20 UNIQUE Jobs For People Who Like To Talk (USA)

Some people simply enjoy having conversations and interactions! For them, speaking comes naturally. They always enjoy being surrounded by other people and have a natural ability to connect with others, they even simply connect with strangers very easily.

If you are thinking that you too have all the above qualities, then congrats! because you are also a “people person.” 

Do you know a fact related to choosing the right profession? 

Research says, to become a successful person, always choose a profession that matches our inner personality. Otherwise, you will live a frustrated life all along your life journey. 

Now, you are so familiar with your personality that you are an extrovert, right? So, the following questions would be arising in your mind: 

  • What are the jobs for people who like to talk?
  • Best careers if you like to talk? 
  • Best paying careers for people who like to talk? 
  • What are the jobs where you talk to strangers all day? 

You are thinking about the same questions related to your career, am I right? Then this article that you are currently reading is dedicated to you only. Here, you will find 20 unique jobs for people who like to talk.

So, don’t think so much dear, now it’s time to scroll down!

Interesting career-related data about extroverts (people who love to talk)

  • As per several studies related to the profession, extroverts typically earn more money slightly than introverts. 
  • According to the data released by Truity,  Extroverts (people who love to talk) can expect to earn an additional premium of almost $10,000 annually. 
  • The Sutton Trust’s interpretation of BBC data revealed that people who are highly extroverted have a 25% higher probability of holding a top position.

Career Tip: It is highly recommended by career counselors that choose a profession that matches your natural personality. 

So, by keeping all the career suggestions and several pieces of research in mind, I have come up with the 20 best jobs for people who like to talk. So, kindly check out all the suggested 20 careers for people who like to talk, which are mentioned in the below section. 

Latest outlook of 20 best jobs for people who like to talk

The jobs mentioned below are the jobs where you talk to strangers all day and enjoy their company. The table shown below will show you the outlook of the best jobs for the people who like to talk.

The statistics given below will let you know the upcoming job opportunities in the respective field between 2020 and 2030 along with median pay. 

Job Post/CareerMedian Pay Job Outlook (2020-30)
Marketing Manager$133,380 per year10%
Lawyer $127,990 per year9%
Psychologists$81,040 per year8%
Speech- Language Pathologists, $79,060 per year29%
Motivational Speaker$68,200 per year—–
Public Relations Specialist$62,800 per year11%
Human Resources, $62,290 per year10%
Career Counselor $60,510 per year, 11%
Sports Commentator$60,000 per year—–
Education & Teaching$57,200 per year10%
Event Management $49,470 per year18%
Interpreter$49,110 per year24%
Journalism$48,370 per year6%
Radio announcer $45,810 per year15%
Professional Fitness Coach$40,700 per year39%
Sports Coach $38,970 per year26%
Customer Service Representative $36,920 per year-1%
Tour Guide $33,200 per year3%
Sales$30,600 per yearNo change
Telephone Interviewer$26,100 per year—–

Note: The data given above in the table is based on research provided by many authentic organizations. Mostly, the data given above is the result of statistics released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (by May 2021). However, the data given above in the table such as median salary and job outlook might vary sometimes depending on various factors. So, for the latest update visit the official site of US BLS

20 best jobs or careers for people who like to talk: job description

# 1. Marketing Manager: $133,380 

Primary Duties:

A marketing manager is one of the best careers if you like to talk and interact with people nicely. A marketing manager is in charge of overseeing the positioning and promotion of a brand or the goods and services that a business offers. 

The major responsibilities of a marketing manager can span the entire spectrum of a company’s communications. They even can direct and influence how a brand appears and feels in the marketplace.

# 2. Lawyer:  $127,990 

Primary Duties:

A lawyer serves as the client’s advocate and does a variety of tasks. So, if you think that you have good communication skills, Then you can go for such a career after earning a relevant degree. 

A lawyer serves as a client’s advisor by educating the client about their legal rights and obligations. They also are in charge of outlining the practical implications of those rights and obligations. 

As an advocate, a lawyer zealously upholds the position of their client by keeping in mind all the adversarial system’s rules. So, the lawyer jobs could be the best jobs for people who like to talk.  

# 3. Psychologists: $81,040 

Primary Duties: 

Psychologists are professionals who have mastery of communication skills. Communication and understanding human behavior are two core skills that they always have. 

So, if you are looking for jobs where you talk to strangers all day then making a career as a psychologist can be rewarding. 

