30+ Best Jobs For Moms with Babies (USA)

Having a baby does put a BIG STOP to your career, doesn’t it?

Are thinking “I need a job where I can take my child.”

Hectic, isn’t it?

No problem, we have come up with the best jobs for moms with babies to make their life easy.

We know, most of you must be wondering, won’t being working divert your attention to the job, rather than your baby?  

No, it does not have to be this way and if you think it would be, all you would need is appropriate time management. Although, if you are still worried about your baby’s safety, you can hire a babysitter or ask a nanny, and what could be better than letting the baby’s grandparents/ uncle and aunt take care of him. 

So, here is one problem solved. Now comes one of the biggest problems of all time – what are the best jobs for moms with babies?

And surprisingly, we have the simple, yet perfect answer. 

So, we have come up with the best jobs for moms with babies.

32 Best Jobs For Moms With Babies

1. Creator (one of the best work from home jobs for moms with babies)

Creator (one of the best work from home jobs for moms with babies)
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We must say, it’s not for everyone but hey! If something excites you and you can find perfect words/ skills to get it done – why not be a creator.

Why is creator #1 choice?

One of the reasons for choosing a creator – is for the mommies who are not sure of leaving their baby at home. So, here, we have got an opportunity for mommies to work at home by being Instagram/Youtube influencers. 

We have seen so many moms doing it, that too with their baby – all you need is a little creativity.

Here are some content ideas to start a YouTube channel with.

Well, if we have to give a real-life example then, you PewDiePie (111M Subscriber). 

2. Teacher

Best Jobs For Moms!! 

Here is one of the best jobs after having a baby, teaching is always considered the best career for a woman considering its timing. 

However, we would never agree to choose a career due to its timing, but a career must be chosen on what makes you happy or what’s your goal, most importantly, what you want to be. 

So, if you love teaching, you can simply become a teacher, however, most of the schools would need a proper qualification, so, make sure you have that.

3. Work in a Daycare

Work in a Daycare
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Not yet ready to leave your baby alone?

We have picked one of the best jobs for moms with babies – that’s working in a daycare center near you.

And the best thing you can do is take care of your baby while earning handsome money. we must say, this is one of the perfect jobs for new moms.

4. Graphic Designer

Are you the one who comes up with super creative ideas to make boring things mesmerizing?

Do you know how to reflect ideas in your head on a screen?

If you are nodding your head, right now, we have another one of the best jobs for moms with babies – that’s a graphic designer. Though, we have never believed that a particular gender can not do something, but we do believe that when it comes to creating something pleasant – women hold the edge

So, if you are one of those women who love to make things attractive, now is the time to earn money out of it. And trust us, a graphic designer earns a handsome amount of money, all you need is to find the perfect company.

Also, make sure you upload your portfolio on these websites that businesses use to hire freelance graphics designers.

5. Become Online Seller on Amazon/Flipkart

Have good communication skills? 

Why not be an online seller on reputed brands like Amazon or Flipkart or any other that you can easily access. Well, if you need any ideas regarding what you can sell here we have got some ideas for you – spices, handmade things (toys, cups), etc.

One of our friends is doing this and she claims that it is one of the best work-from-home jobs for moms with babies one could ever do, just because it gives her the opportunity to work from home whenever required. 

Though, we would say, if you are working in a sales department, you should discuss the leave/ work from home criteria first to avoid further chaos.

7. Home Take Carer

Home Take Carer jobs for moms with babies
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For years women have been termed as “housewives” or “homemakers”. 

Why not use this so-called tag to earn some money. And we would say, home taking care is one of the best jobs for moms with babies because you don’t have to spend your entire day working but a few hours.

One of the perfect work-from-home jobs for moms with babies!!

And ta-da!

You can get back to your baby. Moreover, to be a home take care you don’t have to spend long hours in the metro traveling to the location but you can work nearby.

One such fine example is my maid – Martha. She’s been working here for a long time and we can see how perfectly she manages to take care of my home and her home/ kids. Though sometimes she needs to bring her kids here, but we won’t mind that because if we won’t support each other then who will.

8. Home Tuition or Virtual Tutor

Home Tuition or Virtual Tutor - best job for moms with babies
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Don’t wanna go out but have enough skills to teach kids? 

