10 UNIQUE best-paying jobs in professional services (USA)

– The professional service industry is one of the biggest industries we have. It is an ever-growing industry providing countless opportunities to people wanting to build a career in the same.

Today, with technological advancements we have ample sources to search for a job. Although unemployment still prevails in the country, there is no shortage of best-paying jobs be it in any industry.

The USA is the best location for Professional services firms. The research infrastructure of the country is a huge asset for the professional services industry. 

None of us is oblivious to the fact that some of the world’s most famous companies are located in the U.S be it any sector. 

If you are looking for opportunities in the professional service industry, we are right at your service.

In this article, we have listed the best-paying jobs in professional services.

Before moving to it we should first understand what’s under the hood.

What are professional services?

Professional services are the ones in which persons get paid for providing their expertise and time. 

People willing to work in the professional service industry need to have a valid degree/course from a recognized institution in order to pursue their chosen career. 

Such professionals undergo training to understand the requirements of their profession and thereby gain practical experience.

Sub sectors of the professional services industry

  • Architectural services

The architectural sector mainly consists of firms involved in planning and designing institutional, commercial, residential, and industrial buildings.

 Many small-scale architectural firms work with other firms that have a larger market and provide their services.

  • Management consulting

Management consulting is all about the business sector consulting services like general administrative management, human resources, marketing, logistics, physical distribution, technical services, and other general management services.

  •  Accounting services

Accounting services are an integral part of the professional services industry because they are responsible for providing financial auditing services, other tax preparation services, and many consulting services for corporate clients and individuals. This job could also disappear by 2030, yes you heard it right.

  • Engineering services

The engineering sector accounts for the most contributing sector to the overall revenue.

It is mainly concerned with the development and design of machinery, instruments, materials, systems, and structures.

It also includes the feasibility studies done to ensure the inspection and evaluate the processes that are undergone.

  • Legal services 

Firms providing litigation support, patent agent services, and general corporate services come under the legal services subsector of the professional services industry.

Need of service industry

  • The professional service industry is a very big sector with many career opportunities for freshers as well as experts. 
  • There is a high demand for experts in this industry as the needs of society are more than ever.
  • The great opportunities in this industry lead to job satisfaction and the standard of living of the professionals.  
  • Moreover, there are loads of perks of working in this industry like health benefits, pensions after retirement, paid leaves, and many other employee benefits.
  • The average salary of a person working in the professional services industry has an average salary of $85,700.
  • According to research, the professional service industry is likely to be an $8 trillion industry by the end of 2022.

What is a Professional Services Consultancy?

A consultancy is basically an agency that provides consultancy services to its customers

It mainly consists of giving advice and providing the expertise of the professional services consultants on business matters in exchange for some fee. 

Consultancy comes under professional services like that of lawyers, accountants, pilots, etc, and is a huge part of the same. 

Marketing consultants, legal consultants, investment consultants, and IT consultants are some of the main examples of consultancy careers.

Now that we have understood what professional services consultants do, you must be wondering do consultants make a lot of money?

Yes, consultants do make a lot of money provided they have good expertise in their area of consultancy. 

A professional services consultant may earn anywhere between $55000-$21550. 

Comparably, the highest salary earned by an employee as a professional services consultant was $11800 in the US.

Why are companies looking for consultancy services?

There are many companies looking for consultancy services and anybody looking for a career in consultancy has a lot of opportunities on their way. Companies hire consultants mainly because they want to have an outside eye that would provide unbiased advice.

Consultants work with many companies throughout their careers which helps them to build great expertise and a lot of experience in the practicality of consultancy services as they move forward in their careers. 

They are likely to solve the problems in a professional yet easy manner if they have already worked through a particular problem in the past. 

This is what helps the companies to grow further in their businesses and be a step ahead of their competitors.

Potential employees like you are always in search of the best-paying jobs in professional services, but you need not go anywhere.

We have curated a list of 10 best-paying jobs in professional services

10 Best-Paying Jobs In Professional Services

1. Accountants & Auditors 

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Average salary: $73,600 per annum 

The financial services sector is a vast one that comprises Accountants, Auditors, and many other such professionals. They are responsible to help with the finances, taxes, and other records of the businesses as well as individuals. 

To work in the finance sector as an accountant or an auditor, you can work even with a bachelor’s degree. There are also many specializations in accounting and auditing that may pay you very well

You can choose a specialization from the diverse opportunities in the accounting sector and end up getting one of the  best-paying jobs in professional services

2. Post-secondary teachers 

Average salary : $80,550 per annum

Teachers instructing students in diverse academic and technical subjects are known as Postsecondary teachers. 

Such teachers generally provide their services in professional law & medical schools, universities, and colleges. 

Education is the most important part of any country to become a successful nation. There is always a demand for expert teachers to strengthen the education system of the nation.

