23 Best Jobs for Over 40-Year-Old Woman

The 23 Best Jobs for Over 40-Year-Old Woman:

Congratulations on getting promoted to the job you’re already doing.

And your job is to sit at home or take care of the family or do the same old job for years?

Then, I must say, you still have the chance to start your career. 

If you think that you cannot have a career at this age, then you are wrong! Because I am about to reveal the best careers to start at 40 for women!

Don’t be in shock, that’s true! 

Of course, if you have been working or not, yet, at this point, you can give your life a fresh turn. 

I’m mentioning all the best professional courses at the age of 40 available for women at this phase. Although, no doubt there are many more. 

So far, you have got experience, knowledge, and skills by working or even being at home, let’s use all these aspects to find you a better job or jobs for over 40-Year-Old Women.

23 Best Jobs for Over 40-Year-Old Woman

1. Teaching 

Best Jobs for Over 40-Year-Old Woman
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Here, you can either be a government or a private teacher. To be a teacher at a government school, the age limit is 19 years to 40 years. 

I guess, everyone craves experience so why not start with this great opportunity that you have. 

Being a government or private teacher, you need to be qualified as a teacher training course, such as B.Ed, BTC/NTC, etc. Then, finally the teacher eligibility test at both the levels state and central. 

Not only this, if you are good at other things, you can also give home tuition for dance, cooking, painting, and more.

Good communication skills, problem-solving, time management, and more are skills that make you a good teacher. But teaching could also be about the dance class, yoga, music class, etc. You can open these classes at your home, this is also a job. The ultimate goal is to earn.

In this online world, you can open a YouTube channel for a particular skill like dance class and you can earn money from it once your channel will grow. A good idea, right?

But, here’s the thing. I know not every one of you is well-versed with the modern technology to start your online classes. So, here’s what you can do. You can enroll in the Teacher Training – How to Teach Online course to learn the basics of online teaching. 

2. Blogging

No doubt, blogging is by far the most convenient way to make money online. No, you don’t require any technical knowledge to start a blog. And, I think it is rather one of the best jobs for a 38-year-old woman. All you need is a particular niche. Like we at 9to5job write articles related to jobs, earn money ideas, careers, academics, and more.

Similarly, you can also start a blog on any topic whether it’s a personal blog, beauty blog, homemade food blog, home decor, or anything.

Okay, as a rookie, it is difficult to understand the tips and tricks of blog writing. But, that does not mean that you have to do it the hard way. You can still learn these important tips and easy ways to write high-engagement blogs by enrolling in the Become a Blogger course. You can learn side by side through this online course and write better blogs each day.

Further, some people are earning in crores from writing blogs by Adsense, affiliate marketing, and other ways. So a good opportunity for all the women.

Here are my earnings from Amazon Affiliate Marketing through blogging from one of our blogs.

amazon affiliate earning - jobs for 40 year old
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3. Senior accountant jobs

A senior account is a person who takes the privilege of maintaining the reporting cost, margins, productivity, expenditures for the organization, and companies. 

Yes, with your experience and knowledge you can work as a senior accountant. 

You can work in the field of auditing and financial planning, simply work on your own time. 

To become a senior accountant, you need an accounting degree of 4 years. Mostly, senior accountants study after this and complete their masters. Often, they end up being certified, public accountants.

To be promoted as a senior accountant, you should improve your skills, which are being more detail-oriented and organized. You can brush up your skills with the Accounting, Bookkeeping, & Financial Statements: Zero to Pro online course. In my opinion, for women, it is one of the best professional courses at the age of 40.

With this, I have a job for a 45 years old woman that is in the financial service industry. It is an ideal choice for women especially if you want to work from home. 

Most importantly, it is a never-ending career, it goes on as the risk of life is always there. So, apart from the good benefits, you will get employees’ benefits too. 

4. Freelancer

Freelancer - best job for 40 year women
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A freelancer is a person who works on their own, more like self-employed. They work for their clients to charge money for it. 

To start your career as a freelancer you need not be of a particular age. 

You can start it right now! 

No matter if you are old or young, if you want to start, just do it. 

Consequently, at your age, you have proficiency and experience, give it a shot. Before this new generation, still, people went into space, why can’t you start freelancing?

Hell, yes, you can! 

Polish your skills, get access to your computer or PC, and start freelancing by investing some hours. 

You can easily access the sites that would allow you to work as a freelancer such as Upwork, Fiverr, and more. Here are my earnings from the freelancing site Fiverr.com.

Freelancing job for 40 year old
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As a freelancer, you could write articles, data entry, web development, graphic design, search engine optimization, teaching, and more. These are all freelancing jobs.

Hard work, professionalism, disciple, hard work, and so on certainly make you the perfect freelancer.

Searching for freelance jobs might take time but eventually, you will get one.

Searching for freelance jobs might take time but eventually, you will get one. Here’s something that you can do to attract clients on Fiverr. If you enroll in the Online Freelancing Essentials: Be A Successful Fiverr Seller course by Fiverr Learning, then you will earn a professional badge on your profile. This will definitely grab eyeballs to your profile.