Why not start home tuition – it could be singing, dancing, and educational subjects, and if not these you can even teach stitching or making handmade things to other mothers who are willing to learn.

One of the reasons for including this here is that you don’t have to leave your home so that you can give proper attention to them. You can even start online tuition at home just by signing up to some websites.

Moreover, a virtual tutor does not have to restrict their knowledge to teaching academic subjects, you can also teach dancing, making handmade things, and more.

9. Telecaller (part-time jobs you can do with a baby)

Know how to make someone buy a product or service?

Have enough communication skills to influence someone?

If yes, telecaller is the best job for you, moreover, you can start from scratch without any prior experience because all you need is to show your communication skills. And the factor which makes it the finest job for new moms is that if needed you can work from home.

10. Tiffin Service (one of the #1 jobs for new moms who can’t afford babysitter)

Make food and deliver it to the hotels, offices, and any other places you could. We mean, who wouldn’t want to eat finger-licking food – everyone does right?

One of the best jobs for new moms who can’t afford a babysitter as you don’t have to leave your home.

However, it would need a little more effort like contacting the hostels, hotels, PGs, etc to serve your food, then comes buying veggies, cereals, and more. But let’s not ignore that if it is successful you can start your own business.

11. Tailor/Boutique 

Stitching – a perfect and seamless way to earn money all you need is to open a tailor or boutique shop. And trust us any woman can do it – we all see at least 5-6 tailors or boutiques in an area, why not become one.

And to have to do it is to come up with a perfect scheme or idea to meet the competitive edge such as discounts coupons, stitching one dress free, and more.

And if we have to give an example, then our tailor seems to take care of her kids/ home and her work, without complaining because she’s her own boss and works as and when required, that too without delaying the delivery of clothes.

Why don’t we call it one of the best jobs for new moms who can’t afford babysitters? What do you think?

Moreover, you can also check this guide to start your own boutique.

12. Knitting (perfect for winters)

Need to start something immediately? 

Why not use your knitting skills to earn some money. We know in an era where everything is available on shops or online platforms but hey, it does not undermine the quality of home knitted sweaters we wear.

So, rather than just making sweaters for your baby only, give your skills a chance to earn money.

And you know what, who inspired us to include this job here?

An old aunty in my colony, she literally made and sold a bunch of sweaters and earned a handsome amount. So, if she can do this, why can not you?

You can also check more future business ideas which are unique and women can also start.

13. Dog Breeding

Dog breeding is one of the most famous business ideas. We have seen in my neighbor also, they are earning in lakhs with this side business.

The only downside of this side job is to be extra careful. And it would be difficult for you to manage everything on your own. So you may have to get a number of people who can take the dogs on the walk. 

A dog doctor should join breeding groups and make the connection where you can sell the dogs. Nowadays people love dogs to spend time with. And here you can find this to be a good opportunity at home

14. Book/Poem writing

Book or Poem writing
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Do you love writing poems, books, or stories?

What could be better than a writing job as you really don’t have to go anywhere. Start from your home!

Also, don’t lose the opportunity of listing your books on Amazon. And you can go one step further. For example, you can make Instagram Reel videos from your poem and publish them. Reels are really a good way to get more reach in a short span of time.

Apart from that, if you are a good poet, you can enter into different competitions and earn a handsome amount.

So, do your best and get that reward mommies!! 

15. A Grocery Store

If you live in an area where people have to travel miles away to get the grocery things then this could be the best job for moms with babies.

Also don’t just invest your money in all the grocery things. Start it with a few items then scale it depending on the buyers or your locality needs.

16. Parlor

If you know the basic things like threading, light makeup, etc, you can start this job at your home and later scale it. Tell your neighbors that you started a new job at home.

Apart from this, you can focus on providing one single service like threading and any other thing which you are best at.

17. Cosmetic Store

Just like a grocery store, you can also open a cosmetic store. Again the same thing, don’t just invest all your money here. Buy the products which are in demand in your area. Then scale it later.

You can even sell things like women’s innerwear, makeup things, dresses, etc.

18. Stationary Shop/Bookkeeping Store (part-time jobs you can do with a baby)

Stationary Shop/Bookkeeping Store (part-time jobs you can do with a baby)
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It’s a good idea to start selling books and other stationery things. But don’t keep it on the priority list. Check if you have any schools or colleges nearby. If not, then we would say, don’t open and invest your money in this business.

