20 UNIQUE jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction (USA)

Is it hard to find jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction for you? If yes, then don’t worry anymore because you came across this page. I’ll let you know about many high-paying jobs with minimal human interaction that you can ace easily. 

Many people in this world don’t talk much and don’t want to interact much with people. Such people are happy in their own life; they don’t want to be involved in senseless discussions. They have high intellect and use their intellect in meaningful things only. 

But when you see such people with society’s eyes then such people are treated as low steam people in society. Such people are called shy by social lovers and also known as introverts.

Can you relate to all the above things? Yeah! then you are a non-people person and don’t like to interact with people or if needed then prefer only minimal interaction, am I right?

Seeking jobs for such people is not so easy as all the companies needed an extrovert, do you agree with me? 

But do you know there are several jobs available for introverts and for people who are less talkative but highly intellectual like you? 

Here, I’ll discuss the 20 most demanding jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction. 

Outlook of jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction

The outlook for the jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction has been mentioned below in the table. So, kindly go through the table and select the appropriate job as per your interest, comfort, and qualification. 

Job/Career Median Pay (Expected)Job Outlook (2020-30)
Radiologists$301,720 per year 9%
Astronomer$139,410 per year16%
Computer & Information Research Scientist$131,490 per year22%
Software Developer$110,140 per year22%
Actuary$105,900 per year24%
Mathematician & Statistician$96,280 per year33%
Coder$93,000 per year-10%
Financial Analysts$81,410 per year6%
Warehouse Worker $77,030 per year30%, 
Technical Writer$78,060 per year12%
Writer/ Blogger$69,510 per year, 9%
Estimator$65,170 per year1%
Zoologists$64,650 per year5%
Market Research Analyst$63,920 per year22%
Librarian$61,190 per year9%
Film/ Video Editor$60,360 per year29%
Archivist$50,120 per year19%
Data entry clerk $32,400 per year——-
Medical Transcriptionist$30,100 per year-7%

Disclaimer- All the outlook for the jobs mentioned above which needs minimal interaction have been mentioned after thorough research. Mostly, all of the above data have been collected from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Please keep in mind that the data sometimes may differ depending on several factors. 

20 high-paying jobs with minimal human interaction

Here, I’m giving you the details of 20 high-paying jobs with minimal human interaction. These jobs are high in demand for people seeking jobs with minimal interaction or jobs with no customer interaction. 

Your search for maximum or minimum wage jobs with no customer interaction will end here after reading this article. So, without any further delay, let’s find out the details of 20 jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction. 

Radiologists: $301,720

Primary Duties: 

If you are seeking to own high-paying jobs with minimal human interaction then this could be the best option for you. Most of the time a radiologist doesn’t have to interact with people. 

Mainly,  a radiologist is responsible for doing X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and some other kinds of medical scans as recommended by physicians or specialists. The radiologist will review and interpret the diagnostic images for your doctor both during and following the scanning process.

They are crucial in assisting doctors in diagnosis and treatment decisions. Most of the time they have to collaborate with specialists only. This job requires minimal interaction as compared to other medical job profiles. 

Astronomer: $139,410

Primary Duties: 

The job of an astronomer needs high intellect. They are mostly involved in research on celestial bodies. This job post does not require any interaction with people. 

To understand the law of the universe in a better way, astronomers mostly use the different existing laws of physics and mathematics. 

They use telescopes and computer software programs to collect data on the characteristics of planetary systems, stars, moons, and other celestial bodies. 

If you are willing to make a career in such jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction then this could be the best option for you. 

Computer & Information Research Scientist: $131,490

Primary Duties: 

Computer & information research scientists’ major work is to study how the principle of science can fit into computer science. Whereas other Computer disciplines mainly focus on information management or computer programs.

Computer research scientists also work in the field of robotics, which combines software and mechanical systems to yield machinery and equipment which are more convenient for commercial use.

This is totally concentrated on experiments and testing work, which is well fitted for jobs with no customer interaction. 

Software developer: $110,140 per year

Primary Duties: 

A software developer is responsible to meet the needs of customers and clients. For this, their work is to develop, upgrade, and assess the software. They also suggest and create updates for current applications for a better experience.