Their main duties are to provide patient consultations and carry out specialized psychological treatment as required. They are in charge of identifying and treating behavioral, mental, and emotional disorders and then making treatment recommendations as needed. 

# 4. Speech-Language Pathologists: $79,060 

Primary Duties:

Speech-language pathologists are professionals who assess, identify, and then treat language and speech disabilities using their specialized training in speech pathology. 

A speech-language pathologist can offer strategies and exercises to lessen and improve linguistic difficulties through regular and continuous speech therapy sessions and practices.

So, if you are seeking careers for people who like to talk then the speech-language pathologist’s job could be the best for you. 

# 5. Motivational Speaker: $68,200

Primary Duties:

The job of a motivational speaker is one of the best jobs where you talk to strangers all day. A motivational speaker’s prime goal is to profoundly alter a person’s emotional and mental state. They assist that person in making a professional or personal change in their lives as well as within themselves.

People who fit this description frequently decide to assist others by sharing their experiences at seminars and conferences. To become an inspirational or motivational speaker, a little more emotional effort is required than in traditional nine-to-five jobs.

# 6. Public Relations Specialist: $62,800 

Primary Duties:

Public relations professionals usually interact with the community on behalf of an organization, business, group, person, politician, or government. They are in charge of planning and executing many different special events and marketing initiatives. 

They also organize, create and manage the spread of all publications, press releases, media communications, event calendars, special programs, and general details about associated activities and occasions. Public relations specialist is one of the other best careers for people who like to talk. 

# 7. Human Resources: $62,290

Primary Duties:

You can choose an HR manager as one of the careers if you like to talk to people. The human resources department as a whole is directed by the human resources managers.

They are in charge of overseeing all aspects of the hiring process, including payroll management,  recruitment training, and then orientation as well. This is one of the jobs where you talk to strangers all day for recruitment and other things for the company. 

# 8. Career Counselor: $60,510 

Primary Duties:

If you think you are a people person and can advise in the right manner from a career perspective. Then you can choose a career in counseling other people. 

A career counselor is a qualified professional who assists individuals in making career decisions. A career counselor will be able to point the person in the best direction. 

They make suggestions regardless of whether they are new to the workforce or just want to change careers. This career option as a career counselor can be best for those who are seeking jobs for people who like to talk. 

# 9. Sports Commentator: $60,000

Primary Duties:

If you love sports and are good at commentating then this is one of the best choices for you as a profession. For the advantage of audiences or listeners who are unable to attend live sporting events, sports commentators analyze and describe the games or events.

By making comments with excitement, enthusiasm, and passion, their responsibility is to keep listeners engaged. As a commentator, you must “say what you see” when speaking on the radio so that listeners can visualize what is happening. You must maintain impartiality and offer insightful commentary.

# 10. Education & Teaching: $57,200

Primary Duties:

If you think you have good communication and teaching skills then you can opt for this profession for sure. Teachers are considered the backbone of society; they can make or break the future of the nation. 

The teaching profession offers both excitement and difficulty. Being a teacher, you will have a significant impact on the lives of children. Teachers serve as caregivers, mentors, role models, and advisors. 

A new generation of learners will be inspired, motivated, and encouraged by the teacher, and you’ll help them learn how to have a positive influence on the world.

# 11. Event Management: $49,470 

Primary Duties:

To plan an event, event planners help to do so. The event management job has numerous duties and responsibilities, ranging from easy to challenging tasks.

They must meet with vendors at the venue to assist with set-up, perform other tasks for supplies and decorations, and collaborate with staff to ensure that the event is completed successfully. 

They have to meet strangers all day long, so it is one of the most suitable jobs where you talk to strangers all day. 

# 12. Interpreter: $49,110

Primary Duties:

Oral translations between two languages are performed by interpreters. If a speaker and targeted audience speak different native languages, then an interpreter is required there to translate. 

In these situations, an interpreter who is fluent in both languages will translate the speaker’s words from their native tongue into the audience’s native tongue. So, this is one of the most interesting jobs for people who like to talk. 

# 13. Journalism: $48,370

Primary Duties:

Journalists inform the public about current affairs and other topics that have an impact on their lives. This is one of the most involving and hectic jobs for people who like to talk and investigate. 

They spend a lot of time speaking with knowledgeable sources and looking up data obtained from public record keeping and other sources. And occasionally visiting the scene of a crime or other noteworthy event. So, you can consider this as one of the perfect jobs where you talk to strangers all day. 

