What Jobs Can You Get With a Creative Writing Degree?

What jobs can you get with a creative writing degree – if you think your creative writing degree is a waste, you can hit the back button right now.

Do you know why?

Because we need a little optimistic person here, who is willing to stand by his actions of choosing to be a writer. If you ain’t it, there is no point in searching, “is a creative writing degree worth it?”

As indeed it is worth it, why won’t it?

Fact: In 2020, the USA had over 44.2 thousand writers and authors.

Let’s see, why is a creative writing degree worth it and why you should be a writer.

How is a Creative Writing Degree Worth it? | How Being a Writer is Great?

A writer is someone, who can make you feel things through their writing.

A writer is someone, who makes an ad copy attractive, just with an immature idea.

A writer could be your biggest friend or a foe (if talking about journalists).

Yes, a writer can be anything in the world, from a broken lover to the happiest person in the world – a writer can become anything by touching their unknown side. Moreover, if you are wondering what would be creative writing degree salary, then it would differ depending on your job role, expertise, and experience.

So, don’t worry about, the “creative writing degree salary,” because first, your focus should be on getting a job to understand that, your Creative Writing Degree is Worth it.

So, if you would ask us, yes, a creative degree is worth it, considering that creative writing offers distinct career options, that we will discuss in the next section.

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14 Careers in Writing That Pay Well  | What Jobs Can You Get With a Creative Writing Degree

1. Copywriter  

Copywriter - Best Career in Writing That Pay Well
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Sounds like a work of a few seconds and if you think so, we are sorry but you don’t know a thing about creative writing. 

Because copywriting is not just rambling anything, but is delivering precise and motive-driven content. We have tried it and failed, failed again, and again, and we are still trying (ah! It is frustrating, trust us).

Although, if you think you can –

  • Create engaging content
  • Clear text for different platforms.
  • Emphasize on promotional aspects of product or service
  • Clear and concise content
  • Shot and crisp content

There you go, this is the answer to “what jobs can you get with a creative writing degree.”

Average salary – $54,305 per year

Pro tip – Copywriting skills can only be attained after years of experience and expertise.

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2. Creative director

A big picture profession, “creative director.”

And trust us, it is one of the best careers in writing that pay well, yet, to be a creative director, you need to –

  • Supervise creative process
  • Guides the team
  • Ensure to provide a cohesive look and feel to a project
  • Establishing guidelines and strategies for creative projects

If you think you have that leadership quality, you can guide and lead a team – that’s one of the perfect jobs that involve creative writing.

Average salary – $85,253 per year

3. Editorial assistant

Editorial assistant
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As its name defines the job role that includes editing or proofreading manuscript, articles, blogs, and other forms of writing that exist, including checking grammatical or structural errors and other words it involves.

Though to become an editorial assistant, you might need a few skills, some of these are –

  • Verbal and communication skills.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to work under pressure (yeah! It could be the case sometimes).
  • Knowledge to use MS Excel, or MS Word.
  • Excellent proofreading skills.
  • Great attention to detail.

Yeah! Some of these skills will help you become a perfect editorial assistant, and there you go with one more answer, “what jobs can you get with a creative writing degree?”

Average salary – $43,699 per year

4. Magazine journalist 

Have you seen, Netflix original series The Bold Type?

If yes, then you must be aware of what a magazine journalist is, if don’t let’s have a quick look at what it is –

Okay! So, a magazine journalist is basically an individual who conducts research, writes, and edits content for a magazine. 

The USA had over 7416 print consumer magazines in 2020, which is constantly increasing since 2012, and if you think you have the zeal to be a magazine journalist, you can be part of any of the magazine print companies depending on your expertise.

Moreover, to be a magazine journalist, along with creative writing skills, you might also need a diploma or degree in journalism.

Average salary – $83,500 per year

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5. Copy editor/Proofreader (creative writing job work from home)

Copy editor/Proofreader (creative writing job work from home)
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The role of a copy editor and a proofreader are quite similar, that includes correcting spellings, text, grammar, and punctuation, including verifying whether the information is factual or not.

