16 Best High-paying Jobs in California With No Experience!

16 Best High-paying Jobs in California With No Experience

Experience is all you need to find a job – a thought of People who think they have seen the world.

What do you think, it’s true?

Is experience all you need to survive in the corporate world?


Maybe not…

We would like to leave it for you to think, although, if you would talk about the population of 32.95 crores, each and every person would say, it does. But we can bet, at least one person will say, not necessarily. 

No problem, we have come up with the best high-paying jobs in California with no experience because we believe experience might be something, but not everything. 

So, let’s not waste our time and jump to top-paying jobs in California without a degree.

10 Best High Paying Jobs in California With No Experience | Best Jobs in California

1. Sales Representative

sales representative
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If we look at the estimated number of salespeople in the US, 2020, which was 1.57 million sales representatives for wholesale and manufacturing employed, then we have noticed that this number is quite high as we have not expected it.

So, if you are looking for a job, which does not require much expertise and skills, you can work as a sales representative. Although a salesperson must have specific qualities, some of these are –

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Good communication skills

2. Transportation Business

California has almost 100+ transportation businesses, considering that it is one of the most developed states in the US.

And the transportation business is one of the flourishing businesses or for you, it could be one of the best high-paying jobs in California with no experience – you want to work in this field.

3. Consultant

Do you think you can start your business as a consultant?


Gather your team man and start working. 

We have across many firms or companies who provide different types of consultancy services, for instance, compliance consultants, business development consultants, and any other field you might be interested in. 

Again, it is one of the best high-paying jobs in California with no experience, yet, again, like the previous one, you would need money to get a team and other experts to work for you.

4. Visual Designer

Visual Designer - Best High Paying Jobs in California With No Experience
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Looking for one of the top-paying jobs in California without a degree, the visual designer is the perfect job for you.

Let’s have a brief look at what a visual designer does.

Basically, a visual designer is responsible for designing different platforms that also include Internet and internet sites, games, movies, kiosks, and wearables. We believe we can safely term it one of the best jobs in California with no experience, considering that all you need is a little focus on UX and UI, knowledge of visual designing, and you are good to go. 

5. Online Business

Online business – one of the best easy jobs that pay well in California. 

In the US, there are approximately 8.2 billion affiliate marketers, which shows an online business presence. 

This is just one statistic data we have shown, likewise, there are more online businesses that exist, it could be a business of handmade products, clothes, and more. 

6. Sell Handmade Things

Handmade things show that you care, that you love, and it shows how personal someone is.

Instagram is nowadays one of the perfect platforms to sell your handmade things, it could be something small as hair crunchies to building your own brands of clothes, and jewelry.

Pro tip – You can also create your own website to reach a wider market.  

7. Call Center Agent/Call Center Representative

Call center representative - Best Jobs in California
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To be a call center agent or call center representative, you don’t need a degree or experience, mere good communication skills or critical thinking can get you a long way. 

The US, being one of the developed and strongest countries, highly depended on call centers, be it for work outsourcing or to communicate to the customers worldwide, call centers are on the verge of providing jobs to like half of America. 

And if we have to be honest, it can truly be one of the best high-paying jobs in California with no experience or you can also take it as a part-time job.

Pro tip – You can work in a call center for a while to get the required experience than can commence your own business. 

8. Travel Agent

Do you know how to solve queries regarding traveling? 

Have enough knowledge to provide advice to customers regarding visas and passports?

Yes! Yes! Yes


It is the job for you, or should we say, it is the best job in California that can help you earn handsome money. The best part is that you can associate with market leaders such as  GAdventures, Intrepid, and more.

9. Advertising and Promotion Manager

Advertising and promotion manager could be one of the best jobs in California, considering that every brand needs a social presence now. 

And being an advertising and promotion manager all you would have to do is a plan, direct, or coordinate advertising policies and programs by creating posters, contests, coupons, and more.

It could be one of the flourishing careers for you, considering that social presence is a part of business growth and if you have ideas to increase the reach of a brand – congrats you got the job

10. Software Developer

Software Developer job in California
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Have no experience but know how to develop software?

Or have you probably done a course in software development?


The US is one of the developed countries and one of the tech hubs, why don’t be a part of a tech company and earn handsome money. 

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Top Paying Jobs in California Without a Degree | Jobs For People With Passion

11. Housekeeper

Looking for one of the easy jobs that pay well in California?

A housekeeper is an excellent job for you, do you know why?

Let’s face the fact, everyone is working right now, which makes them leave the country every second day, and they need someone to look after their home. 

You can certainly do that, don’t you?

I mean, it is technically one of the top-paying jobs in California without a degree.

12. Personal Care Assistant

A personal care assistant – can certainly be a way to earn handsome money, thus, we believe it is safe to keep it under, “top-paying jobs in California without a degree.”

Okay! If we talk about being a personal care assistant, you would have to provide personal care to people such as assistance in mobility support, cleaning, bathing, hygiene, brushing, and other similar activities.

Although, some patients prefer a certified personal care assistant, thus, it could be an issue sometime.

13. Graphic Designer

As we have mentioned, social presence is something all brands need right now and that makes the role of graphic designer more important. And you know what, if you are searching for one of the highest paying jobs in California for 16-year-olds – you just found one.

And to be a graphic designer, all you need is creativity, imagination, and a vision.

14. Photographer

Photographer - Easy Job That Pay Well in California
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Looking for one of the highest-paying jobs in California for 16-year-olds?

How about being a photographer?

If you are passionate or your hobby is about capturing the moment, you can work as a photographer for an agency or you can simply capture life pictures and sell them online on websites such as Pinterest. 

15. Digital Marketer 

Digital marketing is a very broad term. It includes content writing, blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Management/Marketing, Email Marketing, Video marketing, etc.

I would suggest you go into a particular field, it could be blogging or SEO or anything of your interest.

And keep on upgrading yourself with that particular field. Market trends change daily, so you have to be synced with them.

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16. Librarian 

Librarian - One of the Best High-paying Jobs in California With No Experience
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A beautiful city in the US, California is a perfect destination to enjoy some good reading, isn’t it?

True for those who can literally read anytime to escape the world, we have a job for you as a librarian. And you know you will do it because you would be surrounded by loads of books, so you can read and recommend books to people. 

Although, this job includes more responsibility than this, which is maintaining a record of which book is issued to whom, where a book needs to be placed, and under which shelf a customer will find a book.

Apart from these best jobs in California, you can also try out some of the jobs mentioned in the next section. 

Some More Jobs For You in California!!

  • Business development executive
  • HR
  • SEO expert
  • Blogger
  • Writer/editor/proofreader
  • VA
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Youtuber/Vlogger
  • Influencer
  • Sale executive
  • Secretary 
  • Data entry operator 
  • Freelancer
  • Copywriter
  • Teacher


Best high-paying jobs in California with no experience – our mentioned jobs seem to be a perfect match for you because we have handpicked these jobs for you.

Thus, whether you have a degree or not, or whether you have experience or not, you can simply get a job depending on your passion or natural skills you have, be it writer, graphic designer, travel agent, or any other job which suits you and your personality.

Though if you have any doubt, regarding which jobs are perfect for you, why don’t you reach us in our forum?

Hi there, I'm Deepika Kaushik. I'm a content writer and have an economic background. I love to write on topics related to jobs, courses, and current market trends.

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