10 Best Careers for Scorpio Woman

10 Best Jobs for Scorpio Woman | Best Careers for Scorpio Woman

Passion is the Career-Driver for Scorpios!

Scorpios are honest, strong-willed, intelligent, resourceful, hardworking, and most importantly driven by passion.

So, a career that is shallow or, maybe, mundane might not be the right choice for them. For a job to suit a Scorpio’s character traits, it has to be intense, detail-centric, and capable of making some tangible impact. 

Although it is not scientific, the horoscope makes suggestions based on the stars of every zodiac. Each of the combinations that these stars form, make-up the ruling character traits for a person born in that period of time. 

Let’s see what are Scorpio’s ruling strengths to figure out the best career options for them.

What Traits Make the Best Careers for Scorpio Woman?

What Traits Make the Best Career for Scorpio Woman?
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1. Fiercely Loyal

Scorpios hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles. You know you’ll always have someone watching your back if you got a Scorpio friend. Scorpio’s loyalty makes them reliable colleagues and trustworthy superiors.

2. Brutally Honest- It is what it is!

Yes! It is exactly what it is with Scorpios. Scorpios do not have time for sugarcoating facts. They do not hesitate for a second to set the records straight. 

Their honesty makes them great for jobs requiring high ethical values and integrity. 

3. The Dark, Mysterious Vibes Work in their Favour

Scorpios live their lives on passion. So, the dark mysteries many of us might try to get away from, actually work great for them.

Besides the passion, Scorpios are very intense. So, career-wise they can not have problems with gruesome-looking mysterious jobs of finding the truth or unfolding stories. 

4. Determined, Detail-Centric Hard workers

Scorpios work extremely hard to succeed in their roles. And, they are not just hard workers, but extremely careful and detail-oriented. They do not mind going the extra mile to make sure that there is no room for errors.

5. Deeply Passionate Human Beings

Aside from the fact that Scorpios are intense, they are very passionate human beings. They care a lot about emotions and also have a way with them. 

Scorpios prefer jobs where they can actually make an impact and touch lives. 

Top 10 Careers for Scorpio (Best Jobs for Scorpio Woman)

Top 10 Careers for Scorpio (Best Jobs for Scorpio Woman)
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What are some of the best jobs for Scorpio women based on their zodiac strengths and weaknesses? Find out for yourself from this list below.👇

1. Best Career for Scorpio Woman: Researcher

Scorpios are meticulous and detail-oriented which makes research one of the best careers for Scorpio women. Being of an analytical and practical mindset, this career is very well suited for Scorpios. 

The career involves the collection of data, careful examination, lots of interpretation and analysis, and challenging problem solving, making the career all the way more interesting for a Scorpio.

Moreover, research in medical, or social fields capable of making a breakthrough change will be great as Scorpio prefers working to make an impact. Also, research is a highly in-demand skill and pays very well. Researchers are required in almost every industry including medical sciences, business, marketing, engineering, automation, etc.

2. Best Career for Scorpio Woman: Engineer

Best Career for Scorpio Woman: Engineer
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Engineering is definitely one of the top 10 careers for Scorpio. Being curious and inquisitive, Scorpios will love having to deal with practical problems in an analytical and methodical way. And, of course, problem-solving is a great way of demonstrating competitiveness for the Scorpios. 

Engineering requires innovation and extreme carefulness. Sometimes, projects call for absolutely no room for error, all of which are the strong suits of a Scorpio!

And, again engineering involves building stuff, computers, buildings, robots, etc. which means the creation of tangible output. 

You can choose an engineering career in any industry that you please like computer science, mechanics, electrical, aeronautical, bio-engineering, etc.

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3. Best Career for Scorpio Woman: Auditor

Auditing might just be one of the best jobs for Scorpio women! Why? Because this career takes into use all the strengths of a typical Scorpio and presents them as an opportunity to succeed. Also, it is one of the best careers for the future!

An auditor’s job involves careful examination of an organization’s accounts and finding out any errors or mistakes and making the difference accounted for. 

As such it requires a Scorpio’s passion for details, and carefulness to find such errors. And, more importantly, it requires their honesty to maintain an ethical stand at their job.

4. Best Career for Scorpio Woman: Financial Advisor

Best Career for Scorpio Woman: Financial Advisor
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Scorpios are great at planning finances! Thus, another one of the best careers for Scorpio women is Financial advisory or consultation. 

