20+ Hobbies that Make Money! (USA)

“Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby.”

-George Bernard Shaw

And, Scott Alexander very honestly elaborates Shaw’s view in his words, “Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have, beautifully.”

True! Isn’t it?

Not only do you perform amazingly when you work on something you love, but also enjoy yourself and feel accomplished. 

Now, think of doing something like that every day and making money off of it. So basically, imagine having a hobby, making most of your hobby instead of the usual nine-to-five job, AND getting paid for it!!

Agh, almost livin’ a dream, yeah!?

But, to be very clear, this can be your reality and not just a dream. Let’s dwell on making this dream a reality for you in today’s blog!

Okay then, let’s get started!

22 Hobbies That Make Money Everywhere!

So, in this blog, I am going to talk about some of the top hobbies that make money everywhere. From writing to painting to stock trading- all of ‘em!

Just keep scrolling to find your perfect fit.

Productive Hobbies That Make Money

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”

-Tim Ferriss

1. Writing/Blogging

blogging - Hobbies That Make Money Everywhere
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One of the cheap hobbies to make money while sitting at home is writing. Yes! You can make money writing poems, fiction/non-fiction stories, or even publishing your own book, starting a blog!

If you have the gift of creative writing, you must put it to good use. Because writing is a hobby you can very well make a professional career in any country. 

Also, you can be a content writer, just like I am! I loved to write as a hobby in school, but when I realized that tons of people were ready to pay me for it, I made sure to seize the opportunity. 

If you want to first try it out as a career, you might take up some internships. This way you can learn and earn at some time! 

2. Comedy

James Corden?  Kevin Hart? Or Jerry Seinfeld? Who’s your favorite comic? 

Mine is Hart! But, you know who I am most excited to see next? YOU!! 

Yes, you must not know this but, surprisingly, stand-up comedy makes great money! If you have that comedian inside you that only shines at your friends’ parties or family gatherings, then it’s high time now. No more free stand-up acts now. Because you can get paid for it, make a full-blown career out of it!

There are so many artists out there who are living their best lives through comedy. And, if you have the talent and love for comedy, then you can too. 

My advice would be to start by recording videos and sharing them on social media. Once you get some reach and following, start putting up acts at open mic nights at nearby restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. Slowly, with good networking and communication skills, you’ll get the recognition and have a stable career too. 

Just keep in mind, good things take time 🙂

3. Illustrations

Is there any need for an explanation as to how creating illustrations is one of the best productive hobbies that makes money? 

We all know that in the 21st century everything has become online. And, the need for creative talent in the digital arena is increasing every single minute! 

Graphic designing and illustrations are without a doubt one of the most in-demand services in the digital world. Thus, making illustrations is a great money-making hobby and has a huge demand and growth potential as an independent industry.

If you love art, you must try your hand at digital illustration. You can sell your designs and illustrations to brands and companies.

Or you can set up your own design service. Or you can have a 9 to 5 job as an illustrator. The career options are astonishingly wide in this sector!

4. Photography

Photography - Hobbies that Make Money! (USA)
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Photography is a great hobby to turn into a profession. There are quite a lot of options for you to choose from depending on your interest.

Of course, photographers are hired for events and functions, etc. But, other than that, as we all there are a lot of different kinds of shoots which are very trendy. For instance, pre-wedding shoots, birthday shoots, shoots for newborn babies, etc. You can make any of it your special domain to gain recognition.

Also, you can do photoshoots for online stock images sites and get paid like Shutterstock, 500px, etc.

5. Dancing

Dancing is another one of the cheap hobbies to make money. Really all it takes is your sweat and creativity! You don’t have to have any special infrastructure to earn money from dancing.

You can have a career as a choreographer, a dance teacher, etc. 

You can start your YouTube channel and teach dance online! Or maybe have an Instagram or Facebook account to show off your moves. Once you get a fair following, you can derive monetary benefits from it.

6. Music

Music!! There’s so much to think of when you say music. No! It’s not just about singing or playing an instrument. 

People are winning hearts on social media by combining their impeccable creativity with their love for music. Making music out of literally anything! Iykyk😂

7. Fitness

People these days are fitness freaks! From teenagers to even quite elder people- everyone wants to live a healthy life. 

And, if this is something that interests you out of the ordinary, then you must try something out of the box to make a unique career out of it. 

You can be a personal trainer for a particular age group, the elder people, for instance. You can offer them a package including dietary consultation and physical practice for a healthy lifestyle.

8. Stock Trading

Stock trading is not exactly one of the hobbies that make money online, but there’s nothing offline about it as well. You can trade in the stock market from the comfort of your home- on your phone or through a broker, etc.

Stock trading is actually quite a skillful hobby. You need to have excellent judgment and analytical skills. If you start at an early age, maybe you can find yourself working as a certified stockbroker in some time! 

9. Driving/Traveling

Traveling hobby that makes money
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I know a lot of you are passionate about long drives, right? Now, tell me how traveling and getting paid for it sound?

Yes! This can happen. You can provide car driving services to people who are traveling long distances. 

You can also use this hobby to be an uber or ola driver. This way you can have a stable career while doing what you love the most!

Hobbies That Make Money Online

10. Gaming

Now, that we are talking about the hobbies that make money online, gaming definitely comes on top of the list. 

There are so many people out there who earn money through gaming. Yes! Esports is an actual career and players are recognized as professional athletes! Did you know that?

Also, you can start a YouTube gaming channel. People really love that kind of content online! Some popular channels are Total Gaming, Carryislive, SEVOU, Dynamo Gaming, Noob Bros, etc.

