Attention Scorpios! These are the 9 Worst Jobs for a Scorpio!

Often associated with great confidence, strength, intuition, intense emotions, and desires, Scorpios are known to have ‘high highs’ and ‘low lows’

Scorpios have a hunger for knowledge and love undertaking challenges! You might recognize some of these famous Scorpios like Pablo Picasso, Bill Gates, Theodore Roosevelt, and Julia Roberts.

Being intensely passionate, these driven characters might find it hard to resonate with people who, according to them, lack vision or motivation. 

Scorpios find it particularly pleasing to have a work that is meaningful and makes a tangible impact

But, you already know all that, right? Okay, then let’s get to the main part. Scroll down to find out the 9 worst careers for Scorpios! Or check this if you are looking for the best careers for Scorpio women.

But first, let’s see what makes any job undesirable for you.👇 

Let’s face the truth, Scorpios! 7 weaknesses that make the worst jobs for a Scorpio

Let’s face the truth, Scorpios! 7 weaknesses that make the worst jobs for a Scorpio
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It’s time to get a reality check, Scorpios! You know that jobs are not bad on their own. It’s just that your nature and characteristics make them a bad match for you! Right?

So what are these characteristics that make a job WORST for you? Let’s find out!

1. Guarded

Scorpios, you are extremely guarded! Whenever someone gets work done for you or with you, you are either suspicious or paranoid! This quality can make it difficult for people to work with you or under you as they never know what’s going on in your mind.

2. Brutally Honest

This one might be tricky! 

You have firm views and opinions and you do not hesitate in laying them bare, even if that hurts people. Although we believe that you are never intentionally rude or cold, this might still be a tough trait to keep up with for a lot of people.

Yes! It’s great, to be honest. But, you should know when it’s time to start slight sugar coating. 

3. Jealous

Scorpios are intense! And when it comes to jealousy, you feel that intensely too. Everything is a competition for you and not comparing your achievements with others’ can be a tough call to make. 

Being highly competitive and jealous makes it difficult for you to work cooperatively in a team environment.

4. Secretive

Tell me Scorpios, do you ever show your cards? Never, right? 

As strong and driven personalities as you are, you can not accept the vulnerability that comes with being honest. Thus, you keep your plans, ideas, and feelings to yourself. Again, making it hard for people to work with you.

5. Resentful

No one holds a grudge like a Scorpio! Am I right? 

You take every setback very seriously and might resent people when it is not even their fault. Now, I know, it’s not your fault either. This is who you are!

6. Controlling

You like to be in charge – of the people in your life, of every situation in your life! All that intensity mixed with the need for control makes you think that you know what’s best for others. 

Thus, being in a managerial position can be good to satisfy your ego in the short term. But, hey! Who will want to work under a manager who needs to control everything? Eventually, you WILL fail.

7. Stubborn

Your stubbornness along with your confidence helps you stand firmly at your points and stick to your principles. However, this also means you are resistant to change

Now that we know what qualities make it difficult for you to adjust to work requirements, we can easily talk about the worst careers for Scorpios!

Let’s get to it, then!

9 Worst Careers/Jobs for Scorpio!

Here’s the list of the 9 worst jobs for a Scorpio that you should try not to fly in! 

1. Worst Jobs for a Scorpio: Accountancy

Worst Jobs for a Scorpio: Accountancy
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The job of an accountant involves making journal entries, ledgers, accounts, and balance sheets. You do that this month balance your accounts then repeat it all the next month, then the next month, and so on.

Such a monotonous job without any meaning or any impact is one of the worst jobs for a Scorpio. It would be a trap for you that you will want to get out of as soon as possible.

And, what will be the point of falling for this job when you already know it’s not going to be a match for you.

2. Worst Jobs for a Scorpio: Politics

“Half of the people lie with their lips; the other half with their tears”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

While the Scorpios do not lie at all! Scorpios are known for their BRUTAL honesty. And, honesty and politics DO NOT mix!

Politicians are known to be the most honest liars and the kings and queens of sugarcoating. Now, I am sure this already sounds withdrawing to you, right? So, let’s just agree politics is one of the worst careers for Scorpio.

