15 Best-Paying Jobs In Specialty Chemicals (USA)

The Most demanding 15 Best-Paying Jobs In Specialty Chemicals (USA)

Specialty chemicals are used almost everywhere in our day-to-day life from our diet to bright light. Therefore jobs in specialty chemicals can be a rewarding career in the forthcoming future. 

If you have a specialized higher degree in chemistry or related fields, then you can apply for the best-paying jobs in specialty chemicals. The number of opportunities will rise by 2030 in this field. 

So, if you are a chemistry lover then do not delay any more. I will help you to let you find out the best and highest-paying chemistry jobs. For getting a job in specialty chemicals, you don’t have to put in any extra effort, just read this article thoroughly. 

So, what will you find below in the article for specialty chemical jobs? 

You will find detailed information about the below-mentioned points: 

  • What are the best-paying jobs in specialty chemicals?
  • What are the highest-paying chemistry jobs?  
  • What are the top 5 chemistry careers?
  • Best Country & best states for chemistry jobs 
  • Specialty chemical jobs salaries such as medicinal chemist salary, etc.

And so many other things will be shared with you along with extensively researched data and statistics in the article below. 

What are Specialty Chemicals? 

Before knowing the best-paying jobs in specialty chemicals it is important to first know detailed information about specialty chemicals. 

Specialty chemicals are also termed performance chemicals, formulation chemicals, or effect chemicals. They are utilized as substances in finished goods and to enhance manufacturing procedures.

A few examples of specialty chemicals categories are agrichemicals, colors, construction chemicals, food additives, fragrances, polymers, elastomers, paints, industrial gasses, surfactants, adhesives, textiles, and cleaning materials, etc. 

To manufacture specialty chemicals, batch processing techniques are used in batch chemical plants. Most specialty chemicals are natural materials that are used in a variety of industrial and consumer products.

Is Specialty Chemical a Good Career Path?

If you are curious to know about the best-paying jobs in specialty chemicals or highest-paying chemistry jobs. Then first you should know whether this field is a good career path for you or not. 

We care for you and always come up with authentic and extensive research-based information in front of you. That’s why before letting you know about the best-paying jobs in specialty chemicals, first we will let you know the market trends for the forthcoming future. 

Specialty chemicals are used in a variety of industries, from diet to lighting, to enhance the quality of products for people. The biggest businesses in this sector produce some of the highest revenues worldwide.

Yes, a career in the industry of specialty chemicals is a good choice. The sector is vital to the economy because it encourages employment generation and hence promotes economic expansion all across the country.

More than 15 million jobs have been created in the United States by the chemical industry, which also incorporates the specialty chemicals industry.

The market size of the sector was predicted to increase from $586.5 billion in 2020 to $953.9 billion in 2027. The specialty chemicals market size value is expected to increase with a 4.3% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) from 2020 to 2028

Specialty Chemical market
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Specialty Chemical market report by grandviewresearch.com

Since the market value of the industry is expected to increase in the near future then you can expect several opportunities in this field. So, obviously, by keeping the trends in mind, it can be stated that YES specialty chemicals are a good career path.  

Now, it is important to know which is the best country for chemistry jobs or which are the best states for chemistry jobs.

The Asia Pacific has become one of the markets for specialty chemicals that is expanding quickly due to China’s prominence (one of the leading manufacturing hubs). Asia-Pacific was responsible for a 46.8% share in 2020 of the market’s revenue for specialty chemicals.

Furthermore, it is predicted that the market for specialty chemicals will offer lucrative positions. These offerings are due to the industrial growth and industrial diversification of different countries’ economies like Singapore, India, Thailand, and Malaysia.

After knowing all the market trends and statistics for the best-paying jobs in specialty chemicals. Now it’s time to be familiar with top chemistry careers. Here we will let you know what are the top 5 chemistry careers in the below section. 

 What are the Top 5 Chemistry Careers? 

If you are a chemistry lover and want to marry your lover for the rest of your life. I mean if you want to make a career in your desired and lovable field such as the chemical field then I will tell you about the top 5 chemistry careers in this section. 

