31 Most Demanding Best-Paying Jobs In Medical Specialties (USA) In The Near Future

31 Most Demanding Best-Paying Jobs In Medical Specialties (USA) In The Near Future

The health care sector is one of the most reputed and growing among all other sectors. This sector is growing at a substantially greater rate with 16%.

However, this sector is considered a challenging sector because it is the heart of all human beings. 

Doctors are the most respected professionals for the best-paying jobs in medical specialties. Because they are considered as next to the almighty or second hand of the almighty. 

But what do you think, are doctors the only professionals that pay well? 

The answer is a big NO because there are a lot of professions in the health sector that can pay well

Here, we will let know about such jobs for 

  • Highest paid medical specialties in the future
  • Best-paying jobs in medical specialties
  • Best paying jobs in medical specialties with no experience
  • Best paying jobs in medical specialties without a degree 
  • Highest paying internal medicine jobs

And so many other things we will discuss related to the highest paid medical specialties in the future in this article. 

Most Demanding Highest Paid Medical Specialties in the Future by 2030

When it comes to the future prediction for the medical sector then obviously this is the industry that will be booming. Because in the health sector several opportunities will be there for everyone, whoever is related to the health sector.

Whether they are searching for the best paying jobs in medical specialties without a degree, or the best paying jobs in medical specialties with no experience.

Or, searching for the highest paying internal medicine jobs. You will not be let down with the opportunities for sure. 

Healthcare occupations are expected to add approximately 2.6 million new jobs between 2020 and 2030. This sector is growing at a substantially greater rate with almost16%.  

More employment than any other occupational group is expected to be added in the healthcare sector. The main cause of this estimated growth is an aging population, which raises the demand for medical services.

So, if your search is all about the highest-paid medical specialties in the future or the best-paying jobs in medical specialties in the near future, or the highest-paying internal medicine jobs. 

Then the following table will surely be helpful for you. Because to save your precious time we have abbreviated our thorough and time-consuming research in a simple table format. 

The following table will not only show you the expected salary for the specific job posts. But it will also let you know the percentage of job outlook by 2030 for the respective posts along with educational requirements. 

As per our research, Anesthesiologists ($ 331,190 per year) and Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons ($ 311,460 per year) have topped the list for the most demanding best-paying jobs in medical specialties or highest-paid medical specialties in the future. 

The percentage of JOB OUTLOOK of these best-paying jobs in medical specialties is also very fascinating with 8.1% for Anesthesiologists and 12.3% for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons. 

List of 21 Highest Paid Medical Specialties in the Future

The list of the top 21 highest-paid medical specialties in the future or best-paying jobs in medical specialties in the near future is given below

Medical SpecialitiesExpected Annual Salary (Per Year)Job Outlook(2020-2030)Educational Background
Anesthesiologists$ 331,1908.1%Doctoral degree in the respective stream
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon$ 311,46012.3%Doctoral degree in the respective stream
Obstetrician and Gynecologists$ 296,21010.1%Doctoral degree in the respective stream
Orthodontists$ 267,28011.4%Doctoral degree in respective stream
Physiatrist$ 249,7603.5%Doctoral degree in respective stream
Physician & Surgeons$208,000 3%Doctoral or Professional Degree
Nurse Anesthetists $ 202,4704.7%Master’s degree in the respective stream
Pediatrician$ 198,4207.1%Doctoral degree in the respective stream
Dentists$163,2208%Graduate from an accredited dental program
Podiatrists$145,8402%Doctoral or Professional Degree
Prosthodontists$ 143,73030.4%Doctoral degree in respective stream
Pharmacists$128,570 -2%Doctor of Pharmacy & 4 years professional degree
Optometrists$124,3009%Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) degree
Physician Assistants$121,53031%Master’s degree in the respective stream
Veterinarians$100,37017%Doctoral or Professional degree in the respective stream
Physical Therapists$95,62021%Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree
Occupational Therapists$85,57017%Master’s degree in the respective stream
Radiation Therapists$82,7909%Associate’s degree in the respective stream
Speech-Language Pathologists$79,06029%Master’s degree in respective stream
Chiropractor$75,000 11%Doctor of Chiropractic (D.O.C.) Degree
Respiratory Therapists $61,83023%Associate’s degree in the respective stream

The job posts shared above in the table for highest paid medical specialties in the future by 2030 are included in the list depending on several factors such as salary, job outlook (2020-2030), employment change, and so on.

Note:  All the data included in the table are fully authentic because it is taken from the official site of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, it may change depending on time and other several factors such as market trends, etc. For fully updated current trends, visit the official page of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Or, simply visit this page frequently. 

Top 21 Best-Paying Jobs in Medical Specialties: Primary Duties

Now you must be wondering before owning the job in the respective interested specialties what kind of work you will have to do, right? Then, to give an answer to your enthusiasm we are explaining here the primary duties of above mentioned best-paying jobs in medical specialties. 

