Land More Clients – Create a Perfect Freelance Writer LinkedIn Profile!

When people say LinkedIn is a gold mine, they actually mean it! 

Now that you have decided to become a freelance writer it is not as easy as doing a job as a writer where you get your monthly payment deposited in your account. Most freelancers face a major problem in finding clients. So, the first thing you need to do is create your freelance writer’s LinkedIn profile

And I know it is tough in the beginning but you can overcome this issue by building a personal brand for yourself. The only thing that can save you from dry months as a freelancer is to start marketing yourself and your services. 

If you are a freelance writer and you still don’t have your freelance writer LinkedIn profile then trust me you are missing out on a lot of extremely good opportunities.

This needs to change and here is why you need to have a freelance writer’s LinkedIn profile. 

Is LinkedIn good for freelance writers? 

You will not believe me if I say that recruiters judge you on the basis of your LinkedIn profile

YES!! It’s true. And let this sink in your mind. 

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has continued to be the most preferred social networking site for business professionals and is especially important for people looking to find jobs, or even if they are already employed by a certain company and are seeking opportunities on a freelance basis. 

With its network of 800+ million users across 200+ countries, it has a specific business focus audience that helps you to get more freelance opportunities and explore the world of business. 

According to their LinkedIn profile, recruiters hang out on LinkedIn to find perfect candidates. It is the most preferred platform by freelancers other than these popular sites namely, Upwork, Fiver, etc. 

How do I list freelance writing on LinkedIn? 

As a freelance writer, you must have an optimized LinkedIn profile to attract your target audience and clients who can take the services you offer. 

If you don’t know how to optimize a LinkedIn profile for job search and freelancing, you can move on to this article to have detailed information about profile optimization.

Now, as a freelance writer, you can leverage the power of LinkedIn to submit articles and publish content that will show up in the feeds of your targeted potential clients and employers on this social platform for professionals.

Moreover, you can now market yourself through your LinkedIn profile to your potential customers/clients, employers, recruiters, and organizations on this renowned site for professionals. 

How to get clients for freelance writers through LinkedIn? 

How to get clients for freelance writers through LinkedIn? 
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As already discussed, you need to have a kick-ass optimized LinkedIn profile that can attract random scrolling eyeballs to pay attention to your content and worth. 

You need to continuously create content that provides value to your audience and is solving the problems of your target clients. Now, supposing that you are a freelance writer who wants to bag clients through your LinkedIn profile, all you need to do is consistently post content related to your industry and try to get as much reach and engagement from your audience. 

To maximize the reach of your LinkedIn post you can check this article on how to get maximum reach on your LinkedIn post.

As soon as you start getting attention from your audience with the help of your content, people will start noticing your work and you will automatically start getting inbound leads within a month. 

If you are not getting inbound leads then you can start reaching out to people whom you can help with your skills and solve their problems. These are called outbound leads which are also so much effective in getting opportunities to work with your dream clients.

5 Exact Steps to Create Freelance Writer LinkedIn Profile in minutes

To create a freelance writer’s LinkedIn profile is not as tough as people make it. It can be optimized easily with the proper approach and tactics. 

The first step is to have your name and description show up in search results and connect with your target audience and business partners. 

1. Correct use of Headline

It is wonderful when someone looking at your profile can learn everything they might want to know about your professional life including exactly what you do, who you are, and what sort of expertise you bring with you. And this is the use of ‘headline’.

To build the perfect freelance writer living profile you must include your keywords in your headline. Some of the best keywords that you can use are-

  • Freelance writer
  • Freelance content writer
  • Freelance copywriter
  • Copywriter
  • Content writer
  • Freelancer 

One pro tip I can give you is to use your keyword with a specific niche. You can clearly define your industry and the person whom you can help with your skills. 

Freelance Writer Profile Example:

Example- (Freelance content writer + niche)

A perfect example of a freelance writer’s LinkedIn profile headline can be like this

“Freelance content and copywriter, helping brands and business owners with eye-catching content and copy.”

2. Perfect headshot profile picture

When it comes to maximizing your potential with LinkedIn, the first thing you should worry about is your profile picture. A freelance writer’s LinkedIn profile must contain an ideal and professional profile picture that shows the real person behind the profile.

Your profile picture creates your first impression, so choose something that projects the professional image that you want to project in your prospect’s mind! It is always a positive thing to have a charming LinkedIn profile picture that speaks for your personality.  

3. Hook your reader through the ‘About’ section

Your “About me” section is where you will briefly introduce yourself to your prospect users. This section gives you roughly about 2,000 characters to hook your prospect users into wanting to learn more about who the person behind the profile is. 

This part of your profile must contain all pertinent information about you in a brief manner that explains who you are, what you do, what you care about, how you can help or benefit others, your values, and overall your mission statement. 

By explaining your summary like this you are building a perfect freelance writer LinkedIn profile that is supposed to bring maximum opportunities for freelance writing works. 

4. Wisely list experiences

As long as there are dates, descriptions of former jobs, or other experiences, along with your degrees and other notable accomplishments, it will make for a much more comprehensive profile. You should also take this opportunity to show how you’ve matured over time – whether professionally or personally. 

This communicates an impressive sense of responsibility which is sure to grab them by the heartstrings! And this is how you create an engaging freelance writer’s LinkedIn profile. 

5. Get endorsement on your skills

Your target audience or potential client is going to hire you based on your skills. While building your freelance writer LinkedIn profile make sure you are listing your best hard skills with the help of which you can help your prospect to know your worth and capability. 

A freelancer’s LinkedIn profile must contain at least 5 skills related to his or her industry and niche. You can definitely add more than 5 that can be your soft skills like communication skills, time management, punctuality, etc. which are must-have skills for a freelance writer. 

6. Treat your LinkedIn profile as your Portfolio

Make sure that you utilize proper use of each category on your profile, go into detail about your professional history, provide links to past work projects you’ve been involved in, or use URL footnoting to add links to further detail around links that reference other information such as other social media sites where you can be found.

Doing this will make it easier for people to find out more about who you are and what you do while creating a stronger connection between yourself and potential clients. 

Your freelance writer’s LinkedIn profile can bring you hundreds of leads every month organically without even spending a single penny on it. 

After following these steps your stunning and optimized freelance writer LinkedIn profile is ready to get clients and money right to you! 

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