Your wait for what are the top 5 chemistry careers has ended now. Here is the list of top 5 chemistry careers + job outlook, you can marry one of such careers for life long depending on your interest, comfort, and compatibility with your degree. Also, you can make more money with this.

Chemistry CareersJob OutlookExpected Median Salary
# 1. Chemical Engineering 9%$105,550 per year
# 2. Nanotechnology6%$100,00 per year
# 3. Geoscience7%$83,680 per year
# 4. Chemist & Material Science 6%$79,760 per year
# 5. Forensic Science16%$61,930 per year

Career Tip: Before applying for any career in chemistry, it is advisable by our experts to go through the current job trends and market value for the same job posts. And for high earnings, go for higher degrees in chemistry such as Master’s or Ph.D. 

Above mentioned chemistry careers are in trend. The best-paying jobs in specialty chemicals related to the above chemistry careers and other careers are given in the below section. 

10 Most Demanding Best-Paying Jobs in Specialty Chemicals

The following list of highest-paying chemistry jobs will be best suited for the best-paying jobs in specialty chemicals. Check out all the jobs one by one and then choose accordingly, depending on your interest and qualifications. 

# 1. Chemical Engineer: $105,550

Job Outlook: The workforce of chemical engineers is expected to rise by 9% between 2020 and 2030.

Primary Duties:

Chemical engineering jobs are among the highest-paying chemistry jobs. Chemical engineers perform tasks related to environmental protection, chemical quality control, and biochemical engineering. They also conduct research, and design, as well as are responsible for the development of chemical processes and equipment. 

They work for a variety of manufacturing and processing companies, consulting firms, government, and academic and research institutions.

# 2. Material Scientists $ 104,790  

Job Outlook: The workforce of material scientists is expected to rise by 5.9% between 2020 and 2030.

Primary Duties:

Material scientists are responsible for examining the compositions, structures, reactions, and other characteristics of various substances. They specify the right ingredients, times for mixing, and temperatures for testing and chemical processing.

They are also in charge of developing new and better medicines, plastics, cleaning products, and countless other products.

# 3. Pharmacologist: $ 96,000 

Job Outlook: The workforce of pharmacologists is expected to rise by 6% in the forthcoming years. 

Primary Duties:

They are research scientists who make, discover, and test medicines for the treatment and prevention of disease. They test various substances to see if they are harmful, including gasses, dust, and food colorings. In laboratory animals like guinea pigs and monkeys, they frequently research the effects of substances such as drugs.

Pharmacologists spend the majority of their time in laboratories. pharmacologists are employed in private industry, medical colleges, hospitals, universities, and governmental organizations.

# 4. Chemical Technician: $48,990 

Job Outlook: The workforce of chemical technicians is expected to rise by 5% between 2020 and 2030. 

Primary Duties:

Chemical technicians are the persons who use different laboratory equipment and techniques to provide assistance to chemists and chemical engineers.

Chemical samples are gathered and delivered by the chemical technician to the laboratory for processing. They help in the collection of samples. They are in charge of accurately recording the lab testing report and recording data from lab tests.

# 5. Medicinal Chemist Salary: $ 75,400 

Job Outlook: The workforce of medical chemists is expected to rise by 7% between 2016 and 2026. The medical chemist’s salary (expected) is $75,000. 

Primary Duties:

Medicinal Chemists use a variety of chemistry techniques, mainly synthetic organic chemistry and analysis of data, to design and produce new pharmaceutically active compounds to treat a specific disease or condition.

Chemical compounds that are used as prescription medications are studied and generated by medicinal chemists. To develop and test new drug products, they collaborate with other scientists and engineers in teams. 

In order to efficiently produce new drugs on a large scale, they also assist in the development of new and improved manufacturing techniques.

# 6. Toxicologist: $74,500

Job Outlook: The workforce of toxicologists is expected to rise by 17% between 2016 and 2026.

Primary Duties:

Toxicologists’ major duty is to investigate potential harm caused by chemicals to assist in establishing regulations that protect the general public. They do this by conducting scientific experiments to assess the short & long toxic impacts of materials or radiation. 

