10 best-paying jobs in packaged foods (USA)

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In this article, we have tried to include everything you wish to know about packaged food, from its nature to the best-paying jobs in packaged food. The latest trends and data have also been mentioned to enhance your understanding of the topic. 

We have also considered the opportunities in the beverages industry as it is an integral part of the packaged food industry.

As you will scroll down, you would also find the best-paying jobs in packaging foods & beverages. The market is dominated by Beverages as it accounts for almost 68% market share

So, without waiting any more time let’s get started. Don’t miss anything as it contains all the information regarding the best paying jobs in packaged food along with the requirements and job criteria.

What is Food Packaging and how does it work?

Food Packaging starts after manufacturing, it is the process of packaging food into containers of various shapes and sizes for proper handling and transportation. It also contained beverages and other food items. 

There are many materials in Packaged food industry namely plastic, paper, glass, and wood, for presenting food in the form of finished products for direct use by customers.

In simple words, packaging is the art of preparing products for delivery by using technology and manpower. It prevents the food from contamination, spoilage, damage, etc and ensures safe delivery.

All packaged food comes with labels that provide all the main information regarding the product like price, quantity, brand, manufacturer, etc. The United States has the world’s biggest Food Packaging Industry and it accounts for the largest amount of waste in the country. 

Although, most of it is recycled and the country is trying to improve on recycling packaged food containers. In the USA, the recycling rate of packaging and containers is 60% and is likely to increase in the coming years.

Almost 35% to 50% of the total packaging sector is dominated by the food packaging industry.

Packaged Food Industry in the USA.

packaged foods industry in the usa
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The Packaged Food industry is a vast industry in the USA and it is one of the highest revenue-generating industries in the country. In 2021, the revenue of supermarkets for packaged food was around 70%.

Packaged food has made it easy to manage the work-life balance as it is extremely difficult for working professionals to get everything done from scratch as preparing food is quite a long process involving a lot of time and effort.

The USA is one of the most developed countries in the world. Therefore, the Packaged Food Industry has gained so much importance in the country. The eating habits of people have changed over the years in modern society and have greatly contributed to this industry.

Another reason for the high demand for Packaged Food is that it is easily available, and convenient to use and store. 

The plant-based products, healthy ingredients, and taste have directly contributed to the growth of packaged food in the country.

  • The packaged food market was valued at USD 1.05 trillion in 2021.
  • The industry is expected to grow by 4.9% at a compound rate of interest from 2022 to 2030.

10 Best-Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods (USA)

1. Food Taster

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Average salary – $36,260 per annum

A Food tasting job looks interesting, right?

Although the job of a Food Taster may seem easy the reality is not the same. Proper knowledge and education are required to work as a Food Taster in any company. 

Coming to the responsibilities of a Food Taster, tasting food or drink prepared by chefs to check the ingredients and flavor is around which this job position revolves. Giving feedback to the restaurant, company or industry is an essential part of the duties of a Food Taster.


  • a bachelor’s or master’s degree in food science.
  • recognized training certifications
  • work experience

You can easily find all these jobs from one of the famous job posting sites by employers.

2. Packaging Operator

Average salary – $50,300 per annum

Packaging Operators are people who are responsible for operating the machines in packaging facilities to wrap food into containers. Their main responsibilities include meeting packaging standards, checking up machines from time to time, and refilling them as and when required.

Packaging Operator is surely one of the best sales jobs in the packaging industry and there is a lot of scope for people willing to join the field.


  • high school diploma is mandatory.
  • food safety certifications
  • training and experience in the field
  • time-management and operation managing skills

3. Beverage Manager

Average salary – $51,400 per annum

Beverages are an integral part of the packaged food industry and Beverage Manager is one of the best-paying jobs in packaging foods & beverages. A Beverage Manager is a manager who looks after the daily activities of the workers in the beverage department. 

The daily operations and preparations of beverages are also supervised by the Beverage Manager. Ensuring proper production of beverages and training new staff are other important roles of a Beverage Manager.


4. Packaging Specialist

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Average salary – $60,000 per annum

A packaging Specialist is one of the highest-paid professionals in the packaged food industry. A packaging Specialist is responsible for creating packaging materials by combining all the resources and making the cost as low as possible. 