5. Virtual assistant 

You can start your services by handling bills and accounting, managing contact lists, dealing with basic HR Duties, and more.

As per requirements, you can work from home and office, however, you can easily access the important documents. 

Being virtual assistant skills that you should have are the skill of making strategies and planning, communication skills, basic accounting skills, perfect sales idea, and more. You should also have good MS Office skills. 

This is one of the ideal jobs for an over 40-year-old woman as it allows you to work from home. Above all, you can work on your schedules, take breaks, and more. In short, you have complete freedom. To add, freedom to make choices with whom you want to work or not. 

To start your career as a virtual assistant you can visit sites like Virtualstafffinder.com, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience or training as a virtual assistant. You can enroll in the Must-Have Skills (Training) for Virtual Assistants course to learn all the basics and essentials to be a virtual assistant.

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6. Translator

If you have a hold on two languages, it might be English and Spanish or French, more.

You don’t have to worry about your age if you want to be a translator. Because age does not matter! 

Nowadays, no one can say that old people are trying to fly away from the changes that technology has brought because they have proved everyone wrong by showing how good they are at it.

To be a translator what you need is a translation skill, it is enough to make you shine. 

On the other hand, you certainly need to be trained and specialized in your language. In addition, computer skills surely make you irresistible.

With time, you can also learn more languages to give your career a good start. 

Let’s have a look at the sites that can help you out,

You can also enroll in the Translation Career Course to learn the basics of translation.

7. Hair Stylist

Hair Stylist job for 40 year old
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You might get some grey hair but definitely, you can paint them, right? 

That gives me an idea, to be a hairstylist if you are crazy about your hair looks still at this age. Then, you can be a hairstylist but for that, you should have a cosmetology license. 

Don’t worry, if you don’t get into college because you don’t need a degree to be a cosmetologist. Hence, this is one of the best jobs for 40-year-old woman with no degree.

But a high school diploma and GED that’s all most of the training programs need. 

Of course, you can not please your customers with a harsh tone, can you? 

Let’s talk about the skills you need, teamwork, friendly manner, communication skills, cleanliness, be ready to learn new things, and more.

8. Social worker 

If you have this sympathy towards the needy person at the same time you want to earn money, then what are you waiting for? Everyone is waiting for your help! 

Being a social worker you can professionally help families, groups, and individuals under academic discipline and practice. 

You have to assist the person who has been gone through domestic abuse, neglect, violence, mental health issues, and parental abuse. 

I’m mentioning some of the most paid social working jobs, mental health counselors, marriage and family counselors, school social workers, child and family therapists, and more. 

You can visit SocialWorkers.org for more info.

9. Life counselor

As its name implies, you have to help your clients to achieve their goals and to choose the right path. Basically, a life counselor focuses on the past experiences of the people to find the result of their emotional concerns. 

To obtain the license you need to have a master’s degree, however, it varies from state to state. 

You might have experience and knowledge but if you start providing life counseling services without a license then you are answerable for that. 

Being a life counselor some of the qualities that you should have are good communication skills, acceptance, problem-solving skills, empathy, and so on. 

10. Online tutor

Online tutor job for 45 year old woman USA
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If you are good at some subjects you can start your own online tutorial YouTube channel or list it on Udemy or something. This is how you can earn money with every view, of course, there are some terms and conditions. 

But trust me, this is the best job after 40/45 years of age in the US. You don’t need any space but sit at your home and teach. 

With teaching, you can also teach dance, food making, creative things, yoga, knitting, and more.

Online tutors are in huge demand because it is cost-efficient, especially for college students and people who don’t have money to learn many things. Or, you should check this if you hate teaching.

11. Clergy 

Are you into religion? Do you want to serve God? 

If yes, then this is the right job for you.

The clergy is the person who gives moral, spiritual, and personal guidance to the people of a religion. Furthermore, clergy also help people who are going through hardship and illness. 

A clergy has to do some particular congregations and also to take care of it later on. 

12. Childminder

Who doesn’t love babies?

Everyone right? What if you can find a job that is perfect for you because you are not only being paid for this but you get a chance to take care of a baby?

You would love it, don’t you? 

I bet you, this is a perfect job after 40 years of age in the USA. Even it is one of the best jobs for 45-year-old woman.

Before that, you have to register yourself for the early years register and childcare register. Earlier for a young baby to the end of the reception year in school and later for cider of 5-7 years.

As the process goes on, obtain a pediatric first-aid certificate.

As a childminder, you have to feed the baby, encourage the baby to engage in inspirational activities, change nappies, and more. 

13. Artist and illustrator jobs

Artist job for 40 year old with no experience
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Hey! Want to express your thoughts through your art? 

Let’s make people drop their jaw with your skills. If you believe that it is too late, you are wrong. 

Show your skills, make portfolios, be active on social media, try to get projects, and contact people. You can make the most of it by showing them how worthy you are. 