They also make designs and different models to demonstrate to computer programmers the required code for an application. People can opt for this career if they have a creative mind and want to ace such jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction. 

Actuary: $105,900 per year

Primary Duties: 

The responsibilities of an actuary include identifying the likelihood that particular business decisions will succeed. They are responsible for projecting the costs of potential natural disasters, projecting the costs of employee deaths or illnesses, etc. 

They are also responsible for developing insurance plans or business models to lower a company’s financial risks. Actuaries use statistics, mathematics, and some financial theories to lower the company’s risk. This is mostly an interaction-free job, so you can go for it if you want jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction.

Computer Programmer: $93,000 per year

Primary Duties: 

Mainly computer programmers are involved in works like testing and writing codes for brand new programs. They are in charge of identifying and then correcting the existing codes for the programs. They also frequently update the existing programs. 

A computer programmer writes the programs for different operating systems and then secures the programs against cybersecurity threats. 

This is completely computer-based work that needs no interaction with other people working. So, those who are searching for high-paying jobs with minimal human interaction can opt for this career. 

Mathematician: $96,280 per year

Primary Duties: 

The work of a mathematician is totally concentrated on intellect and needs no interaction while working. Mathematicians develop algebraic and geometrical theories, principles, as well as concepts. 

They determine the information required to address a particular issue or question by using mathematical principles. 

They use mathematical principles and methods to address real-world issues in business, the engineering sector, science and tech, and other fields. They also create tests, perform experiments, and gather more information. 

Financial Analysts: $81,410 per year

Primary Duties: 

The work of a financial analyst is totally analysis work that needs high concentration and perfect fit for jobs with no customer interaction. 

A financial analyst monitors the business’s financial condition as well as keeps an eye on the overall state of the economy. They make predictions about the effects of situations and changes in policy. 

Then they present their report to the company’s financial director. To assist in creating project budgets, a financial analyst projects future revenue and expenses.

Technical Writer: $78,060 per year

Primary Duties: 

The job responsibility of a technical writer includes writing about technical topics for audiences that are both technical and non-technical. They are also in charge of creating technical scripts for several tutorial videos.

They update, edit and test existing technical documentation by following the company’s style manual. They create content using screenshot markups and infographics as well. 

Also, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) copy is written, edited, and then updated by the technical writers. So, it is writing based on technical work without having interaction with people. 

Warehouse Worker: $77,030 per year

Primary Duties: 

A warehouse worker post is another job option for people who are seeking high-paying jobs with minimal human interaction.

A warehouse worker is essential to the growth of businesses that produce and ship their products. They are typically in charge of managing shipments, stock, and packing requests. 

A warehouse employee makes sure that complete records are maintained of all packaged goods. The main work of warehouse workers is to keep records of all types of goods that the company produces. 

Writer/Blogger: $69,510 per year

Primary Duties: 

As a writer or blogger, you have to write content for the specific niche that you have opted for yourself to attract the audience. Also, you have to edit and update the content frequently as required, depending on the audience’s needs. 

If you are searching for high-paying jobs with minimal human interaction then this might be the best fit for you. Being a writer and a blogger, you can work freely and also you don’t have to interact with people. 

Estimator: $65,170 per year

Primary Duties: 

An estimator is concerned with obtaining the best price that would win the contract while guaranteeing that the contract can be finalized profitably.

To have a complete understanding of the project they are working on, the Estimator must analyze required documents, blueprints, as well as project schedules. 

They are in charge of identifying the variables that will affect the pricing of the product or service. Using this knowledge, they estimate the cost breakdown with all the details that will be required by decision-makers at each stage up until finalization.

Zoologists: $64,650 per year 

Primary Duties: 

Isn’t it interesting to work with animals? Yes, definitely it is. A career in zoology as a zoologist is one of the best options for those who are animal lovers but less talkative. 

For those who are interested in learning about animals and their behaviors, from evolution and physiology to categorization and distribution, a career in zoology as a zoologist is ideal. 

They are in charge of studying species and populations of animals and work either in the animal world, in a lab, or captivity. Zoologists can even find employment abroad. 

Market Research Analyst: $63,920 per year

Primary Duties: 

A market research analyst is a  marketing professional who assists in establishing a company’s position in the industry to effectively advertise the company’s goods and services. 