Similarly, you could also expand this as a photocopy shop. Again, you have to check whether there is an actual need in your area or not. 

If you need a real-life example then, there was an old uncle who used to provide services right in front of my college, and trust us, he earns handsomely. And the services he offered were photocopy, bookselling, and selling stationery items.

19. Gift Shop

Just like the cosmetic, or grocery store, this business you can also start. To take it to the next level, you can even sell things which are hand-made by your or someone in your family. 

And to take it to a further level, you can even sell things as an online seller. We know every time we are focusing too much on online things. Because it’s the internet era, we have all the possibility to expand our reach and do the promotion that too FREE OF COST.

Why not utilize these free resources?

20. Paintings

Paintings could be the favorite part of most of the women.

Then what are you waiting for? Get your hands in the field of paintings. And yes, don’t forget to sell your paintings online.

22. Babysitter 

Trust us, this is one of the toughest jobs. We mean taking care of a child when their parents are out. You have to deal with it in a very caring way.

You can list yourself on babysitter service websites such as care.com, UrbanSitter, and more.

23. Baking 

Baking jobs for moms with babies
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Do you love making cakes, pastries, patties, etc?

Why not try this job at home? 

We have personally seen this business in my area where an aunt is making handmade personalized cakes. 

When you make something personalized, people tend to be attracted to that. Personalization could be – writing their names or using their photo on the cake, or making something out of the candles, serving pastry in your own style, writing their name on the disposable plates in a fun way just like Starbucks do.

24. Transcribe

A transcriber is a person who listens to the speech or data and writes and prints it. Many law firms and other firms hire transcribers to maintain the written record. 

Although, several people are engaged in this field, thus, you want to maintain supremacy. 

Pro tip – You can also take your skill online at platforms like Fiverr to earn handsome money.

25. Dog walking

Dog walking jobs for moms with babies
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As we have mentioned dog breeding, but if you want, you can be part of something simple, that has something to do with dogs, that’s dog walking. All you need is to get in touch with some people, or should we say, some busy people who don’t have time to walk their dog.

Pro tip – You can create a website and hire more employees to take your business to the next level.

26. Virtual Assistance or Administrative Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who takes care of responding to emails, taking calls, and more from home. This could be one of the exemplary jobs for you, considering that you don’t have to visit the office regularly as you can work right from your home.

Although, if you need office experience, you can work as an administrative assistant, with the potentially same responsibilities. If you would ask us, we would say, administrative assistant for a real-time experience.

27. Freelance

Freelancing is one of the flourishing fields, be it content writing, data analytics, marketing, building websites or apps – you can earn hundreds and thousands for the skill you possess.

28. Proofread or editing

Want to just sit at home or in your cubicle just reading and editing articles or blogs?

Here, you can be a proofreader or editor – although, if you would know the difference between these, just hit the button and know how different these are.

29. Translator 

Know another language than English? 

You can be a translator, and you know what, you can easily find a translator job, considering that there are several opportunities lying as many companies are trying to enter the international market and what could be better than working close under the coordination of global leaders.

30. Influencer 

Hey girl! Download that Instagram and live like a celebrity.

Trust us, Instagram or other social media influencers are earning millions just by showing their skills and expertise on social media platforms. What don’t you get this opportunity to showcase your skills, probably could be dancing or using humor to create say reel?

31. Blogging

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As we have been telling you, blogging is one of the flourishing careers, considering that you are able to read our thoughts right from your place without stepping a foot out, and of course, we can also read your thoughts no matter from which country you are.

Let’s do some research and be a world-famous blogger.

32. Social media manager

Is it good to stick to the schedule? 

If yes, why don’t we try being a social media manager?

Social is technically reaching out to the world with click access and of course with a little bit of strategy. 


So, mommies, it’s time to work and be independent. 

We believe that there is no age to start something new. And once you feel like you have enough time to focus on other things or if you need to work due to financial issues at your home you can pick any business which fits your needs and requirements. 

However, we would like to say, start with something small rather than trying to build something big, and once you feel like your business is growing give it a big push. This will keep you on a safer side than spending tons of money.

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