10 Best Job Posting Sites for Employers in the USA!

10 Best Job Posting Sites for Employers in the USA!

You’ll find multiple job posting sites over the internet today. While having options serves the greater good for the clients, at the same time it leaves you questioning, “Which one do I choose?” 

To help you reach a conjecture, we have shortlisted the 10 best job posting sites for employers in the U.S. All these sites are acknowledged for their quick turnaround time and deliverance quality. Although, each of these has its own USP. 

We used the following KPIs to rank them:

  • Candidate quality
  • TAT to get your first candidate
  • Cost of posting a job
  • Overall candidate application experience

10 Best Job Posting Sites for Employers

Best Job Posting Sites for Employers
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Here are our top picks for the best job posting sites for employers.

1. ZipRecruiter.com

If you are hiring on a large scale, Zip Recruiter is the best choice. 

The reason we chose Zip Recruiter as the best job posting site for employers is its business model. Each job posted on the platform is shared across its network of 100+ job boards, including Monster and LinkedIn.

The pricing depends on the size of the business, the number of job listings, and recruitment needs. Zip Recruiter offers affordable plans for both small and large organizations. The plans are available as following daily, monthly, or annual subscriptions packages:

Standard ⭐

Let’s you post sponsored job ads at a standard daily subscription price of $16 per job post.

Premium ⭐⭐

At a premium daily subscription price of $24 per job post, you get:

  • The standard package deal
  • Higher positioning in job alert notifications sent to job seekers 
  • Access to Zip Recruiter’s resumé database.

Enterprise ⭐⭐⭐

  • Candidate matching
  • Resume database
  • Sponsored job ads
  • Featured company pages
  • ZipRecruiter Apply – an application tool accessible for web and mobile.

2. Indeed – Free Job Posting Sites for Employers

We put Indeed among the top on the list of the best job posting sites for employers as it is one of the largest online platforms to hire the best talent – and that too for FREE. As per the company data, Indeed has over 175 million resumés in its database. 

Indeed offers the following products to support employers in their recruiting needs:

1. Indeed Hiring Platform

This tool offers features like automated recruitment, virtual interviews, and candidate matching to employers.

2. Free and sponsored job posting 

You can post jobs free of cost over Indeed. Although, such postings might lose visibility in the search results over time. To counter the problem, you can choose to go with budget-based sponsored job posts.

3. Indeed Resume 

This is an advanced search tool that scans millions of resumes to find qualified candidates.

3. LinkedIn – Free Job Posting Sites for Employers (USA)

We place LinkedIn on the top among the best job posting sites for employers searching for candidates for executive and upper management positions. The network’s popularity among the C-Suite candidates is the key highlight.

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform hosting over 740 million members worldwide. Many of these are the candidates who qualify for hard-to-fill positions. 

LinkedIn offers employers smart business tools like advanced search filters, candidate matching, an applicant tracking system, a company career page, and more. Some packages available to employers are:

Recruiter for Professional Services

A recruiting plan specially cut out for staffing firms.

LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate

A comprehensive plan for large-scale recruitment needs.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

An affordable version of Recruiter for small businesses. RecruiterLite subscription is available in a monthly package for $140 or $1,440 annually.

4. Handshake (joinhandshake.com)

So, Handshake is chosen to be among the best job posting sites for employers as it is the number one college recruiting platform in the U.S. It connects hiring companies to college students all over the country.

With Handshake, students can speak directly with companies and submit job applications on the app. The various products offered by Handshake to employers are:

Handshake Core ⭐

Handshake Premium ⭐⭐

  • Offers the basic Handshake Core deals.
  • Lets you connect with students 
  • Offers access to additional recruiting tools.

A Handshake Premium subscription comes at an average annual cost close to $10,000. But, the ultimate amount depends on the hiring needs and the specific features that an employer wishes to purchase.

5. Glassdoor

So here’s why Glassdoor is one of the best job posting sites for employer. Glassdoor not only allows you to hire the best talent across the globe but also helps you with employer branding. 

As an employer, you can create your company’s profile showcasing your culture and values. 

Most job seekers turn to Glassdoor while conducting company research. It offers them salary information, employee reviews, CEO ratings, etc.

This is how Glassdoor helps employers with branding services 👇

  • Profile optimization.
  • Templates to request reviews from your employees.
  • Profile analytics to measure your company page’s performance and engagement.

Glassdoor is available to employers for free to build a basic profile with reviews and basic analytics. 

If you’re interested in buying their Standard plans or Select plans, then you’ll need to contact sales for a quote.