To become a postsecondary teacher, you must have both – a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in a particular subject.

It is advisable that you enroll yourself in training programs offered by various institutions to gain experience and improve your teaching skills. But if you don’t like teaching at all, you should check this article: 18 Best Jobs for Teachers Who Don’t Want to Teach!

3. Architects 

Average salary: $82300 per annum

Architects are trained professionals who are responsible for planning and designing the construction of various buildings. 

The proper implementation of design building plans also comes under the hood of an architect. 

With all the technical growth, computerized drawing is practiced more nowadays by the architect.

Traditionally, architects used to draw designs by hand but technologies have overshadowed this.

Professionals wanting to make a career in architecture require a bachelor’s degree in architecture from a recognized college or university. 

If you are not wanting to do a bachelor’s degree, special training certifications and diplomas can also help you get a job in architectural services.

You can find all these jobs from the best job posting sites for employers in the USA.

 4. Software developers 

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Average salary: $110150 per annum

Software developers are one of the most respectable and high-earning professionals in the technology sector. 

They create, design, and maintain software applications to provide technical services.

Software developers also run tests to ensure the proper functioning of the applications. 

You need a bachelor’s degree to kick-start your technical career and gain knowledge and experience by working in technical areas. 

You can easily enroll in coding Bootcamps to improve your skills or can even go for a master’s in computer science. 

Gaining experience in this field before pursuing a master’s degree could be very beneficial as this field is mainly based on practical knowledge.

5. Actuaries 

Average salary: $11030 per annum

Some of us might not be very familiar with Actuaries and their role in the professional services industry.

Actuaries are the ones that specialize in the mathematics field and mainly work in the insurance industry.

They mainly work to analyze the risk and uncertainty of a business or an individual so that they make proper decisions. 

By doing this the financial implications of risk can be ascertained, thereby helping the business and individuals with their money. 

Anybody willing to be an actuary would require a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, actuarial science, statistics, or any required field as a minimum qualification to enter this profession.

6. Lawyers 

Average salary: $126900 per annum 

Lawyers are professionals who provide legal advice to their clients, representing them in exchange for fees. 

Apart from working in courts, they also work in various corporations, agencies, and law firms. 

One cannot practice law without a proper law degree from a recognized institution to start your career. 

After that, you can pass other levels of examinations along with your practice.

7. Airline & Commercial Pilots 

Airline & Commercial Pilots 
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Average salary: $130450 per annum 

Working in airlines is not everybody’s cup of tea and one needs proper training to work as a pilot. 

They are licensed professionals who are responsible for the proper departure, journey, and arrival of flights. 

These professionals work in private and government airlines. 

To work as a pilot anywhere you must have proper education along with a license from the Federal Aviation Academy for the completion of the training program. 

Whereas, a bachelor’s degree in aviation is considered mandatory in most airlines.

8. Financial Managers 

Average salary: $134180 per annum

The name Financial Managers itself suggests that they are the professionals working within the financial sector.

They offer services by setting financial goals, investing the right resources, and developing proper financial reports to check the financial position of the business.

Financial Managers may also provide advice in matters concerning finance.

Working in a financial sector as a Financial Manager would require a bachelor’s degree in finance or any other related field.

The experience of an individual is counted in the financial sector and thereby plays an important role in one’s career.

9. Computer and Information system managers 

Average salary: $15150 per annum 

Computers and technology have really taken over the world and it would be an understatement to say that it is one of the most important industries now. 

Computer and information system managers are people responsible for all the computer-related activities of the company or business.

They offer their services in the organization and management of computer activities to ensure proper management of the activities concerned.

Computer services are one of the best-paying jobs in the professional services industry. 

To become an IT professional in this area you require a bachelor’s degree in the computer field. 

After that, you could gain knowledge and training from IT Bootcamps that will further enhance your career opportunities.

10. Physicians and Surgeons 

Physicians and Surgeons 
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Average salary: $208000 per annum 

Physicians and Surgeons are highly regarded wherever they go and it is true that their job is the best-paying job in the professional services industry. 

These are the highest-paid occupations for healthcare professionals who diagnose and treat an illness. 

Working in a medical profession is not even as task as it may seem. One requires several years of education to start a medical career.

As a minimum qualification one needs a bachelor’s and a medical degree in your respective chosen field of specialization.

Training and other education programs could also benefit freshers but again it requires a good amount of time.

Medical professionals work in hospitals, clinics, private companies, and other government organizations.

On an ending note, I would like to mention that when it comes to high-paying jobs in professional services it is difficult to beat the healthcare sector. Specialists other than this field can look for good opportunities in the finance, engineering, and management sector.

Hello readers! I am Shreyashi Paliwwal, a passionate content writer. I am a commerce graduate and I like to write content related to jobs, careers, commerce, and other general topics.

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