14 UNIQUE Best Jobs For Someone With BPD (U.S)

Borderline Personality Disorder – a mental health disorder, which affects the way of thinking and how an individual feels about themselves and others. 

“People with mental or physical disorders can not live a normal life,” I say, it is a complete myth, I understand, that a PWD faces a lot of challenges, but it is also true that they are one of the strongest people who regularly fight the odds.

To help you break the barrier, I have come up with a list of the best jobs for someone with BPD. However, looking at the best careers for someone with BPD, I would like to apprise with how a person with BPD can have a successful career (something you might be looking for) –

  1. Consider a creative career
  2. Establish self-knowledge (know how good you are)
  3. Work in a flexible and supportive environment 
  4. Say clear of the stressful situation
  5. Make sure to take your medications

These 5 key points could be the reason for your success, which you can choose from mentioned good careers for someone with BPD. Here’s to the best jobs for someone with BPD and for a successful life ahead.

However, before getting into these jobs, let’s understand something more, “BPD and jobs.”

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BPD and Jobs (How BPD can affect your career or job performance?)  

BPD and Jobs (How BPD can affect your career or job performance?)  
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It’s okay to be frightened or scared, considering that everyone might not be telling you, “hey! I can bet you can not sustain a job.”

However, even though BPD can make several things complicated, yet, that does not mean the “best career for someone with BPD” does not exist.

So, let’s just keep, “BPD unable to work,” thinking aside, so, let’s see how BPD can affect your work.

How BPD can affect your career or job performance?

  • Self-image: An individual with BPD can create a bad or fragile self-image considering that your goals, likes, and dislikes change frequently. That makes it tough to be committed to the path of success, as you will probably miss promotions or opportunities.
  • Unstable relationship: A job is a place where you do not only work but form relations too, however, office politics is also part of it. So, unstable relationships with colleagues or bosses can demoralize you, including affecting your belief that this job might not be one of the best jobs for someone with BPD. Moreover, your unstable or frequent change of feelings, including your “all or nothing thinking,” could lead to divisive workplaces.
  • All or nothing thinking: It simply means, that an individual with BPD believes that a person/situation is “all good,” or “all bad,” which is termed as all-or-nothing thinking or splitting. For instance, you might join a job considering that it is your dream job, however, one day when you will receive a bad review for your performance or when you make a mistake, you would consider it an “all bad situation.”

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10 Best Jobs For Someone With BPD (Good Careers For Someone With BPD)

1. Baker

Baker - Good Career For Someone With BPD
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Bake cake…

Bake pastry…

Bake brownies…

Bake whatever you make the best.

So, if you think you are perfect at baking things, being a baker is the perfect job for you. The most important reason for choosing to be a baker is because you love to do it. Thus, you will be pleased to bake

Moreover, being a baker will simply not allow you to enjoy yourself while working, however, it will also eliminate talking to many people. That means, “no triggering,” of emotions, and finally, one of the best jobs for someone with a borderline personality disorder.

2. Freelancing 


As the name defines, being a freelancer, you would have to provide different services such as content writing, digital marketing, arts, music/video creator, proofreading, and other skills that the brand, company, and the concerned individual require.

And the best part is that you won’t have to miss your medications and medical-related doctor’s attention, plus you can work on your own time. So, there you go with one more best job for someone with BPD.

I believe this could actually be one of the good careers for someone with BPD considering that it does not require meeting people, you can work on your own time, and you can get rest, as and when required.

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3. Business 

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Don’t want to work under someone?


I have an idea for you, you can commence your own business, so, no taking orders, work on your own timing, and no supervisor.

Though I had to inform you, to commence a business, you would need some investment, if you have that, you are good to go. With that, let’s move on to what businesses you can start –

  • E-commerce affiliate
  • Grocery store
  • Food trucks
  • Newborn and pregnancy services
  • Digital marketing services, etc

4. Photographer

1…2…3..say cheese.

Photography is the passion of many people, because capturing moments sometimes gives us relief, maybe because it makes us believe that things can be kept forever. And if you are that person, who makes the pictures alive, be a photographer

One of the perks of photography is that it has a tendency to connect you to people and nature. Moreover, being a photographer, people will only inform you what kind of pictures they want, it will be your decision, how to do your job. That will eliminate the chances of being emotionally triggered

And here we have got one more best career for someone with BPD.

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5. Proofreader/editor

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Source @pexels

Proofreading and editing are simply the two most important parts of content writing, even while writing this blog for you, a proofreader or editor will make it perfect or error-free. 

This is also, one of the perfect jobs for you since it does not require interaction with people, however, it could be a little stressful, but if you love reading, this could be one of the best jobs for someone with BPD, considering that you can work for a book publisher and proofread all the books.

Ah!! Exciting, isn’t it?

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6. Video editing/ Animation   

Video editing or animation is one of the best jobs for someone with BPD, considering that these involve creativity and investing time in your work without anyone’s interruption. 

Video editing or animation is also one of the demanding jobs, probably because most of the companies or firms are online, and those who are not are planning to be. And of course, to edit or aminate, you would need someone, right?

That could be you. Moreover, you can also work with YouTubers, filmmakers, and cartoonists.