Toxicologists are essential in ensuring that harmful chemicals do not adversely affect our health or the environment. They perform their research on pesticides we use on our lawns,  chemicals used in foods, chemicals used in makeup, etc.

# 7. Analytical Chemist: $ 79,700

Job Outlook: The workforce of analytical chemists is expected to rise by 5% between 2019 and 2029.

Primary Duties:

Analytical chemists analyze substances to learn more about their composition. They also consider how constituents of a compound communicate with one another. 

Their work is crucially relevant to the pharmaceutical industry, which needs knowledge about the composition and potential interactions of substances that could be used to make medicines. In environmental chemistry, their abilities are also put to use to find chemical pollutants available in the environment.

# 8. Water Chemist: $ 67,300 

Job Outlook: The workforce of water chemists is expected to rise by 7% in the forthcoming years.

Primary Duties:

Water chemists study how all the characteristics impact the quality of other bodies of water, including rivers, lakes, and oceans, as well as our drinking water. 

They are responsible to examine water samples for contaminants such as pesticides, bacteria, metals, minerals, and so on

In order to make water safe for consumption, they may be assigned the task of evolving ways of treating or purifying water.

# 9. Hazardous Material Management Chemist: $46,300 

Job Outlook: The workforce of hazardous material management chemists is expected to rise by 7% between 2020 and 2030. 

Primary Duties:

Specialists in hazardous waste management develop effective strategies for stripping away hazardous materials from the surroundings. They put in the effort to collect, manage, and evaluate hazardous waste. 

These experts actively participate in the removal and disposal of waste materials and are always looking for ways to simplify the procedures and create innovative strategies.

Specialists in hazardous waste management conduct research on both the materials and the methods used to dispose of them.

# 10. Academic Research chemists: $25,000 

Job Outlook: Lucrative job opportunities in the near future for academic research chemists. 

Primary Duties:

A scientist who focuses on the study of chemistry is known as a research chemist. Their work frequently focuses on a particular area of interest within chemistry, such as medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, or physical chemistry.  

They may use a variety of tools, such as lasers and computer modeling software, based on that subspecialty. While some concentrate on fundamental research that aims to advance chemistry as a whole. Others work specifically on the creation of innovative materials or pharmaceuticals.


Numerous industries, especially the oil and gas industry, use specialty chemicals extensively. As a result, the industry is expected to expand over time in response to rising demand. Specialty chemical workers can find stable employment opportunities with good pay.

Modern equipment is available on-site, and specialty chemical companies frequently care about their employees’ professional growth. Hence, this is the position for you if you’re looking for the best-paying jobs in specialty chemicals or the highest-paying chemistry jobs that pays well and provides other fantastic benefits.

FAQs related to Best-Paying Jobs in Specialty Chemicals

What is the highest-paid chemistry job?

As per the research performed, the highest paid chemistry job is of chemical engineers. As per the data provided by the U.S. Bureau of labor statistics, the median salary of a chemical engineer is $105,550 per year. 

What are the highest paying jobs for chemical engineers?

The list of highest paying jobs for chemical engineers is given below depending on the salary range.
– Plant Manager: $172,000 per year
– Mining Engineer: $94,500 per year
– Consulting Engineer: $91,900 per year
– Nuclear Engineer: $89,600 per year
– Pharmaceutical Manufacturer: $84,100 per year

Which field is best for chemical engineers?

There are many fields that are best suited for chemical engineers. Such fields are listed below: 
Manufacturing, Production,  Pharmaceutical, Nuclear, Chemical Process, Chemical Plant, Chemical Operator, etc.

Which is the best country for chemistry jobs in 2022? 

Germany has topped the list of best countries for chemistry jobs in 2022. However, 4 other countries are also best for chemistry jobs, these are the United Kingdom, Australia, China, Ireland

Hope you would like the article about the best-paying jobs in the chemical specialty. I have tried my level best to provide all the information from the best available and authentic sources. 

Still, if you have any queries regarding the mentioned jobs then do let me know by writing in the comment section. Or, you can drop a mail to us at [email protected]

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