  • A bachelor’s degree in hospitality, food design, or science
  • no additional degree is mandatory after a bachelor’s
  • technical skills add a plus to jobs

5. Design Manager

Average salary – $ 64000 per annum

The design Manager is the person who comes up with new ideas for the next product of the brand. Encouraging and advising the staff is another main role of a Design Manager. A good experience and interest in designing are essential to be successful in the role of a Design Manager.


  • a bachelor’s degree in packaging design
  • interest in designing
  • experience in the field of design

6. Food Safety Manager

Average salary – $65,400 per annum

Food Safety Manager is required to ensure that employees from your facility follow all the safety procedures in the preparation of food. Checking the food for the health and safety standards along with supervision of food packing are other important duties of a Food Safety Manager.


  • a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts or hotel management.
  • 1-2 years of work experience for big companies.

7. Packaging Hygiene Manager

Packaging Hygiene Manager
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Average salary – $67,100 per annum

Proper hygiene in the preparation of food is important and so is the Packaging Hygiene Manager. It is another one of the best-paying jobs in Packaged food. A Packaging Hygiene Manager is responsible for the supervision of production activities.

Companies producing plastics for packaged food generally hire a Packaging Hygiene Manager to ensure that the production is in order.


  • a high school diploma is a must
  • a bachelor’s degree in industrial hygiene is required.
  • a master’s degree is not essential but preferred by big companies
  • good communication skills and leadership qualities.

8. Packaging Technician

Average salary – $67,500 per annum

A packaging Technician is a professional who creates and handles the packages of food. They are very high in demand in big food companies as they do innovative work like providing the design of the packaging materials that set the company’s product apart from the competitors. 

It is no doubt one of the best graphic designer jobs in packaging.


  • a high school diploma is a must.
  • experience is crucial in this role and 2-3 years of experience works well.
  • Knowledge of designing and good communication skills are needed.

9. Food Manager

Average salary – $75539 per annum

Food Manager plays an important role in the food packaging industry simply because good management impacts the working of every organization. A Food Manager is ideally hired for supervising the daily activities of the workers including the safe preparation and hygiene of the food.


  • a high school diploma is a must.
  • training certifications
  • 4-5 year of experience is required to work in this role

10. Packaging Developer

Average salary – $ 85400 per annum per annum

Packaging Developer is a good profession that pays you well. If you are adamant about getting a good job in this field then Packaging Developer is the best paying job in packaged food and with the right skills, you can get it. 

These professionals usually work in factories and warehouses to supervise packaging operations. They are mainly responsible for creating and developing new package designs. Therefore, it is one of the best-paying jobs in packaging foods & beverages.


  • a bachelor’s degree in packaging design.
  • interest in packaging development

Other jobs among the best-paying jobs in packaged foods have been listed below :

  • Food Scientist
  • Nutrition Assistant
  • Shift Manager
  • Packaging Procurement Manager
  • Packaged food team leader
  • Butcher


The food packaging industry is good to work and there are plenty of opportunities at every level of work. Specialists in the food packaging industry are much in demand and it surely is a good career

Having proper knowledge and skills would definitely land you a good job in this field. Packaging developers and food managers are the most sought-after job profiles if you wish to work in this industry. 

Always remember packaged food industry works on experience, the more you work the better you learn and earn.

We hope you have got all your questions answered and we believe this will help you get the best-paying jobs in packaged foods.

FAQs on Best-Paying Jobs in Packaged Foods

1. What is one of the highest-paying jobs in the food packaging industry?

One of the highest-paid jobs in the food packaging industry is Packaging Developer. Developers are in high demand these days with the advancements in technology and no matter in which field they work, such professionals are always paid well.

2. Is packaged food a good career path?

Yes, the packaged food industry is a good career for anybody who likes to work around food and people. 
The increasing demand for Packaged food in the country over the years has too many job opportunities in the field. 

3. What are the factors that drive the US packaged food industry?

The main factors that drive the US packaged food industry are the hectic work schedule, changing lifestyles, and food habits of the people. 
The rising demand for convenience, growth of e-commerce, and popularity of innovative products in modern society has directly influenced the food packaging market in the country.

4. How can I start a career in the food packaging industry in the USA?

Starting a career in the food packaging industry is not as big of a task as it may seem. One needs to have skills and interests to start a career in this field. There are many educational qualifications that a person can opt for.

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