21 Best Jobs for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (USA)

21 Best Jobs for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (USA)

Hey, are you someone who is a gifted child of the almighty? Are you someone who has a different ability to read, write, and understand things as compared to others? Are you worried about your future and want to find a decent job? Then don’t worry anymore. 

Here, I am present as your best friend ever. I will suggest to you the best jobs for individuals with intellectual disabilities, job placement for adults with learning disabilities, and so on after doing thorough research. All the jobs given below in the article are best suited to your giftedness. 

Before moving forward, I want to let you know some important things. Intellectually disabled doesn’t mean working disabled. There are a lot of examples in this world of intellectually disabled persons who are doing great in their life. They are aspiring to other disabled persons and setting an example for the world. 

So, why are you behind the curtain? Let’s move forward with us, learn with us, and hence grow with us. 

Latest Statistics about the Mentally disabled person in the U.S.

Before taking a look at the statistics let us know who is called mentally disabled or intellectually disabled.

How Will I Know I Am Intellectually Disabled?

The term Intellectual disability was formerly referred to as Mental Retardation. But now in the modern era, it is named Intellectual Disability or Cognitive Disability. If someone satisfies the below criteria as given by EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) then they fall into this category. 

According to the EEOC, a person has an intellectual disability if they satisfy all three of the following requirements:

  1. Their IQ measures below the range of 70-75 points i.e. below average.
  2. The fundamental conceptual, social, and practical skills which are required for day-to-day life are severely limited in such people.
  3. Their illness started before they turned 18.

The latest data collected by the CDCP (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) shows the data of disabled adults in the US as mentioned below. 

  • 26% (1 out of 4) of the adults in the United States have some type of disability. 
  • In numbers, 61 million adults in the US are affected by a type of disability.
  • 10.8% of people in the US are affected with Mental Cognitive or intellectual disability. 
  • 13.7% of people are affected by Motor disability, 6.8% with Independent Living Disability, 5.9% with hearing disability, 4.6% with Vision disability, and the rest of 3.7% are affected by self-care disability. 

The data shared above can be seen in graphical form as shown under.

Latest Statistics about the Mentally disabled person in the U.S.
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source @cdc.gov

The purpose of showing the above data is to convey a message to you that you are not the only individual who has a disability. There are a lot of people near you who have the same issue, even the major issue, as compared to you. 

Once Albert Einstein said that “I have no special talent, I’m only passionately curious.” So, don’t lose hope and continue doing hard and smart work with full passion and curiosity.

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Best jobs for developmentally disabled adults

Developmental disabilities usually appear in children and adolescents before the age of 22 and are likely to remain throughout their lifetime, as stated by the Administration for Community Living of the U.S. government.

Physical disability, mental disability, or both types of disabilities can affect development. i.e. Developmental disability can affect both mental and physical growth. Jobs that don’t require self-direction are among the best jobs for individuals with intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities. 

You will find the list of such jobs in the below section of the article, so scroll down the page and kindly keep moving with us. 

21 best jobs for individuals with intellectual disabilities

Of course, not everyone has the same intellectual disability. So it is also kept in mind that the jobs mentioned below are suggested for people with different intellectual disabilities. 

Therefore, find out your mental specialization and likely choose the required best-suited jobs for you. Here we are giving you the information about the 21 best jobs for individuals with intellectual disabilities. 

Job opportunities in Computer Science

People who are affected by Asperger’s syndrome can work in the technology industry. Some Asperger’s are excellent at their IT jobs. Such types of IT jobs have been listed below along with the salary. 

1. Computer Scientist

Computer Scientist - best jobs for individuals with intellectual disabilities
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 Expected Salary: $109,000

As a computer scientist, you have to use technology to solve issues and plan for the future. To create applications, they also write as well as program software. 

However, their main objective is to validate and create models for user-computer or software-device interaction. If you are good and trained enough for such work then you can expect a wonderful amount which is near about  $109,000. 

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2. SQL Developer

Expected Salary: $81,700

Database systems, which are used to store and access information related to business, are designed by a SQL developer. They are in charge of producing, updating, and erasing data as needed for a specific application.

So, if you think you are good enough to perform such tasks and have good training about it. Then you can go for such a tremendous job. You can expect a decent salary of $81,700

3. Web Developer

Expected Salary: $88,400

Building websites is a web developer’s responsibility. Many web developers are also in charge of the website’s capacity and performance, though their primary responsibility is to make sure the site is visually attractive and simple to navigate.