3. Worst Jobs for a Scorpio: Sales

Worst Jobs for a Scorpio: Sales
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Sales are one of the worst jobs for a Scorpio, without a doubt! Scorpios are not great at selling themselves. The job of a sales representative or an associate involves bragging about their product or service, sometimes even overstating the facts to make the sale.

All these things do not match Scorpio’s character traits.  

Also, your brutal honesty might not sit well with the customers. And just think about what would happen if you have to promote a product that you do not appreciate yourself! You will be completely appalled! 

4. Worst Jobs for a Scorpio: The Face of the Management

Scorpios are not comfortable being in the spotlight. Although, you love to control others and take charge of the situations, being the highlighted face of the same can be challenging for you.

Thus, jobs that involve putting you in the spotlight constantly might be the worst careers for Scorpio. Bragging about yourself, upselling your skills, etc. is not a piece of cake for you. 

5. Worst Jobs for a Scorpio: Teacher

Worst Jobs for a Scorpio: Teacher
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Scorpios are great at dealing with people’s emotions and making a persuasive impact on their thoughts and views. 

A fact-based career that teaching is, it would not be a good fit for you. Your basic job will be to teach your students facts and specifics of particular subjects. This is neither exciting nor meaningful for a Scorpio. Again, one of the worst jobs for a Scorpio.

Although, you might be great with subjects like psychology or philosophy. If you like these subjects then you might think of taking up teaching as a career option. Although, I’ll suggest otherwise!

6. Worst Jobs for a Scorpio: Receptionist 

Scorpios look for meaning in their work. And how meaningful is being a receptionist or a front desk executive, huh? It’s not, I know!

Also, sometimes your clients or visitors can be too annoying or nagging. And, being a Scorpio you will not be able to help yourself but give them a cold look in the mirror with your brutal honesty. And, honestly speaking, you will end up losing your job. Because being patient, calm, and sweet is a vital part of the job. 

This is why the job of a front desk executive is on the list of the worst careers for Scorpio. 

7. Worst Jobs for a Scorpio: Mathematician/Statistician 

Worst Jobs for a Scorpio: Mathematician/Statistician 
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Can you tell me you have never questioned the existence of algebra or trigonometry while studying match?

Mathematicians and statisticians gather and analyze data and interpret results which unfortunately mean nothing to a huge part of the population. 

The analytical side and the problem-solving part of the job might excite you, but in the end, you will not be satisfied here. Thus, even the job of a mathematician made it to the list of the worst jobs for a Scorpio!

8. Worst Jobs for a Scorpio: Translator

The job of a translator is to convert text or speech from one language to another. You might have an easy job translating text scripts while sitting at home. Or, you might get an international language translating job which may even require you to travel internationally with your clients. 

Sounds exciting, right?

But this too is on the list of the worst careers for Scorpio. Why? Because it does not offer any meaning or vision or creativity!   

9. Worst Jobs for a Scorpio: Physician

A physician’s or an internist’s job is to diagnose a patient’s symptoms and treat them with medicines. But, what Scorpios want from a job is more than that. They look for creating a tangible impact.

So, the medical profession can be a great career option for a Scorpio, but not a physician. Rather surgery or therapy may prove to be the best choice for a Scorpio as it is far more meaningful, makes a huge impact, and requires intense emotions.

Being a physician could rather be one of the worst jobs for a Scorpio.


So, I would like to conclude the blog by saying that no one gets a tailor-made job served to them on a silver platter. Also, in life, you don’t always get what you want!

But it does not mean you should not get out there and fight for it! 

Your zodiac says a lot about you- your personality, how you behave, your love life, your finances, your career, and a lot more! These jobs or career options listed in this blog suggest that keeping your nature and characteristics in mind, you might not be able to utilize your full potential here.

Now, that does not mean you’ll fail! It just means you will have to work harder to succeed in these jobs. You will have to overcome a lot of weaknesses, which is a huge challenge. But, hey! You love challenges, right?

So, this was all about the ‘9 Worst Jobs for a Scorpio’. In the comments section below, let me know how you liked the article. Also, free feel to ask away any queries that you might have. We are happy to help you!

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