17 Best Jobs In The Fashion Industry With A Business Degree (USA)

Top 17 Famous Best Jobs In The Fashion Industry With A Business Degree (USA)

Do you have a business degree and want to go into the fashion industry? Are you searching for the best jobs in the fashion industry with a business degree? Then I can say you are one of the luckiest people on this mother earth. Because you directly landed on this page.

Before moving to the article let’s take an example of a famous fashion designer—  Thakoon Panichgul who earned a business degree to excel in his career in fashion and so you can too.

In one of his interviews, he said that “Business degree really helped me break into the fascinating fashion industry because there is a need for such creative types to have a nice business sense”

This article has helped many people in the recent past to start their careers in fashion who had a business degree. And I am damn sure that you will be benefited too. 

So, why is this beneficial to you, and what will you get in the article below? Let’s have a quick look at the topics mainly covered in the below section.

  • Best jobs in the fashion industry with a business degree?
  • Can you work in the fashion industry with a business degree?
  • What jobs can you get with a fashion business degree? 
  • What jobs are in demand in the fashion industry for business degree holders? 
  • What jobs can you get with a fashion major along with a business degree?
  • Fashion business management jobs salary and so on…

What can you do with a business degree in fashion?

If you have a business degree and if you are passionate about fashion as well. Then congrats, you have both the mind and degree to become a multimillionaire. Yes, you heard it right. 

Yes, you can create your empire in the fashion industry with your business degree. There are few fields as glamorous and elegant as fashion if you wish to build an empire. It serves as a hub for innovators and creatives, including stylists, photographers, and designers. 

The fashion industry is a place where creative, as well as enthusiastic minds, will succeed, but it’s also a place where shrewd business sense is crucial. A strategic business plan will support any successful fashion label for sure.

To succeed in the industry, you don’t necessarily need a degree from one of the best fashion schools in the world. A business degree from a regional university is actually much more useful than you might think.

But if you are the person who is not interested right now to create your own business. But instantly want to get into the best jobs in the fashion industry with a business degree. Then you can go for the best-suited jobs for you in this industry as well.

If you are someone worried about what jobs can you get with a fashion business degree. Then there are some jobs for you such as Fashion Market Manager, Fashion Product Manager, Fashion Business Advisor, Fashion Business Consultant, etc.

For more details about such jobs, read the whole article thoroughly to not miss any single information. 

Can you work in the fashion industry with a business degree? 

Can you work in the fashion industry with a business degree? This question should not be doubted anymore. Of course, you can work in the fashion industry with a business degree. 

You can work for yourself separately as well as for a fashion company or fashion brand also.

In today’s fashion world, the business has evolved into an essential partner for design. 

For people who want to combine their passion for fashion with their fascination with business, one of the most sought-after degree options is fashion business management.

Every brand needs experts with business skills to help them thrive in the quick-paced fashion industry. You can learn how to successfully manage a brand by studying business management. 

You will gain knowledge of management principles, product life cycles, customer expectations, pricing models, and market and trend analysis. 

Both ambitious young designers and those who want a business-focused position inside the fashion industry can benefit from this degree option.

The Parsons School of Design, London’s University of the Arts, and New York University are just a few of the prestigious colleges and universities that provide courses for those willing to participate in the business side of fashion. 

What jobs can you get with a fashion business degree/management degree?

After knowing the opportunities of a business degree in the fashion industry, you must be thinking about what jobs can you get with a fashion business degree. Right? So, without any delay here I am presenting a list of jobs. 

The list contains the best jobs in the fashion industry with a business degree or management degree along with a fashion business management job salary. 

Job PostExpected Annual Salary (Current Market trends)
Chief Merchandise Officer$258,000
Fashion Marketing Manager $133,400
Sales/ Retail Manager$127,400
Commercial Director$124,000
Fashion Product Manager $123,000
Fashion Brand Manager$94,500
Business Consultant $85,200
Data Analysts$82,000
Bootique/ E-commerce store owner$78,400
Fashion & Luxury Buying specialist $63,400
Public Relations Specialists$62,800
Visual Representation & Styling Expert $58,000
Inventory Planner$57,100
Fashion Marketing Consultant$55,000
Account Manager$53,500
Digital & Social Media Marketing $50,000
Fashion Business Advisor $41,400

The above table shows some of the best jobs in the fashion industry with a business degree. 