6. Snagajob.com – Best Job Posting Sites for Small Business

Snagajob is one of the best job posting sites for employers looking to hire on an hourly-work basis. 

The platform focuses on part-time work particularly in industries like restaurants, customer service, cleaning services, etc.

Snagajob matches employers with pre-qualified candidates and offers to streamline onboarding paperwork. Employers can also host virtual interviews directly on the platform.

Snagajob’s monthly subscription is available at $89 per job slot. It charge you only when a candidate applies for a position, unlike other sites that charge per click.

7. Monster Free Job Posting

Monster is an expensive alternative to CareerBuilder or ZipRecruiter. It is a mobile-optimized job posting site that offers employers a four-day free trial. 

Monster offers employers three monthly subscription plans ranging from $279 per month to $649 per month, depending on the number of jobs you wish to keep active. You can purchase job slots, unlimited resume views, and sponsored ads depending on the plan.

If your hiring needs are short-term and you don’t need a subscription, then you can use the Monster single-use packages. These offer you one job post per package. 

Employers have complete control over the degree of ad visibility and the duration for which the job ad runs. Posts usually expire between 30 and 60 days. To run a new ad thereby, you will need to purchase another package.

What we like about Monster:

  • 4-day free trial for all plans
  • Single-use packages

What can be improved:

  • No free job posts
  • Low website traffic compared to direct competitors

8. Dice.com

Dice is one of the best job posting sites for employers and job seekers in the tech industry. Dice does not offer any free trials or job posts. You might be stoked to know that one job post on Dice costs a whopping $495. This is a pretty steep amount, especially for small businesses and startups.

Recruitment tools offered to employers by Dice are:

  • Resume database
  • Candidate screening and sourcing 
  • Company page branding
  • Sponsored content

What we like about Dice:

  • Candidate matching tool
  • Specialized focus on tech jobs
  • Hides any kind of candidate data that may lead to a biased decision

What can be improved:

  • Expensive
  • No free options

Best Free Job Posting Sites for Employers

9. MightyRecruiter

MightyRecruiter is one of the best free job posting sites for employers. It is a an applicant tracking system that allows an employer to post unlimited jobs. You can choose job description templates from over 200 customizable copies for your posting. 

These posts can be picked up by 29 job boards, including ZipRecruiter and Indeed, in a single click.

Recruitment tools offered to employers by MightyRecruiter are:

  • Candidate and referral management
  • Candidate messaging
  • History tracking
  • Candidate ranking
  • Resume database 

You can unlock additional features, via MightRecruiter’s paid services by contacting the sales directly to inquire about service-level costs.

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Best Job Posting Sites for Small Business 

10. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder offers a simple mobile app for job seekers to apply, to help employers increase their job ad response rate. As an employer, you can seek both active and passive candidate profiles using its comprehensive database with over 140 million resumes and get the perfect fit for your job opening. 

CareerBuilder allows you to send targeted emails to boost your chances of recruiting the best applicants.

You can purchase CareerBuilder’s monthly subscription at a price ranging from $219 to $599, depending on the number of jobs that you need to post at once. 

Employers can also create a build-your-own job post at a price of $375. This comes with a 30-day resume and social profiles search.

13 Best Job Posting Sites for Employees

As mentioned earlier, employers trust the following sites when it comes to hiring the best candidates, which is why it makes sense that these are also the best job posting sites for employees seeking a job.

  1. Zip Recruiter 
  2. Indeed
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Handshake
  5. Dribbble 
  6. Glassdoor
  7. Snagajob
  8. MightyRecruiter
  9. CareerBuilder
  10. Monster Free Job Posting
  11. Ladders
  12. Dice.com
  13. Chegg Internships

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🎯 Here’s How you Can Hire the Best-of-the-Best!

Now, it’s finally time to reveal the secret tips to hiring the perfect candidates👇

  • As I said earlier, Gen Z and millennials apply for jobs online. And most of them use their mobile devices. So, you need to ensure that your job applications are mobile-friendly. This will help you attract more applicants by 11.6%.
  • Also, job applicants need information about the organization, like culture and pay. So, you can make your job offers more attractive by readily providing such information.
  • The right way to attract a robust talent pool is by distributing your role across multiple job posting sites
  • Plus, applicants might feel frustrated for having to spend a long time filling out online application forms. While an easy-to-fill online application can increase the application rate by 2.3%.
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Finally, we have narrowed down your options to choose from for the best job posting sites for employers. You can find all the details about these sites in this blog to help you make a decision.

You can hit us up in the comments section to know more about the platforms. We are happy to help you!

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