Scorpios are best at the front foot when it comes to money matters. Their strong and analytical mindset helps them manage finances well

Financial planning, especially for the long term, takes a lot of time and energy. And, Scorpios have the stamina to sit through all the records to devise a strategic plan.

5. Best Career for Scorpio Woman: Pharmacist

Pharmacists are the people who deal with clinical drugs. Although the job does not call for any investigative or analytical skills, it offers a good balance to Scorpios. Thus, making it to the top 10 careers for Scorpio.

The job of a pharmacist offers a Scorpio their need for human contact as well as the pleasure of working alone. As we all know, Scorpios can be nasty, highly competitive team players!

This great job allows them to mix their emotional skills with their analytical skills.

6. Best Career for Scorpio Woman: Fertility Specialist

The list of the best jobs for Scorpio women would be incomplete and unfair if I do not add the job of a fertility specialist in it. A lot of couples face fertility issues, both in the USA and abroad. But, with the new innovations in technology and science, individuals are now capable of bringing new life to such people. 

With the new IVF techniques and the increasing popularity of surrogacy, the light of hope is brighter than ever. Fertility specialists are the medical professionals who help people in their IVF pregnancies. 

This profession is especially good for Scorpios as it requires professionals to be emotionally invested with their patients and deal with them with honesty and empathy. Also, the fact that the job brings in new lives is enough to impact Scorpios!

7. Best Career for Scorpio Woman: Psychologist/Therapist

Scorpios are intense and great at dealing with people’s emotions. They value the deep thought process that goes into dealing with psychology making psychology one of the best careers for Scorpio women.

Scorpios gain a lot of satisfaction while untangling the dilemmas in people’s minds. Their curious, problem-solving attitude makes them a great fit for a career like therapy.

Therapy, once again, is one of the best career choices for the future.

8. Best Job for Scorpio Woman: Surgeon

Best Job for Scorpio Woman: Surgeon
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While horoscope believes being a medical examiner or an internalist is one of the worst careers for a Scorpio, surgery actually makes it to the top 10 careers for Scorpio! 

Like I said earlier, Scorpios are here to make tangible impacts. Thus, simply diagnosing a disease is not enough motivation for these individuals. The real adrenaline is in making it go away! 

Thus, a surgeon’s job is a much better fit for a Scorpio. Surgery is a profession that requires high precision and quick, sharp judgment skills. Also, it is one of the highest-paying jobs in the USA!

9. Best Career for Scorpio Woman: Forensic Sciences

Another on the list of best jobs for Scorpio women is a career in forensic sciences. Although the job of a forensic expert can be gruesome, a Scorpio’s intense and mysterious vibes suit the dark energies of this job well. 

They succeed in this career because of their desire to reveal the darkest aspects of life, analyze the pieces of evidence, solve mysteries, and be the voice of those unheard!

A Scorpio’s investigative abilities and problem-solving skills are the strong suits for the job of a forensic expert.

10. Best Career for Scorpio Woman: Detective

Best Career for Scorpio Woman: Detective
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Scorpios are not only secretive but they know too well how to uncover secrets by relying on intuition as well as other secretive tactics. And, if you are a Scorpio too, I’m sure you’ll agree with it!

Such a mysterious job completely matches a Scorpio’s intense energy and that is probably what makes being a detective one of the best jobs for a Scorpio woman. 

As a detective, you need to be focused, determined, analytical, and strategic. (Which Scorpios of course are!) Your job is to uncover the stories and find hidden truths. Not only is this job a good use of a Scorpio’s instincts, but also serves them the purpose of making an impact!


In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that horoscopes might not be the most logical way of making a life-altering career choice, but it follows the pattern. Horoscopes are based on the traits that people falling in specific zodiacs show.

Following a career path based on your zodiac advice can be good for you since it tries to match your personality with the job you are most suited for. Although, it does not guarantee success

Speaking of guaranteed success, this also does not mean that a Scorpio is sure to get a defeat in a career that is quite the opposite. Because, YES! Not all Scorpios are the same. 

So, in order to find a career you are really good at, you have to try and fail and then try again, till you find it! Besides all the careers that we discussed, you might also want to check out some of the best jobs for women. Click here to find out what these are!

That was all about ‘the best career for Scorpio Woman’. If you have any queries or questions regarding the blog, let’s chat in the comment section below.

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