# 1. Anesthesiologists: $ 331,190

Primary Duties:

Anesthesiologists are among the highest-paid medical specialties in the future. A specialized person with a doctoral degree in anesthesia is known as an anesthesiologist. 

Anesthesiologists aid in ensuring the security of surgery patients. In order to prevent the patient from suffering from pain and distress, the anesthesiologist takes care of them.

# 2. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon: $311,460

Primary Duties:

A person who treats dental and medical issues involving the mouth and the maxillofacial region is known as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. 

They remove affected, damaged, and permanently damaged teeth. After removing face, neck, and mouth tumors, they perform undergoing reconstructive surgery

# 3. Obstetrician and Gynecologists: $296,210

Primary Duties:

Medical professionals who specialize in pregnancy, childbirth, and the female reproductive system are called obstetricians and gynecologists (OBGYNs). 

Women’s health is a specialty of gynecologists. While obstetricians are medical professionals who specialize in caring for pregnant or trying-to-conceive women.

# 4. Orthodontists: $267,280

Primary Duties:

Orthodontists are among the highest-paid medical specialties in the future. Orthodontists are responsible to identify the tooth area that requires realignment. 

They examine the patient’s tooth structure using an x-ray or a plaster mold. They use the data from the diagnosis to choose the most appropriate treatment plan for the patient.

# 5. Physiatrist: $249,760

Primary Duties:

A physiatrist specializes in treating patients who have undergone surgery or have gone through some other serious injuries. Physical therapists are instructed by physiatrists on what treatments to give to patients who need physical therapy.  

Physiatrists are responsible for examining patients who need the therapy, by selecting appropriate treatment plans, and determining how much of it the patient must take. And responsible for maintaining patient-treatment records as well.

# 6. Physician & Surgeons: $208,000

Primary Duties:

Surgeons and physicians identify and treat injuries and diseases. In addition to conducting physical examinations and medical history inquiries, physicians also order, carry out, and interpret diagnostic tests. 

Patients frequently receive advice from physicians on diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare. 

Surgery is performed on patients by surgeons to treat diseases like cancerous tumors, deformities like cleft palates, and injuries like broken bones.

# 7. Nurse Anesthetists: $ 202,470

Primary Duties:

The secure administration of anesthesia is ensured by a nurse anesthetist, who works under the direction of a physician or anesthesiologist. 

A nurse anesthetist manages patients’ pain, assists them with stabilization, and monitors their recovery.

# 8. Pediatrician: $198,420

Primary Duties:

Pediatricians can be among the best-paying jobs in medical specialties, especially for females. From newborns to young adults, pediatricians treat younger patients to maintain their health, identify and treat illness, and track their growth.

Pediatricians are responsible for keeping track of and capturing the health and development of children. They are also responsible for identifying and treating minor injuries and common illnesses in youngsters.

# 9. Dentists: $163,220

Primary Duties:

Dentists identify, treat, manage, and prevent dental and oral conditions. They may be employed in universities, hospitals, clinics, public health facilities, or private practices. 

They are in charge of performing mouth-related surgeries like oral surgery, periodontal surgery, and other treatments. 

# 10. Podiatrists: $145,840

Primary Duties:

Podiatrists are medical professionals with a specialty in the treatment of issues with the foot and ankles.

They diagnose and treat patients suffering lower leg injuries so they can move more freely. Using X-rays and laboratory tests, podiatrists accomplish their duty by diagnosing issues with the feet and lower legs.

# 11. Prosthodontists: $143,730

Primary Duties:

A dentist who specializes in making and placing dentures, bridges, and crowns, is known as a prosthodontist.

Like dentists, Prosthodontists identify oral ailments, disorders, and deformities by evaluating and examining problems in the patients. They suggest a course of action to take that could include performing surgery and giving an anesthetic.

# 12. Pharmacists: $128,570

Primary Duties:

Patients and medical practitioners can get advice and direction on medications from pharmacists.

Their major duties consist of distributing medicines in accordance with the doctor and other medical professionals’ prescriptions.

 They are also in the charge of checking prescriptions for accuracy and determining whether they are appropriate for the patient.

# 13. Optometrists: $124,300

Primary Duties:

Optometrists are in charge of examining, and diagnosing issues related to parts of the visual system. Their duties include conducting vision tests, identifying sight issues, prescribing eyeglasses and contact lenses, carrying out surgical procedures, and offering vision therapy or rehabilitation. Many optometrists offer patients advice to support their eye health.

# 14. Physician Assistants: $121,530

Primary Duties:

A physician assistant performs examinations, diagnoses, and treatments on patients as well as assists them during surgeries. 

All their duties are performed under the direction of a doctor or surgeon. The duties of the physician assistant vary depending on the workplace, amount of experience, and specialty.

# 15. Veterinarians: $100,370

Primary Duties:

Animals kept as pets and livestock, such as dogs, cattle, birds, and horses, are treated medically by veterinarians.

