9 Best Jobs For High Neuroticism Personality (USA)

9 Best Jobs For High Neuroticism Personality in the USA

Mood swings, anxiety, irritability, and sadness – probably make it tough for you to find the best jobs for high neuroticism personality.

Indeed it does, considering that with your personality traits you might find it hard to find a job that perfectly complements your neuroticism

No problem! Because I understand that, and that’s why before moving forward with the best jobs for high neuroticism personality, I want to discuss some of your personality traits of yours (high neuroticism) –

  • Experience a lot of stress
  • Shows concerns about various things
  • Distress easily
  • A drastic shift in mood swings
  • Struggles to bounce back to a happy mood or stable mood, after stressful events

Well, yeah! The instant mood swings, stress, and not feeling emotionally stable, can certainly make you wonder, “what are high neuroticism jobs?”

However, you know what, a person with neuroticism tends to perform well in a safe and secure working environment. That’s why I have got these perfect jobs for you, that will allow you to breathe and express yourself in your own space.

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9 Relaxing and Highest Paying Best Jobs For High Neuroticism Personality

1. Travel Vlogger/Blogger/Writer

Blog – blog – write.

Certainly, writing or video making can be one of the perfect high neuroticism jobs, do you know why?

First, you would enjoy it, considering that you can pour your heart out while writing and as mentioned, you can write blogs, vlog scripts, books, and other things as per your interest and expertise.

Among all these, if I have to talk about Vlog – that stands odd one out here, the craze of starting a youtube channel is on par. Yet, it is a tough and challenging job, so make a strategy before getting onto your horse to finish that race.

However, which field is not competitive, right?

Moreover, it is a perfect job, if you simply don’t want to coordinate with anyone, but simply sit at your desk and work. Yet, a bit of coordination needs to be maintained, however, it can help you boost your confidence and social skills.

This is how you create a vlog (but there are more ways as well)

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2. SEO executive/Digital marketer

As mentioned, with writing or vlogging, SEO or digital marketing plays an important role. 

If I have to say, SEO and digital marketing add life to your words, more like giving your vlog or blogs a big push to be a huge success.

And working on-page SEO, off-page SEO, creation of backlinks, and more, though, it could be quite a competitive field, yet, if you think you are innovative enough to work in it, go what are you waiting for.

The sole purpose of including it here is that you can implement and work on distinct ideas without actual process, since being an expert, you possess the required knowledge. However, you might need to obtain relevant experience.

Above all, it is one of the flourishing fields, thus, providing great scope for growth and development. You can even start your own blog and for that, you need the best hosting.

You can even start your career in freelancing just like my boss did. Check his Fiverr profile.

3. Artist/crafter – Best Job For High Neuroticism Personality

For someone, who wants to ignore contacting people, due to whatever reason, being an artist or crafter is one of the best jobs for high neuroticism personality.

Being an artist, you can be anything: a painter, makeup artist, sketching, pottery making, teaching arts, sculpture making, and any other thing that interests you. With that, you can take your business online or on social media – to get clients.

Here we go with a perfect high neuroticism job, considering that you can simply work from home, avoiding any stress.

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4. Florist/gardener

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Florist or gardener – a perfect job which will keep you close to nature, thus, you can happily live in a peaceful environment, without taking stress.

Though it could be a little hectic for you, since it involves meeting people and understanding their needs, and if you are not up for this, kindly, don’t prefer doing it. However, if you look at the brighter side, you can boost your confidence through this job, by establishing short conversations with people.

Well, whether it is one of the best jobs for high neuroticism personality completely depends on which side you want to see, know?

It is also one of the best High-Paying Jobs in Texas without a Degree.

5. Yoga instructor

Yoga is a perfect way to relieve your stress, much more like feeding tasty, yet nutritious food to your body.

Though to be a yoga instructor, you first need to enroll yourself into a course to get a certification, then you can give a kickstart to your flourishing career, considering that, in the race to be happy and healthy, people choose yoga as a perfect medium.

And being a yoga instructor, you can commence your own website or a youtube channel to grow and be successful, while directly or indirectly controlling your neuroticism.

Isn’t it the best job for a high neuroticism personality?

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6. Graphic Designer 

Graphic Designers are those who add life to a brand. If content writers are precious stones, then graphic designers are a golden chain that holds all the stones together beautifully.

And if you think you can do that, what are you waiting for?

Moreover, with the increasing demand for graphic designers, I would advise you to create a profile on Fiverr to get more clients, if you don’t wanna work under someone.

This would eliminate the chance of taking so much stress, thus making it one of the perfect high neuroticism jobs.

7. Video editor or creator or photographer

Video editor or creator or photographer - job for neuroticism personality
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Not interested in anything mentioned above? 

No worries, I still have one more best jobs for high neuroticism personality, which you might be interested in, that is a video editor/ creator/ photographer.

Since these high neuroticism jobs include connecting people’s moments, which could be happy or sad, along with reflecting on how good you are in your area. Though, there won’t be anyone to question your expertise, yet, you certainly have to meet their expectations and how they want something to be captured or created.

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8. DJ/Music production

It is a tough one, as it is said, music feeds one’s soul, and if you love creating music or DJ music, this is one of the best jobs for a high neuroticism personality.

One of my friends is crazy about music, and to showcase it to the world, he has started a Youtube channel, and trust me, it is flourishing. Though, you need to use software to produce music.

9. Delivery services

Delivery services
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Delivery services, with the increase in transportation, being a delivery person or commencing delivery services, is a perfect idea. 

Jobs For Low Neuroticism

  1. Police officer/Army
  2. Nurse/ Surgeon/Veterinarian
  3. Firefighter
  4. Lawyer
  5. Diplomat
  6. Social worker
  7. Psychiatrist
  8. Teachers online or offline
  9. Caregiver of baby or elder
  10. Air Traffic Controller, Pilot, Air Hostess
  11. Web developer
  12. Modeling 

Famous Person With High Neuroticism | Someone to Inspire Yourself

Famous person with high neuroticism – Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Winston Churchill, I don’t think we need any other names than these well-known people to establish an example, of how amazingly intelligent and creative a person with high neuroticism could be.

If I had to say, “pursue what interests you the most and see yourself growing.”

And trust me, doing what you love or are passionate about can only take you a long way, not just some highest paying job, so choose wisely.


Hope my list of best jobs for high neuroticism personality is helpful, is it?

Though I can assure you to these jobs are handpicked keeping your mood swings in mind, therefore, if you might have noticed, most of the jobs includes no to less interaction with the people.

Although, if you think I might have missed something, I would love to hear it from you, just comment.

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