15 Best Part Time Jobs for 15 Year Olds with No Experience (USA)!

If you’re wondering, ‘what are good first jobs for 15 year olds?’, then stop thinking anymore. Because we’ve got you covered. In today’s article we are going to focus on the best part time jobs for 15 year olds with no experience.

Also, we might have something special for this blog, if you are looking for work in the bay area!

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But, before we get there, first let’s understand if you are legally allowed to work or not.

How much work are 14- and 15-year-olds allowed to do?

Depending on where you reside, laws and restrictions on the type of employment you can do and the number of hours you can work per week may apply. For example, in the United States, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) places the following restrictions on 14 and 15-year-olds:

  • No work allowed at jobs which are considered hazardous, such as mining, logging, any job requiring working with explosives or power saws, ladder work, and warehousing.
  • Only up to 3 hours of work allowed per school day and up to 8 hours on a non-school day.
  • Total work allowed only up to 18 hours total in a school week.
  • Working hours allowed between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Why You Should Start Working at a Young Age?

There are many valid justifications to begin working at a young age. Let’s list some of them here.

  • Better understanding of personal responsibility
  • Future Benefits
  • Career Longevity
  • Working Helps Your Chances When Applying to College

What are Good First Jobs for 15 Year Olds?

Wondering what are the best part time jobs for 15 year olds with no experience are? Here’s our list of the best options that you must try your hand at!

1. Barista

 Good First Jobs for 15 Year Olds
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One of the best good first jobs for 15 year olds is that of a barista. Coffee Houses hire baristas to prepare and serve beverages (tea, coffee, etc.), help customers with the menu, answer their queries, clean and sanitize work areas, customer areas, and equipment. 

But the job is not limited to service and cleaning. Some managers or owners may ask you to chip in and check customers out using cash registers.

Average salary: $12 per hour

2. Tutor

Another one of the good first jobs for 15 year olds is that of a tutor. A tutor’s responsibility includes helping students improve learning outside of the traditional classroom. 

You will have to spend one-on-one time with students who need extra attention in their academics. Typically, tutors focus on working with a specific subject. If you have a great command over any particular subject, say you’re great at maths, you can offer to help your fellow students with tutoring.

Average salary: 24 per hour

3. Dog walker

Dog walker job for 15 year old
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One of the most interesting part time jobs for 15 year olds with no experience is Dog walker or pet sitter if they love animals. It is absolutely up to you whether you want to take one dog out at a time for walks or multiple dogs on each outing.

The walk durations generally depend on the client’s instructions. You can work independently or as a business representative.

Also, this would be a significant part time job for you if you happen to suffer from social anxiety

Average salary: 16 per hour

4. Cashier

You might be interested to work as a cashier to make some extra money. It will also help you learn a lot of skills. 

You can work at retail stores, grocery stores, fast-food places, cafes, etc. Your job will be to receive cash, card, or check payments, draw receipts and refunds, count cash and keep the cash drawer balanced.

Average salary: $11.5 per hour

5. Grocery bagger

Grocery bagger job for 15 year old
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Grocery bagger is next on our list of the best part time jobs for 15 year olds with no experience. 

This job is straightforward and pays reasonably well. All you have to do is assist customers by organizing their purchases into bags and helping them carry bags to their vehicles.

Average salary: $12 per hour

6. Remote tutor

If you want to work remotely then remote tutoring makes good first jobs for 15 year olds. The position is almost similar to that of an in-person tutor. The only difference is that you tutor online. 

You can look for such jobs on job post sites like Indeed or reach out to your friends and family or even give tuition to your juniors.

Average salary: $22 per hour

7. Virtual office assistant

Yet another one of the good first jobs for 15 year olds who wish to work remotely is virtual assistance. 

Your job responsibilities encircle completing administrative tasks like responding to emails, putting together virtual office activities, organizing spreadsheets, and more.

Average salary: $14 per hour

8. Ice cream scooper

Ice cream scooper
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One of the best part time jobs for 15 year olds with no experience is working at an ice cream shop. 

You will greet the customers, help them with the menu suggestions, answer simple questions, offer samples for taste, serve ice cream, and collect payments. Sometimes, you might also be asked to maintain the inventory. 