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7. VA

If you are looking for a job that you can work from without taking stress, a virtual assistant is perfect for you. Another reason for choosing this job is you would only be responsible for not so stressful tasks such as email management, answering phone calls, managing company databases, making travel arrangements, handling social media handles, and much more.

Sounds easy, isn’t it?

So, work from home, without any stress, so, how do you like this one of the best jobs for someone with BPD and also a stress-free job.

8. Online marketer

Online marketer
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One more job, that does not actually require much coordination with people, plus you don’t really have to be present in the office to do it.

Yeah! I know, I have picked perfect jobs for you, and this is one of them.

So, if you have an interest in creating written and graphic content and keeping abreast with industry trends and social media, including coming up with several strategies to make it appealing – that’s the job for you my man (and of course, women).

9. Website developer

 Do you know how to improve customer experience by ensuring websites look good and function properly?


Because that’s all you would have to do being a website developer, though, being a developer means collaborating with website and graphic designers, monitoring website traffic, troubleshooting website problems when they arise, and updating websites as necessary.

So, I believe coordinating could be a little stressful for you, and probably can trigger your BPD. However, on the other hand, no one could boss around you, which could boost your self-esteem. 

10. Yoga instructor 

Best Jobs For Someone With BPD 
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Instruct people, while emphasizing your health too.

Yoga, is a perfect way to make people healthy, plus being healthy yourself, I mean, who would miss this one of the best career opportunities. Though there is a bummer, which is you would need to have a certificate to be a yoga instructor, you can get one right?

Secondly, if being a yoga instructor is not important to work for someone, you can commence your own yoga instructor business.

4 Caring Best Careers For Someone With BPD

1. Dog walker

Walk…play..walk…walk and play.

A dog walker is one of the caring best careers for someone with BPD, as a caring job would allow you to enjoy what you do. Moreover, there is a scope for growth too, as it is a newly found career, thus, once you will get enough clients, you can commence a website.

2. Teacher/Home tutor

Teach at home or at school, whatever suits you, as probably being around students you would feel much better as you would get a chance to engage in several activities. 

Moreover, probably being around students can help you control your emotions, why don’t we give it a try, huh?

You can still choose other jobs if you don’t like teaching.

3. Babysitter

Baby-sitter… one of the best jobs for someone with BPD, as no one can love you more than a baby. 

Ah! I still remember how my little cousin ran to me, no matter what I was doing. I mean, the way they make you feel good about yourself, no one can. 

At the same time, taking care of a baby is a complete handful of jobs, from changing diapers to constantly taking care of them (sometimes even not going to the washroom, even if it is an emergency). 

Apparently, this could be a little irritating for you, considering that, this could trigger your emotions or make you angry or depressed. It would be better to babysit the kid than a baby.


Because they probably can get your help, when required, plus they are more mature.

4. Old age home take caretaker

Old age home take caretaker - Caring Best Careers For Someone With BPD
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Being with someone who can literally guide you through life is truly mesmerizing. 

However, as fun, as it would be, how do I know it will be fun?

I know because I visited an old age home last holidays, and I had the best time there, I have met an uncle who reads palm, a dominating aunty who needs all the attention, and an aunty who cares about what God might have wanted.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to meet these amazing people, however, among all these people, my favorite uncle was one who was modern, wise, and knows how to dance.

Yet, obviously considering that these are old people, they might need a lot of care and would babble something (if they don’t like something), which could again, trigger your emotions. While the good thing is that, medical care is always available for you since nurses would always be present in nursing homes.

Famous People With Borderline Personality Disorder

Okay so! You think only you are suffering from BPD, well, no!

There are famous people with borderline personality disorder, and of course, as I have added the “famous” word, you must have understood that they are successful. You are not alone in this and you have to understand –

You are a healer.

You are a fighter.

And you can do this… Period.

Here let’s see, who can motivate you to do your best –

  • Britney Spears (I’m shocked to my core now, she’s one of my favorites)
  • Courtney Love, an American actress, and musician are also known for her song, “hold on to me.”
  • Princess Diana was a member of the British royal family and the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales.
  • Emma Forrest is a British-American film director, novelist, and screenwriter.

Yes! These people have been through or probably going through similar situations and issues, but if they can do it, so do you

So, promise me one thing today, no more feeling sorry for yourself, but from now on, you will get up from bed and will do your best to achieve your goal.

And let me give you a mantra to keep going (something that I follow), “if they can do it, so do I, and not only I will do it, I will do it to the best of my ability.”

Pinky-promise okay! (Can’t break it)


Presenting a list of best jobs for someone with BPD is easy, and depending on my research I can only say one thing –

No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things.

Demi Lovato

So, be a survivor, not a victim, and trust me, I won’t quote some advantages of borderline personality disorder, however, I do believe, you just need to find the light to go through the positive side of the tunnel.

Therefore, don’t try to find, the advantages of borderline personality disorder, because dude, you can change all the odds in your favor and turn your world upside down.

Hi there, I'm Deepika Kaushik. I'm a content writer and have an economic background. I love to write on topics related to jobs, courses, and current market trends.

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