20 Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females (USA)

Best paying jobs for attractive females

“Your personality is what makes you beautiful.”

The first thing to be made very clear is that jobs are not given based on an individual’s looks. To bag a job or even succeed at your job, you need to have or develop a set of skills and qualities that complement your job role finely. 

But wait! That’s just not it.

Now, there are some jobs that require the candidate to be “attractive.” (But, what’s “attractive”? Wait till we discuss it at the end of the article.) 

So, lovely ladies, listen up! If the adjectives “good-looking,” “charming” and “accomplished communicator” describe you the best, then here are the 20 best paying career options which you must explore!

20 Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females!

So, let’s check out our top picks on the list of best paying jobs for attractive females!

1. Modeling/Acting – Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

Modeling - jobs for attractive females
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In the entertainment industry, it is crucial for casting agencies to hire attractive candidates. Whether it is modeling or acting, besides personality, good looks matter a lot. Entertainment is a glamorous industry with numerous opportunities, and this industry alone employs millions of people and is worth billions. 

However, as gleaming as it sounds, it is not easy to make a mark here. While being one of the best paying jobs for attractive females, it is perhaps highly competitive and challenging. 

In order to succeed, you need to focus on what you are good at and,, most importantly, work on networking

Average Salary

$84000 per year

2. Flight Attendant – Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

Next on the list of best paying jobs for attractive females is cabin crew. This is a women-dominated sector as employers prefer hiring women. Women are generally more considerate and kind, which are some of the most important qualities required.

Also, if you love traveling, this job might just turn your dreams into reality.

Average Salary

$33,065 per year

3. Event Hosting

If your voice is arousing and drives people’s attention, then hosting or anchoring is the perfect job for you. 

Grabbing the audience’s attention is a stimulating task and definitely not an easy one. One must be attractive and have a vibrant personality to do so. This is why anchors and hosts are specially hired for events. 

Events host are needed at award functions, ceremonies, even at private functions like birthday parties, etc. 

Moreover, event hosting is a great way to make side money as it is not exactly a nine-to-five job. You can do it in your free time and make some extra money.

Average Salary

$31,666 per year

4. Singer – Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

4. Singer - Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females
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Yes, we know you’re wondering why a singer has to be attractive, right?

Well, because I’m not talking about playback singing. If you have an attractive personality and a melodious voice, indeed you should be a lead singer. Join a band, or start booking shows for live solo gigs.

Average Salary

$41,480 per year

5. Front Desk Executive – Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

Next among the best paying jobs for attractive females is front desk management. This is a great career option in the hospitality industry. 

As the front desk executive or manager, you are the face of the premises. So, the onus of creating brilliant first impressions falls directly upon you. Naturally, employers only hire candidates with attractive personalities.

This can be a great job option for you if you are one lazy individual as the job does not involve any kind of physical or mental labor. 

Average Salary

$51,687 per year

6. Instagram/YouTube Personality

It might not seem like it, but social media, indeed, is one of the best paying jobs for attractive females. 

You might come across tens of “public figures” and “social media stars” while scrolling your feed every day. Ever wonder how much money they make off of it?

Did you know? Seven years old Radzinskaya is the highest-paid female YouTuber making millions from her content. 

Now, the only distance between you and a successful YouTube career is a unique content idea.

Average Salary

$47,630 per year (with a decent following)

7. Teacher

Teaching is not only among the best paying jobs for attractive females but also a great career option for deep thinkers. 

A teacher’s role is not only to share information but also to engage their students. And, for this, even a teacher needs to have a sparkling personality! 

Teacher transmits their energy to the students to boost their morale and make them love learning. Also, it is easier for a teacher with an attractive personality to make their students feel safe and comfortable and be able to share their problems.

Average Salary

$62,870 per year

8. Doctor/Nurse – Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

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The medical field offers the best jobs for the future. Also, this might just be among the best paying jobs for attractive females.

Now, don’t get us wrong. As a patient you want to be treated by someone that you can trust, someone you believe will actually care for you, right?

Thus, a charismatic and attractive personality can make all the difference between a good medical practitioner and an exceptional practitioner.

Average Salary of a Physician

$203,450 per year

9. Sales and Marketing

Excellent communication skills, a friendly attitude, and people skills are the key to success in sales. If you are good at convincing people, a job in sales will be a great option for you. 

There are various job roles in this profession, such as telecaller, sales executive, sales head, marketing manager, chief executive officer, and many more. 

The best thing about this career option is that it offers a basic fixed salary along with remarkable sales-based incentives. So, your earning capacity is not limited by your work title. 

Average Salary

$57,192 per year

10. Human Resource Executive

A human resource executive is the role model for employees working in an organization. They are expected to display the benchmarks set for all the other members of the company and inspire people to keep learning, growing, and performing efficiently. 

We believe this is a reason good enough for HR to be among the best paying jobs for attractive females. 

With great people skills and a charming personality, you can handle the HR department well and help an organization to grow.

Average Salary

 $70 K per year

11. Make-up Artist – Best Paying Jobs for Attractive Females

With more and more awareness in the beauty and health sector, makeup is another up-and-coming profession for women. 

