17 UNIQUE Best Jobs for Extroverts that pay well

Hey, extroverts!

Tired of doing monotonous jobs that don’t suit you?

Tired of researching for jobs that interest you?

We’ve got you covered.

Having a job is important, but what is more important is to know and understand which profession suits you.

Yes, we know you are fun-loving and enthusiastic to socialize, so here we have curated some best jobs for extroverts like you to reduce your burden.

What are the Traits that inspire extroverts?

What are the Traits that inspire extroverts?
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Some characteristics make extroverts feel comfortable with their job. Let’s dive into some of those characteristics next. 

  • The jobs that require more and constant social interactions. You feel encouraged and motivated to work enthusiastically if you have more opportunities to talk with other people from various backgrounds.
  • The work environment that has a bigger team setting attracts extroverts truly. You will be glad to work with so many people, which helps in the company’s development as well.
  • Compared to introverts, extroverts will be more ready to take up any risks or new challenging responsibilities as they will be eager to try new things. This makes them an essential part of the team they work with.
  • You can be the best manager, as you can communicate the best. Also, the survey says 96% of managers are extroverts.

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17 Best jobs for extroverts that pay well

While choosing a career path, we should have a complete understanding of what we want and what we are capable of.

So here we have produced some ‌jobs that would exactly match extroverts. Apart from that, we have categorized based on the extroverts. Dive deep into the blog to have a clear idea of what you need to be.

3 Best jobs for right brain extroverts

1. Psychologist. 

Psychologist - Best jobs for extroverts that pay well
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As extroverts will be fond of talking and interacting with people, they are good psychologists. And since the right-brained people will possess a highly developed emotional side, they can excel in this field. This profession requires compassion and patience.

Right-brained extroverts refer to the people who are bold and fearless with their inner voice. They are vocal and have a high capacity to understand and untangle other mental and emotional issues. This is one of the best jobs for right-brain extroverts.

Payout: $96743 Yearly.

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2. Interior designer. 

An interior designer should possess a commendable skill of imagination and artistic vision, so the right-brained people can excel in this field.

Your role will include designing the quarters, abodes, offices, or areas of work. You will be the in-charge of designing the indoors of your client’s location.

Overall, you have to have strong communication to understand your client’s taste and level of satisfaction.

Adding to that, they should be able to convince their clients with their ideas and estimation so right-brained extroverts can choose this path if they find genuine interest.

Payout: $60304 Yearly.

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3. Teacher/tutor. 

teaching job for extrovert
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People who are good at speaking and have the talent of making others understand what they want to do will be excellent teachers, with no doubt. In that case, extroverts can also shine as teachers.

Though not all the teachers are expected to be extroverts, imagine if there’s a teacher who just reads the lessons in the book and walks, making no interaction with students. In the next class, there won’t be any students listening to that teacher.

Payout: $25576 Yearly.  

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3 Best tech jobs for extroverts that pay well

Best tech jobs for extroverts that pay well
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1. Tech recruiter. 

Recruiters usually need to possess strong communication and decision-making skills, which extroverts can easily deliver. Tech recruiters choose the best candidates for numerous jobs out there in the market.

A recruiter should be able to find and bring out the talents or skills that may be hidden in a techie. He/she should be able to make the candidate break the ice. And while recruiting techies, it is essential to possess at least basic technical skills. It is one of the good careers for extroverts.

Payout: $65271 Yearly.

2. Scrum master. 

It is one of the highest-paying jobs in the market. The demand for Scrum is also drastically increasing as companies are opting to shift to scrum from the conventional model.

A scrum master will be the bridge between the team and the owner. He/she should be able to convey the requirements appropriately to both teams. The role of scrum master requires abundant grasping capacity and to deliver the needs correctly.

Scrum refers to an agile framework that is required to develop and manage complex projects. As a scrum master, your role will include following the scrum rules and maintaining sound communication throughout the completion of a project.

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Payout: $103451 Yearly.

3. Help desk technician. 

They are the people who usually solve our complaints and requests. They are the go-to people for everyone in the organization regarding any help. It is one of the best jobs for extroverts.

Because their entire work revolves around talking to people and helping them with their issues. But it also requires technical knowledge to provide solutions to the requests.

Payout: $47967 Yearly.

3 Best High paying jobs for creative extroverts

Best High paying jobs for creative extroverts
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1. Performer. 

Yes, you heard it right.

It will be of great advantage for performers like actors, singers, dancers, and many more categories if they are extroverts. Because performers need to connect with people to deliver what they want, and extroverts will be great at doing that. Extroverts can easily capture their audience’s perception and give what they expect from them.

The primary concern here is that extroverts will not be hesitant to perform in front of public gatherings as they will love socializing, which is also an added advantage for performers. Thus, it is one of the best jobs for extroverts that pay well.

Payout: $40651 Yearly.

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2. Event Planner. 