They are in charge of looking into the marketing strategies of various competing companies, as well as studying and compiling consumer data. 

The market analyst’s work is research centric and requires minimal interaction. People searching for high-paying jobs with minimal human interaction should go for this career. 

Librarian: $61,190 per year

Primary Duties: 

A librarian works in a very silent place such as in the library. They are in charge of managing the day-to-day activities of a library to make sure users have access to materials they need to learn about and explore subjects of interest. 

Their responsibilities also include managing a staff team to complete daily tasks and developing educational programs for various age groups. And last but not least is updating library databases for users. This is one of the best jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction.

Film/Video Editor: $60,360 per year

Primary Duties: 

If you are a less interactive person but have good video and editing skills then you can definitely go for this job. 

The responsibility of a film or video editor is to use editing tools to edit movies and videotapes. And then to add sound effects, music, and dialogue, organize them into sequences after correcting related issues. 

They choose and combine the best images from each scene to create a logical and seamless storyline. They organize and combine raw footage into a consistent piece as demanded by the scripts and the producers’ or directors’ instructions.

Laboratory Technician: $57,800 per year

Primary Duties: 

laboratory technicians assist laboratory-based research work by performing a variety of repetitive technical tasks and experimentations. Most scientific fields, including forensics, health, and manufacturing, are open to their employment.

A laboratory for scientific research is supported by its laboratory technicians and hence they are considered as the backbone of the lab. Technicians may work independently or with a group of scientific staff members, and the majority of their work is done in research labs.

Archivist: $50,120 per year 

Primary Duties: 

An archivist compiles historical data, images, and other collections and handles them to determine their importance and value in the future.

To determine how important or valuable historical records may be in the forthcoming future, archivists keep an eye on organizing, investigating, and reviewing those records.

So, it is a very interesting job for people with a curious mindset. This could be also the best choice for those who are in search of jobs with no customer interaction. 

Data entry clerk: $32,400 per year

Primary Duties: 

A data entry clerk is in charge of entering new data and then editing data that has already been stored in digital databases. They are responsible for updating customers’ order statuses.

They enter data from paper records into spreadsheets. They also have to double-check their work to ensure correct and exact data entry without having any mistakes. 

So, you can say this is completely a typing job which is the best option for people seeking jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction. 

Medical Transcriptionist: $30,100 per year

Primary Duties:

Medical clinics employ medical transcriptionists to transform doctors’ handwritten as well as verbal notes into computer-readable text. These texts can be stored in databases for medical records. 

They frequently use transcription devices with a foot pedal and a headset to listen to doctor recordings. So, it is basically transcription work in the medical field that almost requires no interaction with the customers. 

Final thoughts…

There are a lot of jobs available in this world for people who don’t like to interact much with people. Few of them are mentioned above in this article for jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction. 

Don’t be a society listener, just pick the best job of your interest and follow your dreams. You are the best person ever in this world, you don’t need to show society that you are a people person. 

FAQs related to jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction

What job can I do without talking?

There are several jobs that can be done without talking. Mostly, this work needs high intellect and focus to perform well. Such high-paying jobs with minimal human interaction are mentioned below:
Research Analyst, Data Scientist, Bookkeeper, Radiologist, Technical Writer, etc. 

What job does not involve working with people?

The number of works there that can be done alone without working with people. Such careers are blogging, graphic designing, writing, astronomy, transcription, and many more. 

What jobs allow you to work alone?

If you are searching for jobs with no customer interaction it means you want to work alone. Then some of the best jobs for you are computer programming, writing, software development, lab technician, librarian, zoologist, etc. 

What is the best career for introverts?

There are numerous careers for introverts or jobs that pay well with minimal human interaction. such as graphic designers, actuaries, archivists, photographers, data analysts, website content writers, architects, technology specialists, and so on. 

What are minimum wage jobs with no customer interaction?

Few of the available jobs for minimum wage jobs with no customer interaction are Data entry clerk, Medical transcription, Technician, Medical technician, Archivist, and so on

Hope you would have liked this post, this is not just a post for job finding but it is more than that. I have written this post by keeping your emotions in my heart that most people don’t usually understand. 

If you liked this post then don’t forget to comment and share this page. I wish you the best of luck with your dream career…

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