You can start your career with a simple certification and some basic training. 

What you want to do with this skill is absolute up to you. You can start your studio, work with known industry experts, start a YouTube channel, etc.

Average Salary

$47,917 per year

12. Therapist

Another one of the best paying jobs for attractive females is that of a therapist or a psychologist. The first step in the job of a psychologist is to get their patients to open up to them. 

It is easier for us to confide in someone we find attractive. If someone can present themselves in a charming, trustworthy manner, they might just take away the key to our thoughts. 

Thus, attractiveness can help you a lot if you decide to step into this career line. 

There are so many options to explore here. You can be a family therapist, a couple’s counselor, a career counselor, an organizational therapist, and so much more!

Average Salary

$47576 per year

13. Insurance

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Insurance is a career option that is similar to sales and marketing. The role of an insurance agent is to sell insurance policies. And, as we discussed earlier, the key to a successful sales career is having a popping personality. 

People should be able to relate to you, and they should also feel comfortable relying on you. 

Also, salary packages in insurance come in an incentive-based structure, giving you complete control of your earning potential. Thus, we can say insurance is one of the best paying jobs for attractive females.

Average Salary

$52,533 per year

14. Journalism

Journalism and mass communication is one of the best paying jobs for attractive females. Other than having an attractive personality, one also should be comfortable and confident to work with a camera. 

Journalism is a challenging, adventurous, and at times, risky career involving collecting and presenting news and information on TV, radio, newspaper, online publications, etc.

Some of the job options in this profile are:

  • Reporter
  • Copywriter
  • Sub-editor
  • Research Analyst
  • Writer
  • Content Writer

Average Salary

$59,367 per year

15. Public Relations and Fundraising Managers

Public relations and fundraising positions were earlier filled by men. Women entered the field during WWII to fill the roles left empty by men going to war. Since then, this industry has been dominated by women. 

The reason that women are preferred to fill in the position is the perception that women are good at finding solutions to complex problems and are skilled at crisis management. 

Women are great at building reputations with solid foundations for clients. The field provides a lucrative salary that increases with time and experience. 

Average Salary

 $72,748 per year

16. Lawyer

Law is a great career option for attractive women. The job of an attorney is to convince a judge or jury to rule in favor of their client. Having a bold personality helps a lot here. 

There are many options within the law. Often these clients need help in cases concerning business deals, rights, contracts, and criminal defense or prosecution.

As an attorney, you can choose to practice within the government, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, or private practice within law firms, and corporate houses.

Average Salary

$81,792 per year

17. Bottle Server

If you are working as or have previously worked as a bottle server, there’s a very good chance that was offered the job based on your looks. *And it does not mean that you are not appreciated.*

Most of can agree to the fact that your looks are the most important factor that help you succeed at this job.

In fact, there isn’t anything wrong with making some extra money by using your charm as long as you’re in a safe environment.

Average Salary

$36,156 per year

18. Bartender/Waitress At An Exclusive Restaurant

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The exclusive horeca industry in major cities is yet another example of work that hire staff based on their looks. From my experience, I know that Los Angeles is probably one of the few major cities where a lot of young people work hard to be employed by cafes, bars or restaurants. 

If you’re confused why the young generation is driving towards bartending are waitressing jobs, then let us tell you that these jobs aren’t just your typical waitress or bartender jobs. In major cities (like LA, of course) they’re at a whole new level. 

Have you ever heard of Hyde on Sunset? You can take your college degree and past serving experience and apply for a waitress job there, and you’ll still not get it (unless you know the owner). Restaurants and bars like this will only hire you if you are extremely good looking.  They can’t just have anybody serving the Kardashians, right?

Average Salary

$42,556 per year (including tips)

19. House Sitting

House sitting is one of the easiest jobs that women can do as a side hustle. The job involves looking after a client’s house while they’re away. Sometimes, it also involves taking care of a pet. But for that, you are entitled to extra pay. 

House sitting jobs take time out of your life. Even thorough you don’t have to do much, you have to commit your time to ensure the pets are well fed and the house is taken care of. If you are actively looking for a house-sitting job, start with Care.com. This is a great job posting site for people who require services like house sitting, daycare, pet care, etc.

Average Salary

$50,654 per year

20. Personal Trainer/Life Coach

Even though internet has penetrated a majority of population and you can access literally any information through technology, people still look up to life coaches and personal trainers to help them reach their goals.

When a client hires you as a personal trainer that means that they wish to be you and/or have your body. Now that this has been said, it should be very clear that this is a suitable job on for attractive people. 

Average Salary

$40,510 per year

The Takeaway 

So, these were the best paying jobs for attractive females. Now, if you already have one of these jobs, that does not mean you were hired for your looks. 

“A can-do attitude, a positive personality, and a strong work ethic are still the primary ingredients for success.” 

-Robert Spector

The adjective “Attractive” does not refer to only visual beauty rather it is just a tiny aspect of it.

When we say that a particular job requires attractive female candidates, it means candidates who can have an influence – an impact over the clients or audience, someone people can trust and look up to.

If you think you are one such individual, then take it from us; you’ll do great in these fields!

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