It will help you work on your communication skills and learn basic trading skills. 

Average salary: $12 per hour

9. Dishwasher

One of the most common part time jobs for 15 year olds with no experience is dishwashing. You can find a job very easily in a local cafe or restaurant. 

Dishwashers clean dishes and cookware and place clean dishes in the serving stations. Some restaurants may also ask you to perform table bussing duties.

Average salary: $11 per hour

10. Theater usher

Theater ushers walk theaters before, during, and after shows to make sure that the customers are following theater regulations and helping with customers’ questions and concerns.

They are tasked with the cleaning of auditoriums and lobbies.

Average salary: $10 per hour

Jobs for 15 Year Olds Bay Area | Jobs for 15 Year Olds San Francisco

There is a myriad of funky shops in LA and San Francisco. It is the home to fancy coffee houses, restaurants, beaches, sporting events, mountains, and theme parks.

You cannot imagine a place with more for teenagers to do than San Francisco. The date of California offers a little bit of everything along with a great climate.  

Most teenagers in the state work part time. The unemployment rates are as low as 2.6%.  There are humongous opportunities for work for teenagers. The Bay area is great for those who are interested in gaining work experience and earning money.

11. Camp counselor

Camp counselor
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With so many theme parks, sporting events, and campsites, a camp counselor is one of the best jobs for 15 year olds bay area.

Camp counselors are tasked with helping with games, sing-alongs, leading hikes, and other camp activities, and learn the basic counselor duties to help prepare them for a senior counselor position.

Average salary: $9 per hour

12. Caddy

Caddy is one of the jobs for 15 year olds in San Francisco as it has a lot of golf courses. There are 10 golf courses in SF and around 32 courses within a 20-mile area.

As a caddy, your job will be to assist players by carrying golf bags, cleaning golf balls, holding flags, raking sand bunkers, and more. You can contact golf courses and country clubs in your area to discuss any available openings.

Average salary: $14 per hour

13. Busser

The Bon Appétit magazine, in 2015, has named San Francisco “The Best Food City in the Country Right Now”.

Some of the restaurants were placed in the list of “The Hot 10: America’s Best New Restaurants.” So yeah, it won’t be an overstatement to say that you can very easily find a busser job in SF. And, it is thus, one of the easiest to find jobs for 15 year olds San Francisco.

As a busser, you will do the following tasks in restaurants:

  • Clear utensils and drinkware from tables
  • Wiping down eating surfaces
  • Refill beverages (non-alcoholic) for customers
  • Help carry food to tables

Average salary: $11 per hour

14. Host/hostess

As discussed earlier, San Fransico has great job opportunities in the HORECA industry. Thus, a hosting job follows next on the list of jobs for 15 year olds San Francisco.

The job responsibilities of a restaurant hostess/host involve:

  • Greeting customers
  • Leading patrons to open tables
  • Presenting menus
  • Guiding patrons through the menu specials
  • Balancing restaurant sections to prevent overloading servers

Average salary: $10 per hour

15. Lifeguard

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Are you looking for great jobs for 15 year olds bay area? If yes, then you should try out for the job of a lifeguard. 

Both public and private pools employ lifeguards to survey visitors, make sure that all the safety regulations are adhered to, providing immediate care or first aid in case of emergencies.

Average salary: $12 per hour


You’re at the highlights of your teens right now. Of course, you can choose to lie around all day or play video games, but I’ll suggest you get creative.

It’s time to take on a hobby. If someone from your community is ready to pay you for your skills, then grab the opportunity. For instance, arts and crafts, graphic designing, baking, coding, etc. are hobbies that can be easily converted into paid opportunities. 

You need to market your product, skills, or offerings to your local community and sell yourself. You can print out flyers or post your portfolio online. 

There are heaps of job opportunities available for 14- and 15-year-olds. It is up to you whether you want to work with the objective of growing your customer service skills or learn more about a particular industry. Remember work experience that you will gain as a teenager, will help you develop a skill set that prepares you for a successful future.

If you have any more queries regarding part time jobs for 15 year olds with no experience, feel free to hit us up. We are happy to help you!

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