You can also watch this video to find out about various ways to make money from games!

11. Social Media Influencing/Management

Next on the list of hobbies that make money online is Social media! You can earn money by being a social media influencer. You can be a fashion influencer, share your literature skills online, maybe you’re comedy- anything!

What else you can do is, be a social media manager. As businesses are becoming online, social media managers are really in demand. 

Crafting Hobbies That Make Money

“Craft is the vehicle for expressing your vision. Craft is the visible edge of art.”

-David Bayles

12. DIY Crafts

DIY Crafts hobby for making money
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DIY crafts have always been a lucrative hobby. But, the problem is that there is too much competition in this sector these days.

So, if you love doing crafts and want to have a career in it, you need to bring something unique. I’ve seen people, very young people indeed, establishing businesses out of a DIY craft hobby!

From what the trends say, my best suggestion would be to try out DIY jewelry and soap making. Both are loved by customers nowadays. 

13. Painting

Painting is one of the most satisfying crafting hobbies that make money. I am a self-artist, and I make and sell paintings through social media! (You can have a sneak peek here.)

You can make a lot of money by painting walls! No, I am not talking about working as a daily wager at people’s homes. I am talking about being a professional artist who makes special artworks for restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.   

I know people who do this work and I know that they charge a lot for that! So maybe you can try that too.

14. Make-up 

If you love putting on makeup and are good at it, then this is one of the best crafting hobbies that make money for you. You can be a professional make-up artist, have your own make-up studio, or provide at-home make-up services, etc.

You can even use your make-up skills to be a social media influencer, maybe start your YouTube channel for make-up tutorials, etc!

15. Sewing

Sewing hobby
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Okay, no! I am not pitching in becoming a tailor. There are plenty of tailors already in every area, right? 

If you want to be recognized for your talent, you need to present something extraordinary. If you love sewing, you should try your hand at designing. Create original designs for your pieces and you can sell them under a brand name! 

Retirement Hobbies That Make Money

“Retirement gives you the time literally to recreate yourself through a sport, game, or hobby that you always wanted to try or that you haven’t done in years.” 

– Steven D. Price, How to Survive Retirement

16. Cooking/Baking

One of the best retirement hobbies that make money, in my opinion, is cooking/baking. (Mainly just because I love cooking.😜) But, also because it is something that brings joy to a lot of people.

Say, for instance, you’ve retired from your job and don’t have much to do with your time, you can start a little food business. Make your favorite food, or maybe start a cake baking business or even your own cooking classes.

You can even organize summer camps for people who want to learn baking or cooking!

17. Petting

Now, this idea is very common in western countries. It is just like a daycare. The difference is you have to attend to pets and not kids.

If you love being around animals then starting a pet daycare for the working class can be a hugely profitable business.

Moreover, petting is a great job for people with Social Anxiety Disorder.

18. Knitting

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Knitting is also one of the ideal retirement hobbies that make money. You can make self-designed hand-knit sweaters, cardigans, shrugs, etc. 

People really are attracted to personalized products. And, knitting is a perfect business idea to create personalized products since you do not require any mass production.

Hobbies that Make Money for Stay at Home Moms

Here’s a list of our top picks of hobbies that make money for stay-at-home moms. Have a look! (Also check out the best jobs for pregnant women.)

19. Brewing beer

Did you know? 

The homebrew market across the globe was worth around $12 million in 2018 alone. Millions of Americans have brewed their own beer at home and it’s quite the trend.

Homebrewing, or making your own beer at home, is one of the most interesting hobbies that make money for stay-at-home moms, (I mean if you know how to brew beer). 

If you love making craft brews and have a taste that can please customers, then this could be a viable business opportunity there. 

20. Gardening

As people have started to spend more time at home, and many have transitioned to working from home, gardening has seen a spike in popularity. 

Moreover, millennials spent $13 billion on plants every year.

Gardening is one of the best hobbies that make money for stay-at-home moms, as it can make you and your kids happier, healthier, and even richer. 

21. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is much admired yet, a lost art. People love it but don’t know how to do it themselves. This means that there is a gap that you can fill if you know the art of calligraphy. 

With a little marketing, you can sell your calligraphy services right from your home. You can create an Instagram handle or sell your products on Etsy. There’s so much to think about when you are talking about monetizing through calligraphy – wedding invites, handmade flyers, nameplates, and so much more. 

For an artistic mom like you, calligraphy is one of the best hobbies that make money for stay-at-home moms.

22. Book reviews

Book reviews
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Are you a bookworm? Then why don’t monetize your hobby?

Reviewing books could be the perfect gig to turn into hobbies that make money for stay-at-home moms.

You can apply for the job of book reviewer on websites like Online Book Club.org or Reedsy. Your job will involve reading books and then giving a fair report. 

You’ll be a winner,

if you believe in yourself, have dedication & pride, and never quit. We know the price of victory is high, but so are the rewards. 

If you think it is too risky to take up a hobby instead of a full-time job, then you are fearful. And choosing a job will simply mean that you could not afford the price of victory in the form of the risk.

Being competitive is great but so is being satisfied. You might or might not be able to make a six or seven-figure yearly compensation out of your hobby but you’ll be far more happy and content with your life. 

And, there’s no price for your happiness.  

So, take my advice and unleash yourself off the shackles you put on yourself. Go and grab the opportunity you see now, for it might not be there always!

All the best!!

Hey there! I am Avipsa Lakhanpal. I'm a passionate writer and a self-taught artist. I like writing on subjects relating to academics, career, e-commerce, and general knowledge. I write with the sole aim of assisting my readers to their complete satisfaction.

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