It is one field that’s highly rising and its importance. Nowadays, people seek event planners even for very small occasions. Extroverts will do great in that because people can easily approach them and feel comfortable communicating with them.

The customers can express what they want and how the event will be more in a friendly way to the extroverts. This is because they create this pace with their clients.

Payout: $48614 Yearly.

3. Stylist. 

Wondering how someone’s going to the salon for the first time, he/she should be able to trust the hairstylist to try new styles.

If someone’s going to the salon for the first time, he/she should be able to trust the hairstylist to try new styles. Imagine going to a new stylist, and if we have doubts or hesitation about trying new things if the stylist responds rigidly. If we ever go back to that place again?  

So, yes, extroverts can shine in this field too!

Payout: $53776 Yearly.

2 Best High Paying Jobs for Extroverts without a degree

Tour guide - Best High Paying Jobs for Extroverts without a degree
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1. Tour guide. 

As we all know, tour guides need not have any specific degree or even education. All that matters is the way they connect with people with extraordinary speech skills. They should be able to make the tourists visit the place again with the same guide in the future.

He/she should be able to deliver the best things of the place they are visiting. And the guides should have been concerned about their tourists regarding their needs. For all these reasons, extroverts will be apt for this role. Hence, it is one of the best jobs for extroverts that pay well.

Payout: $40272 Yearly.

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2. Sales representative. 

How can we miss including such an important career when we talk about extroverts?

It is the best and fittest career for extroverts. Because extroverts love to talk, and sales representatives need to talk. They can shine well in this field if they have even very minimal technical knowledge.

The most important aspect to be noted here is their ability to convince people.

Sometimes we would have come across people to whom we may fail in protesting our concerns and buying the products they wish to sell.

Payout: $69273 Yearly.

3 Best jobs for analytical extroverts

Strategy director - Best jobs for analytical extroverts
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1. Strategy director.

A director of the strategy is a person who designs and implements strategic plans for the growth and development of the organization. They will be responsible for the innovations that need to be implemented in the company, which in turn reflects the upliftment of the company’s growth.

This job is a perfect option for extroverts who have very good analytical skills as they will be eager to design plans.

Payout: $126904 Yearly.

2. Survey researcher. 

This profession demands exceptional analytical skills to work and interpret data. Since the surveys involve people, a survey researcher should be capable of communicating with people in a good way, which makes extroverts the best choice for the job.

Survey researchers usually hold a master’s degree or Ph.D. Their role includes performing research based on the recent surveys and through the surveys.

Payout: $96689 Yearly.

3. Sociologist. 

They research the social behavior of people from various backgrounds. They study different cultures, identities, organizations, etc.

This is another good career path for analytical extroverts since they will be expected to interpret data and provide their findings, which require commendable analytical skills.

They should also be able to get on well with the people they are trying to study.

Payout: $123314 Yearly.

This is just like becoming a psychologist.

3 Best business jobs for extroverts that pay well

Best business jobs for extroverts that pay well
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1. Marketing.

Extroverts will be best in the marketing field, so if they possess entrepreneurship ability, this would be one of the best business jobs for extroverts. They will be able to market their necessities so easily, which can bring them tremendous success.

Extrovert tends to discuss properly their agenda. They can understand clearly what the listener is seeking. In this job, both extroverts and introverts can succeed as both have some qualities.

Where an extrovert can communicate about the product freely, an introvert will take care of the marketing campaign more seriously.

2. Life coaching. 

So, someone who can make others feel good with their delivery of words and experience and help them come out of their anxiety is called a life coach.

So, with no doubt, we can trust extroverts in this field. Apart from that, extroverts will also enjoy doing this job since they have many opportunities to get along with people.

3. Public speaking coaching – One of the best careers for extroverts

This is another best option for extroverts. They will possess an outstanding talent for public speaking and interacting with every individual in a group. So, they will be good at teaching the same to others. And you can gain more knowledge from such people if they ‌teach others the same.

The role involves picking a topic that has more involvement in your life. You have to be a speaker at a seminar and take the listener through your ups and downs and conclude with a perfect solution.


Best jobs for extroverts that pay well – So, being an extrovert, there are so many opportunities flying out in the market for you. Choose the correct one and you can shine well in that field.

Some giant companies hire extroverts, particularly, those that include Netflix, Dell Technologies, AT & T, etc. Try to develop the skills that you feel like you are lagging and there’s a sure scope of your success.

Hope this gave you a clear idea of your career selection. Find what’s best for you and follow your heart. 

Hello, Readers! Sneha Verma is my name. I take relief in writing about mental trauma and comebacks since I know how they affect ordinary job lives. I am a graduate student working on the ACCA programme. Jobs that require mental alignment appear to be very significant to me in this era, so I consider this to be one of my hobbies. In addition, I am well versed in employment topics and challenges that are directly relevant to the jobs.

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