They diagnose and treat sick or injured animals to rehabilitate their health. Veterinarians use a variety of tools in the course of their profession to provide medical treatment for animals.

# 16. Physical Therapists: $95,620

Primary Duties:

Physical therapists are in charge to provide patient care, assessments of functional requirements and outcomes, and consultations with additional experts.

They direct the help of the support team to help the patient reach their functional objectives.

They effectively interact with other professionals and support personnel to produce favorable patient outcomes.

# 17. Occupational Therapists: $85,570

Primary Duties:

A healthcare professional with training in therapeutic methods that focus on a patient’s capacity to carry out common tasks and activities is an occupational therapist.

The duties of an occupational therapist include visiting patients to discuss treatment plans and implementing therapeutic techniques to enhance patients’ ability for performing fundamental tasks required for daily routines.

# 18. Radiation Therapists: $82,790

Primary Duties:

Radiation therapists work under an oncologist to counsel patients and deliver radiation therapy treatments for cancer and a few other conditions.

For treatment, they take exact measurements of the patient and may even fit patients with specialized equipment to employ during sessions. Radiation therapists offer emotional assistance to patients and their families who are going through a very difficult period.

#19. Speech-Language Pathologists: $79,060

Primary Duties:

Speech-language pathologists are positions in the health sector and are mainly practiced under certified clinical. Assessing, diagnosing, and treating language and speech impairments is performed by experts with special training in speech-language pathology. 

A speech-language pathologist can provide exercises and approaches to lessen and overcome linguistic problems through ongoing speech therapy sessions.

# 20. Chiropractor: $75,000

Primary Duties:

A chiropractor is in charge of assisting patients in getting better spinal posture and pain medication. Their responsibilities include meeting with sick people to analyze their current conditions, summarizing possible patient treatments, and relieving musculoskeletal pain with their hands or special tools.

# 21. Respiratory Therapists: $61,830

Primary Duties:

The respiratory therapist (RT) uses scientific theory and knowledge to fix real-world clinical respiratory care issues.

The respiratory therapist inspects respiratory treatment modalities such as mechanical ventilation, oxygen therapy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, humidity-aerosol, breathing treatments, and pulmonary drainage procedures.

List of Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Medical Specialties Without a Degree

Now it sounds strange that you can own the best paying jobs in medical specialties without a degree, right? 

But, strangely it is hundred and ten percent true that you can own such the best paying jobs in medical specialties with no experience. You can get jobs in the highest-paid medical specialties in the future that pays well without specialized degrees in the health sector. However, you will gain experience in such jobs by working under experts. 

The list of such jobs along with their expected yearly salary is given below. It is recommended to go through all the jobs and choose the best one for you. 

  1. Ultrasound Technician: $72,000/ year
  2. Massage Therapists: $ 40,000/ year
  3. Neurodiagnostic Technologists: $ 58,440/ year
  4. Endoscopy Technician: $ 44,000/ year
  5. Patient Technician: $ 35,000/ year
  6. Phlebotomists: $ 34,050/ year
  7. Home Health Aide: $ 36,000/ year
  8. Medical Equipment Technician: $ 44,500/ year
  9. Medical Assistant: $ 46,500/ year
  10. Sonographer: $ 41,400/ year

The opportunities in such fields in the forthcoming future are almost endless. So don’t wait any longer to start your career in the medical field to get the best-paying jobs in medical specialties. 


After going through all the data and statistics for the best-paying jobs in medical specialties now it can be concluded that whether you have a specialized degree in surgery, dental, orthopedic, etc, or just have a simple certification in the medical field. You can get highly paid for your work in the health sector. 

However, the salary range will depend on the type of work you do, your degree, and your level of expertise. 

FAQs related to Best Paying Jobs in Medical Specialties

Which medical specialty is most in demand in the USA?

As per the data stated by the U.S. BLS’ outlook, some of the most demanding jobs in the near future are listed below: 
1. Medical & Health Service Manager: $ 115,000
2. Nurse Practitioners: $ 111,800
3. Occupational Therapy Assistant: $ 61,800
4. Physical Therapist Assistant: $ 58,700
5. Medical Assistant: $ 35,700

What medical job has the highest salary?

As per the above data shared, in the forthcoming future Anesthesiologists with approximately $331,100 will have the highest salary. 

How can I make a lot of money in healthcare?

Well, making money in health care is neither very easy nor very tough. This is the profession that will stay high in demand for many decades. Endless opportunities will be in your hand to make a lot of money if you want to make a career in the health sector with a specialized degree. 

What are the easiest healthcare jobs to get without any experience?

The list of such best-paying jobs in medical specialties with no experience is listed below:
1. Medical Biller: $ 16/ hour
2. Medical Secretary: $ 15/ hour
3. Nursing Assistant: $ 15/ hour
4. Caregiver: $ 10.50/ hour
5. Patient Sitter: $ 10/ hour

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