marketing content for websites, products, or services.

Average Salary – $15 per hour

Author’s Opinion About the Job 

Many people would not agree with ‘blogging’ included in the list of jobs that don’t require communication skills. As blogging o content writing is essentially just communicating ideas with the masses. Right?

But, here’s the thing. 


This is because I usually face troubles while having one-on-one conversations with people. But when it comes to writing my thoughts on a blank sheet, I do it well! 

(I know many of you can already relate!)

Also, it’s not that difficult to start a blog.

3. Data Entry

Job Description 

Data entry operators collect information and enter it into databases. This may involve compiling documents from different sources, extracting information from them, entering data into databases, and storing physical copies. 

Average Salary – $16.78 per hour

Author’s Opinion About the Job

Data entry makes one of the best part-time jobs that don’t require communication skills, especially for high school students. It’s a pretty basic job that does not need past experience or specialized knowledge or skills. 

Again, if you want to utilize your free time doing something productive, this is great. But a full-time career option? Maybe not!  

4. Accounts/Audit

Accounts or audit is a Job That Don't Require Communication Skills
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Job Description 

The job of an accountant is to record the financial transactions of a business, summarize and analyze the data, and interpret meaningful information for the users of financial information. 

Accountants also conduct audits, aid with budgeting and financial forecasts, calculate taxes, and report their findings to management and other parties like the IRS or investors.

Average Salary – $52,000 per annum

Author’s Opinion About the Job  

This is definitely one of those jobs where you don’t have to talk to customers. Because you’re dealing with people inside the organization alone. That too is not necessary. If you want, you can talk to only those people that you like!😅

5. Gardener

Job Description 

A gardener’s job is to keep the plants, grounds, and trees looking beautiful. They are responsible for many basic maintenance activities, such as landscaping, growing, renewing, and conserving outside settings. Local parks, private lawns, hotels, farms, and nurseries are all good places to find a job.

Average Salary – $15.48 per hour

Author’s Opinion About the Job  

It’s a great job to pick up as a side hustle while in college and make good money.

Also, this is one of the most stress-free jobs where you don’t have to talk to customers much. Most of the time, you will be working alone in nature.

6. Security Guards

Job Description 

Next on the list of jobs where you don’t have to talk to customers is a security guard. Security guards are in charge of patrolling and functioning as entry control for visitors in order to safeguard property or individuals.

Average Salary – $13.21 per hour

Author’s Opinion About the Job 

Some of my friends are currently working as security guards. And as per their first-hand opinion, it’s a great job. Also, you might stand a chance at progressing your career in the security department as a government employee.

7. Truck Drivers

Truck Driver job that don't require communication skill
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Job Description 

Truck drivers typically transport materials and goods among destinations. Other responsibilities include assessing their trucks for mechanical issues that might jeopardize their safety and doing simple repairs.

Average Salary – $69,000 per annum

Author’s Opinion About the Job 

These are probably the most lucrative jobs that don’t require communication skills. Truck drivers really don’t have to care about communication skills. Whether or not they are good at it, they are going to keep moving goods nevertheless! 💁‍♀️

8. Mechanics/Maintainance & Repair Workers

Job Description  

A mechanic is in charge of checking and repairing cars, trucks, and other machinery. These experts perform maintenance inspections, inventory management, mechanical component assembly, and repair.

While mechanics work in garages, maintenance is responsible for conducting home or office repairs.

You might also think about working as an electronic repair worker. 

All these are jobs that don’t require communication skills.

Average Salary – $23.51 per hour

Author’s Opinion About the Job  

These jobs do not require any public speaking or advanced communication skills. But, yes, you will have to communicate with your customers. Just to understand the issue though. After that, you can just carry on with your work!

9. Painting/Crafts

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Job Description  

Artists produce beautiful, thought-provoking, and, sometimes, even disturbing items. Ceramics, glass, fabrics, wood, metal, and papercrafts are among the most liked crafts.

Painters create artworks on paper, or canvas using several different mediums.

Average Salary – $17.83 per hour

Author’s Opinion About the Job 

Yes, I know art is all about communication. And an artist’s job is to communicate ideas or feelings through their art. But an artist does not need to actually talk to anyone throughout their process, right?

And if you need help while selling your pieces, you can always hire experts for that.

Moreover, I think art and craft is a great hobby that you can monetize easily. I am an artist too. (You can check out my work here.) And I mean it when I say that communication skills are not a barrier for this job profile. 

10. Dog walker

Dog walker
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Job Description 

Dog walkers take pets for walks as per schedules set by the dog owners. They pretty much just pick up the pets from their homes, take them for a walk, and then drop them off at their homes.

I don’t think I have to elaborate on why this is one of those jobs that don’t require communication skills.

Average Salary – $15 per hour

Author’s Opinion About the Job – 

This is a great job for kids as you can teach them a lesson in taking up responsibility and being punctual. Also, when they start getting paid for their efforts, they’ll be motivated to work hard. 

11. Video Editor/Graphic Designer/Website Designer

Job Description 

Video editors work with several video footage to produce a complete and cohesive output that correctly portrays the vision of the filmmakers.

Graphic designers create posters, logos, websites, magazine covers, brochures, and other materials to communicate ideas and information visually.

Web designers develop, build, and maintain websites using their creative and programming skills. They are familiar with user experience and can create websites that are easy to comprehend, browse, and use.

Average Salary – $72,000 per annum

Author’s Opinion About the Job 

Just like art, these professionals are digital artists and their role is to communicate ideas. Now, that part is again not an issue, even if you do not have great communication skills. 


You might face difficulty while taking meetings with your clients to understand their requirements. Which might as well reflect badly on your work, even if you are otherwise great at it. (P.S. this happened with one of my colleagues.) 


So, this was all about the best jobs that don’t require communication skills. If you are searching for one too, then I have something to tell you. 

It’s okay if you can not communicate properly. Not all of us are born communicators. Communication is about expression. It’s fine to not be able to communicate verbally, you can find a job that you can use as a medium to express yourself to the world. 

Also, all the above-listed jobs are great for people like me who suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder.

Hey there! I am Avipsa Lakhanpal. I'm a passionate writer and a self-taught artist. I like writing on subjects relating to academics, career, e-commerce, and general knowledge. I write with the sole aim of assisting my readers to their complete satisfaction.

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