7 Best Online Jobs for Cancer Patients

The 7 Best Online Jobs for Cancer Patients

Cancer survivors are not patients to be optimistic. After the long dreadful treatments and rest, it may happen that Cancer survivors don’t want to get back to their old busy life.

While struggling with Cancer, they either scroll for online jobs for cancer patients or find solace in their hobby.

They want peace and feel life is very short and precious. For them, resting on other things except for the time with their loved ones feels like an illusion.

For the cancer warriors, we have an impeccable and versatile jobs list. They can imply with that list for living their life comfortably. 

How is life after Cancer, and how does a job create an impact?

How is life after Cancer, and how does a job create an impact?
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Finding a job when you have Cancer gets difficult with treatment shifts and medical side effects. Therefore, most of them take off for that period.

Moving back to that, life gets out of the box for them. They usually take a lot of time to manage the work pressure, but they manage and settle down at the end of the day.

For some people moving back to work gives them a sense of routine. It makes them feel good about themselves. 

Speaking to your coworkers may land you on the verge of pity or a survivor. Some people may not know the right thing to say, whereas others don’t want to know how you dealt with Cancer.

Some of the things or behavioral attributes that we recommend you to teach in you for empowering your next years of life: 

  • Do not hesitate in asking for help: You may get stuck while working. When people offer help, do take that. In that way, you will get their support and some time together. 
  • Communicate: Always communicate to the best listeners. A treatment like Cancer gives you a lot to talk about. But talking in front of a bad listener will burden you. Talk to those who genuinely care for you and are ready to lift your heart. 
  • Be alert from the start: Do not ignore single stress. Address your issue to supervisors or coworkers as you feel different. 
  • Keep good contacts: While taking the cancer treatment, make contacts with the team who can help. With coworkers around, you can get instant support, and with good medical contacts, you can get the best medical support. 
  • Stay Positive: We are not talking about “Covid Positive” but positive in life. We know what you have been through, but keeping up the positive pieces in place will lead you to a good happy life. Try to bring up all the pieces together and start well with your life. Online jobs or remote jobs will help you keep the balance of work-life and personal life. 

What to consider when applying for a job after Cancer?

What to consider when applying for a job after Cancer?
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Few things to consider while applying for a job after Cancer: 

Your stability: Job is an essential requirement but staying fit is the requirement that no one can ignore. Join your job only after you are 100% fit.  

Your commitments:

  1. Stay very clear with the commitments, projects, and deadlines.
  2. Do not overburden yourself with any work.
  3. Remember, resting is also important. 

The time you can give to the company: Specify the time you can give to the company beforehand. Before filing up for any position, mention the number of hours you can present yourself to the company. 

Your routine checkup schedules: Make a detailed schedule of your routine checkups and your work. Keep the team updated with all your medical schedules so that they can plan your onboarding accordingly.  

Your financial security: Do not sign in for the job just for doing it. A lot of money is already lost in the treatment. For regenerating that keep up with the job that you deserve. Do not settle for anything less. 

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7 Online jobs for cancer patients

7 Online jobs for cancer patients
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Some of the online jobs for cancer patients are listed below. You can join those jobs and still can work on your fitness. 

1. Senior Corporate Grant Writing Manager:

This position includes expert-level content development for the agency. Agency includes cancer research. This can be done by translating internal programs of work or program concepts into persuading grant proposals. 

2. Estate, Director, and Gift Planning:

The role here will include cultivating relationships with planned prospects and donors. It also includes estate and financial planning professionals to secure and retain planned gifts that support their life-saving work. 

3. Product Manager or Digital Fundraising Program:

The role involves executing new and existing digital capabilities designed to enhance customer experience. It also involves driving revenue and engagement for the digital fundraising platform. 

4. Grassroot Manager:

This role includes developing and implementing state and local grassroots advocacy campaigns. They also need to be a volunteer for a cancer-related policy initiative. 

5. Marketing Assistant:

This role involves writing the social copy. They are responsible for assisting multimedia assets for the right channels. They are also responsible for gathering insights from data analytics and reporting tools. 

6. Recruiter:

The recruiter’s role includes strategy development, deployment, and execution of talent attraction for the client base.  

7. Director of Media Relations:

The role needs someone to lead media relations tactics. They are accountable for consistently delivering high-quality results that maintain and expand the media presence. 

How do part-time jobs help cancer survivors?

How do part-time jobs help cancer survivors?
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A survey states that 55% of women are unemployed after recovering from Cancer. Also, 39% of them are actively looking for a job. Part-time jobs helped maintain balance in the life of cancer patients. With those jobs, they can rest well and earn a living. 

Dealing with potential nausea, weakness, and other physical issues hampers the work-life, and with the part-time jobs, they can manage their schedules accordingly.

Most cancer survivors believe that staying busy with their workload is a great ability to keep up with a good spirit. Some of the part-time jobs that cancer survivors can pick for themselves include: 

Part-time Psychiatrist: For the part-time role there is a contractual position. The handler will be responsible for maintaining the database, collaborating with the teammates, updating calendars, updating clinical notes, and other tasks.

Part C Appeal Coordinator: This involves the management of multiple business units. 

Associate Editor: You will be part of the journalist community, storytellers, business professionals, and technologists. You will get a platform to raise your voice on certain matters. 

Content Creator: This job includes creating content and content strategy for various subjects. 

Senior SEO Strategist: SEO Strategist role includes implementing SEO and Social media strategies. 

Other roles include Frontend Developer, executive researcher, android developer, and graphic designer.  

What are the Government Jobs for Cancer?  

The government has placed many benefits for Cancer patients. Some of the benefits include Social Security disability insurance plans, Supplemental security income plans, Medicare, Medicaid, and non-profit assistance. They also allowed survivors to opt for various part-time jobs and remote jobs. 

2 Easy part-time jobs for cancer survivors       

Some of the less pressure part-time jobs for cancer survivors include: 

1. Freelance Writer:

This is a completely remote job. With this, you can be a regular contributor to the media. You can be a blog writer, website writer, or article writer. Research is necessary here, and this can be done using the internet. You can also take a break as you want. 

2. Online or Offline Tutor:

This job relates to imparting knowledge to others. You can be a part-time online tutor or host an offline session at your place. This is considered one of the healthiest jobs for cancer survivors. 


jobs for cancer survivor motivation
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It is quite clear that cancer survivors will not stay unemployed with everything mentioned above. There is no place where they can’t find the right job. With the list of online jobs for cancer patients, keep a list of jobs you should skip. Jot down the below list: 

  • Fitness instructor 
  • Bartender
  • Bank Teller

The three jobs above require regular physical movements, and they are not remote-based or online jobs. 

To conclude: It’s possible not just to survive but to thrive and to live a healthy, wonderful life again.  

Hello, Readers! Sneha Verma is my name. I take relief in writing about mental trauma and comebacks since I know how they affect ordinary job lives. I am a graduate student working on the ACCA programme. Jobs that require mental alignment appear to be very significant to me in this era, so I consider this to be one of my hobbies. In addition, I am well versed in employment topics and challenges that are directly relevant to the jobs.

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