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Ok, let’s be honest here!

You’ve thought of starting your own YouTube channel at least once. Yes? Or, maybe you have your YouTube channel!

Be it to show your fantastic cooking skills, or to show off those impressive dance moves, or maybe to help people in their studies, or many more inexhaustible reasons.

Now, I know this thing for sure most of you who are reading this did not get the expected results from the performance of your channel, right?

See, there are almost around 31 million YouTube channels, and only a short percentage of those are very successful and famous.

Ever wonder why?

Why Most YouTube Content Ideas Fail?

Why Most YouTube Content Ideas Fail?
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  1. Poorly produced videos.
  2. Lack of consistency in your content.
  3. Poorly drafted ideas that do not interest people.
  4. Drafting content that can be valuable to a limited number of people only.
  5. Too long videos, which cannot retain the audience’s attention.
  6. Creating non-entertaining or non-informative content.
  7. Poor promotion strategies.
  8. The title is non-descriptive, and thus many people cannot understand its relevance.

10 Unique Content Ideas For YouTube to Set You Apart From the Competition- Youtube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Unique Content Ideas For YouTube to Set You Apart From the Competition- Youtube Channel Ideas for Beginners
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But don’t worry, we got you covered here!

We have made a list of the best YouTube channel ideas to make money.

1. How-to video

How-to-videos are videos that explain the functioning/working/process of anything. Anything!

This can include any type of tutorial content; how to do painting, how to make a magnet, start a company, and improve your handwriting. Anything!

It could be also – how to fix things like…

How to ideas for youtube video
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Now, this is an extensive niche. And to choose your niche, you have to figure out what interests you and which topics you have a reasonable amount of knowledge about.

An Inspiration for You!

Dad, How Do I? 

This channel is created by a man whose father left him at the age of 12. He creates how-to videos with the motive of helping people like him who do not have their fathers.

He publishes content like, ‘how to unplug toilet’, ‘how to tie laces’, etc. His videos were once tweeted to be the purest thing on YouTube!

2. Tutoring videos 

Tutoring videos idea for youtube channel
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Here, I’m talking about two different kinds of tutoring videos:

  • For studies at the school level and college level.
  • Make-up and hair tutorials.

Now there are a lot of channels on YouTube that are already doing this. This makes this topic common and not unique, and yet it made it to our list.

Can you guess why?

Because, during the current situation of the pandemic, the demand for such content has increased exponentially. This content is one of the most demanded content on YouTube right now. 

And the best thing is that even if there is a lot of competition, you can still beat the ones who already exist if the quality of your content is excellent.

Students will only use a channel to find that the content is helping them, no matter how popular that channel is. The same is the case with MU tutorials.

An Inspiration for You!

Shobit Nirwan 

This is an excellent channel for school students as it not only teaches them the subjects but also helps them succeed by advising on timetables, study routines, etc., from the creator’s personal experience.


This make-up tutorials channel has close to 14 million subscribers! What impression does that put on your mind for the demand of this content, huh?

I’d say, if you are good at either of these and have adequate knowledge, then this is a great YouTube channel content idea for you!

3. Product Reviews

Product Reviews idea for youtube channel
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Product reviews can be of different types depending on the niche. Some may focus on technological or gadgets reviews; may make toy reviews; while some may choose to review everyday items that the audience is likely to include in their online shopping lists.

Now, this classification does not stop here. 

Some channels are tech-review channels, and they focus on reviewing only mobile phones or just laptops, etc. 

Some even review the new technologies or the latest trends in the tech world!

An Inspiration for You!

Ryan’s World

This channel is run by a 10-year-old boy, Ryan Kaji. He reviews toys

Do not underestimate this statement!

This nine-year-old is the highest-paid YouTuber with an earning of nearly $30 million in the year 2020 and has around 30 million subscribers!

4. Satisfying Videos

Yes, I know; this might sound a bit lousy. But check it out for yourself. Search for oddly satisfying videos and then look for the number of views. 

You’ll understand what I’m talking about!