# 14. Radio announcer: $45,810

Primary Duties:

A radio broadcaster works in the media sector and may take on a variety of responsibilities. The voices you regularly hear on the radio are of radio announcers. 

They are in charge of making song introductions, informing commercial breaks, and making other live broadcast commentaries. 

As a radio broadcaster, it is your responsibility to engage your audiences with your interesting talks. So, being a radio announcer is one of the best jobs for people who like to talk. 

# 15. Professional Fitness Coach: $40,700

Primary Duties:

A Fitness trainer is an individual who takes care of your physical body, hence plays an important role in people’s lives. The fitness trainer is a professional who coaches or instructs individuals or groups in their exercise activities. 

They are in charge of explaining or providing examples of how to carry out different exercises and norms to reduce injuries and boost fitness. 

So, as a fitness coach, you will also have the ability to talk to people and influence them for their benefit. Therefore, you can assume this is one of the jobs for people who like to talk. 

# 16. Coach: $38,970

Primary Duties:

As a sports coach, you will have to play various roles such as empowering athletes to realize their sporting prospects. You might be working part- or full-time with a professional team or athlete. Or you might be volunteering with a local team of players. 

They provide training to enhance sporting results and output while utilizing a wide range of skills to analyze both individual and group performance. You can also pursue this career if you love to interact and guide people with your sporting skills.  

# 17. Customer Service Representative: $36,920 

Primary Duties:

Customer service representative is the face of the company, they have the ability to change investigators to their customers. They are responsible for providing information on other goods and services, the customer service representative draws in new clients by responding to inquiries about their offerings.  

They are in charge of guaranteeing customer satisfaction, processing orders, and responding to inquiries from customers. This is one of the best careers if you like to talk. Those who are investigating jobs for people who like to talk can definitely go for it. 

# 18. Tour Guide: $33,200

Primary Duties:

Tour guides lead guests on shorter tours, either individually or in groups. Tour guides make sure that customers’ itineraries are followed and that they are entertained while learning about the place they are currently touring.

Tour guides who excel at providing excellent customer service are in high demand because they frequently have to answer inquiries from visitors. 

In this field of work, public speaking abilities are essential, and your job description as a tour guide should reflect this. Hence if you are looking for jobs for people who like to talk then this field is meant to be for you only. 

# 19. Sales Representative: $30,600

Primary Duties:

Sales representatives are among the other best jobs for people who like to talk. They are in charge of generating leads and educating prospects about brands. 

They spread awareness through conversations, training sessions, and presentations, and then provide outstanding customer service to current clients in order to sell a company’s products.

# 20. Telephone Interviewer: $26,100

Primary Duties:

A telephone interviewer is in charge to develop, plan, and carry out surveys by calling the necessary clients over calls. They help in organizing and carrying out outreach initiatives to numerous community-based institutions.

They also conduct surveys and phone interviews for research. They are also ready to participate in qualitative research projects. 

Their work is to analyze how each respondent’s responses fit within the parameters. By keeping in mind all the responsibilities, you can opt for such careers if you like to talk. 

Closing Note…

You now have a good understanding of the various professions that would be a perfect fit for you if you are finding jobs for people who like to talk. So why are you still waiting to apply for such interesting jobs? Start choosing your options right now!

Have you considered any other professions that would suit careers if you like to talk? Then, kindly comment below in the comment section and share with us. We are eager to know from you, we’ll definitely add your suggestions here in the article. 

FAQs related to jobs for people who like to talk

What is a good job for someone who likes talking?

Well, it is hard to tell about a single job for such people who like talking. Here are many career choices which can be opted by someone who likes talking, as listed below:
– Consultant
– Event Manager
– Interpreter
– Translator
– Public relation specialist
– Social media influencer
– Tour guide
– Commentator, etc.

What are good careers for people who like to talk?

Numerous jobs are available as good careers for people who like to talk, such as-
– Journalist 
– Radio Jockey
– Speech-language pathologists
– Motivational Speaker
– Doctor
– Influencers, and so on

What is a good career for an extrovert?

There are many careers available for an extrovert, you can opt for any of them as per your field of interest. These jobs are available in fields such as social media, sales, customer service, coaching, teaching, counseling, etc. 

Is there any career in speaking?

Yes, of course, there are a lot of careers available in speaking. If you love to connect with people then you go for careers such as customer service representative, motivational speaker, teacher, career coach, counselor, etc. 

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