16 Best Work From Home Jobs for Senior Citizens (USA)

Imagine, sitting on a sofa, with comfortable back support, placing your laptop on your thighs, and working.

No need to worry about traveling to your destination.

At a young age, you might be happy to travel to the destination of the job, probably interacting with people, although this enthusiasm reduces as you turn old.

Another reason for searching for, “Work from home jobs for senior citizens,” is because you want to work while resting on your sofa or probably bed. Keeping your health and convenience in mind, we have come up with this “easy work from home job for seniors.”

Let’s have a look at these work-from-home jobs for seniors over 60 or for senior citizens.

16 Best Work From Home Jobs For Senior Citizens

1. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative job for senior citizen from home
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Being a customer service representative is one of the best work-from-home jobs for senior citizens considering that, you can do it from home while not taking much mental stress.

Some of the responsibilities might include –

  • Attending calls
  • Responding to emails.
  • Providing details of product or service.
  • Taking orders.
  • Process returns and more.

We believe these are some basic things, which might be seamless for senior citizens to take care of without mentally or physically exerting themselves. Although you are talking about one of the best work-from-home jobs for senior citizens, you might have to attend online meetings for proper follow-ups.

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2. Tutor

Do you think you can impart the knowledge you have?

It could be dancing, singing, and knowledge of subjects concerned – you simply take tuition classes – online or offline. There are hundreds of teachers who have been working online by creating a channel on Youtube, and if you don’t want to do so much effort, you can always join online education providing companies or firms to work for them like Byju’s.

If you don’t like teaching, then keep on reading…

3. Virtual Assistance

Being a virtual assistant, you will be responsible for –

  • Email management
  • Answering phone calls
  • Managing the company’s database
  • Making arrangements for travel
  • Handing social media and more

And all it needs to work from home, as you can see, these activities include simple tasks that do not put any exertion on your mental and physical health.

We must agree, that it is one of the “work from home jobs for seniors over 60,” or should we call it, “easy work from home jobs for seniors.”

4. Writer or Editor

Writer - Best Work From Home Jobs for Senior Citizens (USA)
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Do you live in the world of fantasy or do you think you possess the experience to edit articles or books?

If yes, then you can definitely include it in your list of, “easy work from home jobs for seniors.”

Being a writer or editor might seem to be a perfect job for someone who wants to stay home and is perfect for those who can write, and who have beautiful imaginations.

However, we might warn you, that sometimes writing sometimes demands so much time and effort, which could put a little bit of mental pressure on you.

5. YouTuber

Here we are again to one more best work from jobs for senior citizens – a Youtuber

Like being a tutor in real-time and inviting students to your place, you can start a Youtube Channel of your own and certainly earn millions. And trust us, depending on our research, to be a Youtuber all you need is to be creative or must have knowledge of what you know or want to teach.

And that’s all!

You are all set to get on board with, “work from home jobs for seniors over 60.”

6. Transcriptionist

Listen and convert – that’s all you need to do.

Yes, these two words perfectly describe the job of a transcriber and you can definitely work from home as mostly transcribed documents are digital.

7. Dietician

Dietician work from job for seniors
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Do you have previous experience working as a dietician?

If yes, then even after being a retired person, you can join a hospital or firm that provides online consultation to their clients.

So be it, gather all the documents to prove your experience, and there you are ready to work.

8. Graphic Designing

A creative way to showcase your imaginationis graphic designing.

Many firms or startups, graphics or creatives play an important role to reflect their brand value, just like that, you can reach out to potential firms or companies and work as a graphic designer.

Trust me, it is certainly one of the best work-from-home jobs for senior citizens. Though there might be a case, you have to reflect on your experience or skills.

9. Freelancer

Be it graphic designing, content writing, website building, coding, decoding, writer, painter, musician, dancer, teacher, voice artist, cartoonist, legal advisor and any other skills you have, you can work as a freelancer.

And the secret is, you can simply work as a Freelancer by signing up on websites like Fiverr. Although you might have to meet the deadlines of your clients, which sometimes could be hectic for you, on the positive side, you don’t have to work under anyone and can work on your own time.

9. Bookkeeping

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Have experience working as a bookkeeper?


Why don’t we work as a bookkeeper?

If numbers are your life and you want to live with them forever, you can work as a bookkeeper by handling people’s accounts.

10. Career Coach

A person who has worked throughout his life, can’t just sit at home all by himself.

If you have a flourishing career, and still want to take it forward, why don’t you work as a career coach? Career coaches simply have to guide people to choose the right career path depending on a person’s skill set.

With that, a career coach also helps students with their extensive knowledge of careers and professional opportunities, while covering different ranges of issues depending on various factors.

So, ready to include a career coach in your list of one of the best work-from-home jobs for senior citizens.

11. Consultant

Similar to a career coach, being a consultant you have to advise people regarding concerned subjects or your knowledge.

It could be Strategy Consultant, Management Consultant, Operations Consultant, Digital marketing consultant, IT consultant, etc.

12. Data Entry Specialist

Being a data entry specialist, you would be responsible for the digitization of data for storage purposes. As a data entry specialist, you will work under the administrative department and your job role will include –

  • Collecting data from clients
  • Maintaining an organized filing system
  • Reviewing data for completeness and accuracy and more

There you go, although it might require maintaining the proper coordination with clients or administrative departments of a firm or company. Thus, to work from home, you might need to check whether the work from home policy is applicable or not considering that it is critical work.

13. HR

HR - work from home jobs for seniors over 60
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Working as an HR – you would be responsible for taking care of each aspect of the employment process, which also includes orientation and training of new staff members.

Being an HR, you might not necessarily have to be available at the location of the office, however, companies’ policies could differ.

14. Marketing Coordinator

The marketing coordinator is primarily responsible for the creation and implementation of marketing strategies and campaigns, including conducting customer surveys, studying competitors’ performances, and analyzing data.

It could certainly be one of the best work-from-home jobs for senior citizens since it includes online work and you can do it at home, right?

Although, we believe it could be a little pressurizing for you considering that it includes focusing on different aspects altogether.

15. Resume Writer

In your days, you must have hired or fired people, could be hiring your secretary or an intern?

Then it implies that you just have seen millions of resumes, right?

Perfect! This is one of the easy work-from-home jobs for seniors as you can join a firm or company that creates or writes resumes. If not, you can start your own website reflecting your experience and how you are perfect for this job.

16. IT Specialist

Have the knowledge to maintain the efficiency of a system?


You can work as an IT specialist, and all you would have to do is to ensure that a system works perfectly and efficiently. With that, you will also be responsible for monitoring the security of the system and must comply with the compliance requirements of the company.

Of course, it also includes other technical support.

So, there you go with our list of best work-from-home jobs for senior citizens.


Found your best work-from-home jobs for senior citizens?

We hope you did because these are some handpicked jobs which we have chosen keeping all your concerns in mind. Be it your health, mental pressure you could take, and other important factors. 

Although, we might want to warn you that, whether you can work from home or not, it depends on the policies of the company, thus it could be better if you discuss all your concerns with the concerned person – to avoid any issue further.

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