You can make use of innovation, simply use a computer or laptop. 

As video and pictures are famous and trending content, let’s make use of it, and learn to make professional videos, animation, picture editing, etc. 

Got all the skills?

Time to join sites like Upwork, Fiverr, even create your website and more. It is really a good job for a middle-aged woman with no experience

Also, to get started you can enroll in a Watercolor Painting For Beginners class yourself. This way you can learn the basics of teaching art and illustration online.

14. Restaurants or food point

With some investment and expertise, you can open your own restaurant.

It seems easy to you really have to stand out from the crowd because there are many restaurants there. 

This is definitely the best career to start at 40 for women with no qualifications. You can start with the opening of a small food point near the colleges, schools, offices, or any convenient location.

There you get a lot of people who crave healthily and home food, especially students and people who live in the hostel or alone. A perfect job right?

15. Food delivery service

Here, I got one more job for 40 years old with no qualifications. 

Let’s make food for the people who are too busy to make it or those who don’t have anyone to make it. 

Before that, you have to make them aware of that, hey! You will get healthy and homemade food here. For that, you can use social media to promote your delivery service.

Take orders and deliver food! 

16. Open a shop

Open a shop
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You can open a small shop that would help you to make some money. 

It can be a stationary shop, a grocery shop, and more.

Before that, you have to make some investment that depends on the size of your business and the money you have or borrow. 

Don’t forget to obtain the license.

17. United States Civil Service Exams

If you are looking for a government job, then this is the best government job for 40 years old but you have to pass an exam. 

Although it could be a tough job. If you are really dedicated to it, then go for it.

Educational qualification depends, on which post you are applying for.

If you find yourself eligible, go for this! No doubt there are other government jobs too.

18. Professor 

Initially, you can work as a lecturer with a Master’s degree in a concerned subject and academic record of the career. Later, to be an assistant professor, you need to clear the National Eligibility Test or coequal to the UGC or CSIR, or equivalent, alternatively, Ph.D.

Additionally, you also need 6-8 years of experience and should publish high-quality research journals, books, and papers with proper evidence.

To be a professor, you should have a Ph.D.

With that, a minimum of 12-14 years of experience in teaching or research is also required. Later, high-quality published work as books, policy papers, and research with the evidence.

Hence, if you have all these things, you are ready to be a professor.  

19. Territorial army

Basically, it is the second line of the army before the regular army. If you want to serve the nation, then this is the perfect government job for 40 years old.

The age required for this job varies. You can check this on the official website of the USA Gov.

Additionally, if you are eligible, it’s time to serve the nation, ready to fulfill your dream? 

20. Real estate agent

Real estate agent job for 45 year old women
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The real estate agent is a professional who helps both the parties, buyer and seller to get the home and money, respectively.

In return, you will receive the commission. 

A real estate agent assists the person in buying, selling, and renting properties. To add, it provides advice and guidance to the buyers and sellers.

At last, to obtain a real estate license you just need a high school diploma. While it can depend on the state, some states need it, some do not. 

21. Administrative Assistant

Your role is to manage and distribute information throughout the organization.  Generally, it includes sending and receiving emails, maintaining files, etc.

As a qualification, you just need a high school diploma in subjects like business and technology. These are enough for entry-level administrative assistants. 

While most companies prefer candidates with at least a college degree.

22. Public Assistant 

If you are ill and because of some other reason, you can avail the benefits of a public assistant. 

It is basically the financial assistance or other help that elders, a person with a disability, family with low-income. 

For any help, you can visit benefit.gov to check whether you are eligible for help or not by answering the questions asked. 

It is not just financial aid you can also get the help of food, housing, utilities, and more.

23. Learn New Skills

Yes, this is right. You know that there are several best careers for women over 40 in the USA. So, you can learn new skills in whatever your interest is and start a career in that field. Join any coaching classes, or take online classes to acquire knowledge and based on knowledge, start earning.

At 40, life is not ended yet. This is the time to do something and give a boost to your life.

Let me suggest to you some of the best online professional courses at the age of 40 that you can enroll in and start a career for yourself:

  1. Udemy Course Creation for Passive Income
  2. Ultimate Google Ads Training 2020: Profit with Pay Per Click
  3. Ultimate Microsoft Office; Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Access

Note: The age limit, and education qualification might vary with different exams as compared to mentioned above. Check the official website wherever required in all the above 23 jobs.


To sum up, it is time to be independent!

I have included all the jobs that I find useful for you and definitely by taking your age into account. 

Don’t offend, I genuinely believe that you can still rock the world, all you need is strength. 

“I don’t think of you as a coworker because you never do any” if you are tired of being at home taking care of your husband and family. 

It is never too late to start! You just need to fulfill the criteria. 

If you are right there, then Congratulations! Your accomplishments are an inspiration, to someone else of your age. 

Which among these jobs for over 40-Year-Old Women in the US are you going to give the try? Let me know in the comments below.

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