So, if you are interested then you can become a web developer and can expect a decent amount of $88,400.

4. Software Engineer

Software Engineer
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Expected Salary- $104,400

Software engineers concentrate on using engineering principles in software development. Through the use of software programming languages, they analyze and modify existing software as well as design, build, and test end-user applications that satisfy user needs.

If you can and interested as well to become a software engineer. Then you can expect a decent amount of salary which is near about $104,400. 

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5. Computer Programmer

Expected salary- $64,700

Computer programmers create and test the code necessary for computer programs and applications to run. They might convert the designs of engineers and software developers into usable code. 

They might also improve or add to the code of already-existing programs, or test programs for errors, identifying and fixing problematic code lines.

As a computer programmer, you can expect a salary of $64,700

Jobs as an Artist

An intelligent person needs not to be creative and a creative person needs not to be intelligent. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a slow learner or intellectually disabled. 

If you think you are a creative person then you can go with the following artistic jobs. 

6. Artist: 

Expected Salary: $40,500

You can work as a ghost artist and can earn well. The average salary offered by the different companies for artistic jobs is about $40,500. However, the salary depends on the experience and work level of your artisticness. 

7. Photographer: 

photographer - best jobs for individuals with intellectual disabilities
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Expected Salary: $32,000

The job of a photographer is assumed to be more creative and fascinating nowadays. If you have an interest in photography or have a relevant skill then go for it. The average amount of income of a photographer is about $32,000. 

Jobs in Office and Manufacturing Fields

People with different types of intellectual or mental disabilities can also find jobs in manufacturing and office fields, as mentioned below:

8. Accountant

Expected Salary- $63,175

Accounting provides competitive pay for work that can undoubtedly be done by educated and qualified people with cognitive disabilities, making it another excellent fit for the mathematically inclined. 

As a report, financial institutions are among the top employers of disabled people in the country, and the median pay for accountants is currently $63,175.

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9. Associate in Manufacturing

Expected Salary- $12.76 per hour

A mutually advantageous career match-up as a manufacturing associate can result from a certain mental disabilities’ comfort with routine and repetition.

On an assembly line, these people construct goods, and the routine of the job allows them to improve their abilities over time. PayScale estimates that the average hourly wage for manufacturing employees is $12.76.

10. Office Assistant

Office assistant - job placement for adults with learning disabilities
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Expected Salary- $26,600

You can expect an adequate amount of salary if you can do simple work like as discussed below: 

  • managing administrative tasks like sorting and sending mail.
  • Keeping track of the office supply inventory and placing new material orders as necessary
  • Welcoming guests into your workplace.
  • Receiving and sending messages.
  • Make sure the office functions properly.

List of Jobs in other Random Fields

The table shown below has the list of other jobs in random fields. These jobs are also well suited to the people searching for the best jobs for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The list of such required 11 jobs is given below along with the average median salary. 

Job Role Expected Salary
Data Entry$31,153
Office Clerk $22,500
Web Designer$56,143
Fitness Centre Assistant$18,900
Farm Worker$26,000
Parking Attendant $30,660
Sales Associate $26,000
Assembler $30,080

Where can I find government jobs for disabled adults?

As per the ADA National Network, People who are mentally challenged include those who have intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), depression, and many other conditions. 

If a person with a mental disability is qualified for a job, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against them. However, some jobs might be more suitable for people with mental disabilities than others.

So, If you are looking to have a job in the government sector then it is highly recommended to visit the official site of the US government. All the news related to education and employment for adults with intellectual disabilities is posted on this official site

Government jobs for people with mental disabilities, job placement for adults with learning disabilities, and other types of disabilities are frequently posted on the site. 

All the news regarding Benefits and services, Financial Assistance, and Government and Local Disability programs are posted there. So, it is preferable to visit the site frequently if you are willing to have a government job. Or, you can follow our site www.9to5job.us to get more and the latest updates regularly. 


A beautiful quote, quoted by an unknown- “It’s acceptable to feel unsure. Dissociation is acceptable. Hiding from the world is acceptable. Having help is acceptable. Not being okay is acceptable. Your mental illness is not a reflection on your character”.

So, don’t get discouraged by your disability. Treat it as a divine gift, work on it, and explore more and more. 

The above-mentioned 21 best jobs for individuals with intellectual disabilities are just a few available jobs only. Always stay with us, we will let you know the upcoming job opportunities. 

If you have any queries regarding the above-mentioned job posts then do let us know. We would love help to help you 24*7.

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