Details of 17 best jobs in the fashion industry with a business degree

The detailed information about the best jobs in the fashion industry with a business degree has been given below. The following data will majorly show fashion business management jobs salary and job descriptions for the respective job posts

# 1. Chief Merchandise Officer: $258,000

Job Description:

A CMO (Chief Merchandise Officer) is also considered a senior executive of the company. They are responsible for planning and purchasing the products that a business sells. They have good knowledge about a wide range of business-related topics.

A chief merchandising officer is accountable for overseeing every aspect of the store. Such as overseeing inventory management, pricing, product presentation, etc. 

They work with other departments, such as marketing, management, and operations, to make sure that their vision for the store is accomplished. 

# 2. Fashion Marketing Manager: $133,400

Job Description:

A fashion marketing manager regularly oversees everything from managing branding projects to developing marketing campaigns for fashion brands, retail chains, and businesses.

They are responsible for creating, implementing, and following – up strategy strategies to achieve organizational goals. Their work is also focusing on promoting and raising awareness of the company’s brands.

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# 3. Sales/Retail Manager: $127,000

Job Description:

As a retail manager, you must have to lead and inspire a team to boost sales and ensure effectiveness. It is one of the best jobs in the fashion industry with a business degree.

You will be responsible for controlling stock levels. Making important stock control decisions, and analyzing sales data to project future sales. 

You also have to analyze and decode trends to make planning easier. You will be responsible for utilizing technology to analyze data, track sales, and make future plans.

#  4. Commercial Director: $124,000

Job Description:

Commercial directors of a company are responsible for discovering opportunities for business growth through partnerships, mergers, and market expansion.

They create precise project bids with assistance from other departments. They are in charge of deciding on a project’s budget, and resources, and making plans for each project stage. 

They also negotiate with contractors and suppliers and constantly keep an eye on costs, quality, and progress. They are in charge of regularly updating executives on project status. 

# 5. Fashion Product Manager: $123,000

Job Description:

A fashion product manager’s job involves keeping an eye on and analyzing commercial trends to identify the best ways to business profitable for the company.

In the fashion industry, a product manager is in charge of planning and implementing the entire lifecycle of a fashion product. This involves collecting and evaluating product and consumer requirements for the company. 

A Product Manager is responsible for leading the Product Development team, and the production team. They are also in charge of collaborating with the design and sales teams. 

# 6. Fashion Brand Manager: $94,500

Job Description:

For a fashion brand, fashion brand managers are in charge of developing and carrying out marketing and communication strategies. 

A fashion brand manager is responsible for examining and researching market trends, competitor activity, and consumer behavior. They also create and keep track of budgets, performance criteria, and sales projections.

# 7. Business Consultant: $85,200

Job Description:

Business consultants are experts in the management of businesses. They collaborate with businesses to develop new procedures and bring about adjustments that will raise their overall performance levels. 

Business consultants examine organizational procedures, pinpoint flaws, and make recommendations.

They focus on particular sectors like marketing, human resources, monitoring, engineering, and finance. They also offer knowledgeable counsel on that particular subject.

# 8. Data Analysts: $82,000

Job Description:

A data analyst gathers, filters, and analyses data sets to provide an answer to a query. They are employed in a wide range of fields, including government, industry, financial services, law enforcement, medicine, and science.

Their major responsibility is making the necessary documentation. So that stakeholders can comprehend the measures of the data analysis process and repeat or replicate the analysis as needed. 

# 9. Boutique/ E-commerce manager: $78,400

Job Description:

E-commerce managers are in charge of overseeing a retail company’s entire online presence. They control the selection of goods for sale, manage the assortment, and handle returns.

The boutique manager’s major responsibility is to make sure the store operates well. They are also in charge of focusing on customer satisfaction daily.

# 10. Fashion & Luxury Buying specialist $63,400

Job Description:

A fashion and luxury buying specialist is someone who plans and chooses clothing brands and garments for retail and online sales. A buyer must take into account different factors like consumer demands, price ranges, and market trends before making decisions. 

Two very important duties for any fashion and luxury buying specialist are to analyze consumer purchasing trends and forecast future trends. 