Copy editing or proofreading is a major part of creative writing, thus, one of the best careers in writing that pay well. Considering that, from writing blogs to website content, and other forms of content, a need for a proofreader can not be ignored.

Average salary – $45,514 per year (copy editor) ; 52,774 per year (proofreader)

6. Writer

Writer….a very broad term, it could be a blogger, ghost story writer, or any other form of “job that involves creative writing.”

Yet, just so we are clear, we are here talking about book writers. 

Yet, before trying to be a writer, first, it is better to understand whether you have an idea or zeal to imagine and write, because trust us, writing a book is not simply about writing but ideas.

Average salary – $51,840 per year

7. Blogger (creative writing jobs work from home)

One of the most creative styles of writing and something loved by the author of this blog is that what we are doing is something you termed blogging.

It is one of the informal styles of writing and a crucial part of digital marketing, that allows you to bring all the creativity to the table on the given topic. Yet, some face actual problems in writing blogs about the corporate industry because in those blogs you have to maintain a certain level of sophistication.

Average salary – $36,009 per year

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8. Social media manager (creative writing jobs work from home)

Social media manager (creative writing jobs work from home)
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Know how to write crisps and to the point content?

If yes, then you can be a social media manager, it is definitely, one of the answers to, “what jobs can you get with a creative writing degree.”

Although being a social media manager includes much more responsibility than that, that is developing a strategy to increase followers, engagements, and subscribers on social media platforms or Youtube.

You can also expand your career in paid marketing as well which is trending.

Average salary – $55,634 per year

9. Web content writer/manager

A website content writer is someone who knows how to make people act by using a strictly professional writing style.

If we have to be honest and if you want to stick to website content, have that knowledge and expertise with you. And by expertise, we meant knowledge of how to convey things with a bit of creativity and a lot of professionalism.

This is the job for you!

Average salary – $61,596 per year

10. Email marketing specialist

Email marketing specialist
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An email marketing specialist is a kind of digital marketing that particularly emphasizes building email lists, creating emails, and nurturing leads through written communications.

If we have to give an example, then, go check out the emails Swiggy or Zomato sends, even the subject of those is persuasive enough to take any action, isn’t it?

That’s the goal!!

So, if you are looking for a career in writing that pays well – An email marketing specialist is a top-notch option.

Average salary – $58,084 per year

11. Columnist

Have a general interest in say politics?




Okay! Fine, it could be definitely something you like or you can just strike your opinion on anything you hear, yet supported by relevant and logical data.


Because a columnist’s job is to write opinion pieces on varied topics, from politics to fashion, and any other topic that inspires you to write. 

Simply write, and let it be published in a newspaper or magazine.

Average salary – $88,792 per year

12. Ghostwriter

Don’t want to reveal your name?

Ah! Must be a fan of suspense, are you?

No problem, we have included this job in our list of, “what jobs can you get with a creative writing degree,” – a ghostwriter.

Though, as its name defines, you work anonymously, without taking any credit for your work. In simple words, you work and leave without any credit.

For example, you can be hired by a company to write a blog post as a ghostwriter under CEO’s name.

Average salary – $63,915 per year

13. Screenwriter

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You think you can write in a way that will make people envision the emotion and feeling – you are perfect to be a screenwriter.

To be a screenwriter, you can work with producers, directors, and actors and share your drafts and your work. Once they like them, be ready to write and redraft your script.

Average salary – $60,722 per year

14. Technical writer

Write descriptive manuals and guides regarding complex subjects.

It is one of the perfect jobs if you don’t want to constantly keep updating the content considering that guides and manuals do not change so easily. Plus with constant changes in technology, the need for technical writing is increasing at a great phase.

Average salary – $59,494 per year


What Jobs Can You Get With a Creative Writing Degree – answer found?

Maybe…maybe not, but we have included all the jobs that could probably make you rich, do you know why?

Because we have chosen these thriving careers for you, whose demands are constantly increasing with time. From blogging to writing website content, and social media content – the need for a writer can not be eliminated, not even after the introduction of high technology.

Don’t think, these jobs are for you?


No problem, get in touch with us right now and find your dream job.

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