Managing inventory stock plans, meeting wholesalers to negotiate contracts, attending trade shows, and assisting with promotional activities are all other activities.

# 11. Public Relations Specialists: $62,800

Job Description:

A public relations specialist in the fashion industry is a person who develops, plans, and implements business relations strategies to maintain and improve clients’ perceptions among different internal and external brand consumers.

Public Relations Specialists promote their business, product, or service by raising brand awareness.

# 12. Visual Representation & Styling Expert: $58,000

Job Description:

A visual and styling expert informs team members of visual standards. They are in charge of ensuring uniformity among a diverse group of stylists, sales associates, attendants, operations, as well as management. 

The job responsibility of a visual merchandiser is to keep daily planning and managing of displays that maximize the fashion impact.

Stylish experts are in charge to make sure the styling measures meet the standards of the company. 

# 13. Inventory Planner: $57,100

Job Description:

An inventory planner is a specialist who develops efficient inventory plans and tactics to make it profitable for a company. 

Based on projections and sales data, inventory planners are also in charge of producing plans for purchasing future inventory.

They are responsible for assessing service performance and levels of inventory via KPIs.  

# 14. Fashion Marketing Consultant: $ 55,000

Job Description:

Fashion Marketing Consultants handle effective communication, customer service, and product representation.

By keeping an eye on inventory levels they assist businesses with their inventory purchases. They are responsible for generating and pursuing market leads. 

They maintain a positive work environment and demonstrate excellent communication skills

# 15. Account Manager: $53,500

Job Description:

Account managers are responsible for managing and developing clients’ accounts to establish and uphold positive relationships with clients. Account managers are accountable for finding new clients, given accounts, prospects, or a combination of these.

Project management, strategic planning, sales assistance, product design, service utilization, logistics, and advertising are all possible tasks for an account manager. 

# 16. Digital & Social Media Marketing: $ 50,000

Job Description:

For fashion relations digital and social media marketing is a must to grow businesses. 

In digital marketing, a significant proportion of the company’s online presence is managed by the digital marketer. They are in charge of identifying key recommendations for website optimization after analyzing all the digital data.

In social media marketing, the main task is to create and maintain a social media identity for brand awareness. They are responsible for establishing partnerships with influencers and agencies to raise brand awareness. 

# 17. Fashion Business Advisor: $41,400

Job Description:

Fashion Business advisors are in charge of putting into practice business strategies to increase both operational and financial efficiency.

Business advisors also assist in risk management by conducting thorough analyses of consumer behavior and risk management. 

They are in charge of giving the organization the right advice concerning the methods that improve it and make it more productive as possible as they can. 


In the fashion industry, your business degree will be very useful for sure. It doesn’t matter if you want to start your luxury fashion house. Or, want to go for the best jobs in the fashion industry with a business degree to work behind the scenes in a fashion corporate. You will always be admired for this. 

Your company will undoubtedly remain one step ahead of all your competitors only because of your strong business skill sets.

FAQs related to the best jobs in the fashion industry with a business degree

What jobs can you get with a fashion major?

If you have a degree in fashion major and if you are wondering about What jobs can you get with a fashion major. Then here is a list of jobs for degree holders in fashion majors. 
Fashion designer, Fashion Illustrator, Iconic Photographer, Retail Manager, Boutique Manager, Fashion Buyer, and so on.

What jobs are in demand in the fashion industry?

Jobs in the fashion industry are always in demand. If you have a fashion degree and are searching for what jobs are in demand in the fashion industry. 
Then here is a list of the most demanding jobs for you. Pick out the best one for you and start your career now. 
Merchandiser: $75,800
Fashion Designer: $65,200
Stylists: $63,000
Retail Buyer: $56,300
PR specialist: $55,300
Account Manager: $53,500

Is a fashion business degree worth it?

Undoubtedly, a fashion business degree is worth it. The fashion industry is a booming industry and is at its peak nowadays. So, whether you are going to start your own business or have a mindset to work behind the curtains. The fashion business degree will always be worth it for you. 

What can you do after studying fashion business?

You can do so many things after studying the fashion business. You will have many opportunities at your gate after having this degree. Such as you can build your own business as well as can work as a fashion business analyst. 

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