Now, satisfying videos, again, can be of several types. Some may use slime for content and may make lovely food videos. Some may even make videos of crushing stuff. At the same time, some make slow-motion videos.

Believe it or not. People do like it a lot.

But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that this kind of video requires excellent production skills and excellent camera quality.

An Inspiration for You!

Hydraulic Press Channel

As the name suggests, this channel’s content is solely about crushing stuff using a hydraulic press. The track has close to 3 million subscribers! 

This is because people like this content.

5. Food Hauls/ Empowering small and medium enterprises

Food Hauls/ Empowering small and medium enterprises
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These days local food blogging videos are trending a lot on YouTube. One reason is yes because people are missing their favorite momos vaale bhaiya. So they at least try to watch the videos and make themselves happy.

But another reason is the new trend that’s been starting for some time. Earlier food bloggers or vloggers prefer to visit photogenic places, even if the food quality is not excellent or the services are highly overpriced. 

This has changed now.

Food bloggers are now focusing on the small vendors and local businesses to enlist on their channel. And this content is getting very high traffic. 

This content is hitting people on an emotional level!

This channel gets millions of views, plus they are doing a great job. 

I love and support such channels and content. 

An Inspiration for You!

Swad Official

This channel can be a great inspiration if you want to try out this content. I have seen this channel grow so exponentially since last 2020 when the pandemic started.

And I bet you must have heard of him. He’s the guy who was responsible for the viral video of an elderly couple selling food at a roadside stand who could not even cover their costs. People started flooding in there, and the rest you can see by checking out this channel.

6. DIY Crafts Videos

DIY Crafts Videos
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DIY craft videos are prevalent. 

But don’t forget we are in the middle of a pandemic! We cannot get out of the house. And making DIY stuff is the only way to go.

Now the key here is to create original, easy, and actually of any use to the audience.

An Inspiration for You!

Buzzfeed Nifty

Buzzfeed Nifty is a favorite DIY crafts channel that has been on YouTube for a long time. It has around 1.7 million subscribers and great content. 

Recently they have moved to interactive content ideas, while previously, they were using content without showing faces.

Check out hobbies that make money.

7. Home Crafts for Health and Wellness

Home Crafts for Health and Wellness - Unique Idea
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I don’t think I need to explain why home remedies for health and wellness are popular these days. 

Boosting immunity has become an essential factor for everybody, and people are flooding the internet for its answers.

In such a time, you can be resourceful to your audience if you have the required knowledge. Be careful here as you do not want to suggest any ideas that may be harmful to people.

An Inspiration for You!

Homeveda – Home remedies for you

Homeveda has more than 700 thousand YouTube subscribers. They provide quality content. And the way they present it, they have established trust with their audience.

8. Most Trending News Related Content

Most Trending News Related Content for New Youtube Channel
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People most often find TV news channels very monotonous and even biased. So to get the correct information on news-related topics or general issues, they come to YouTube.

Any big players do not pay YouTubers, and they do not side with political vendettas, like the big-game news companies. They aim to provide their audience with neutral, raw information without any prejudice.

And this is the reason they are popular!

Although, this is not easy. Your job will include digging deep into topics, collecting ground zero information, making sure your facts are accurate, etc. 

You require a lot of knowledge, and you need to acquire a lot more while creating the content.

An Inspiration for You!

Dhruv Rathee

If you want to get into this content, then YouTuber Dhruv Rathee can serve as an inspiration. And, it will also give you an idea about what it takes to be a YouTuber for such content.

9. Share Market OR Investment Related Topics (Must Have Good Knowledge)

Share Market OR Investment Related Topics (Must Have Good Knowledge) - Trending idea for youtube
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The stock market is equal to money! But it is not easy. That’s what people think about it. 

People are trying to invest money and earn great ROI from the share market. But they don’t know how to invest.

In the stock market, it is usually considered that taking advice about shares from anyone is the worst thing to do as they will always have ulterior motives. Someone’s shares can make them rich if they advise you to buy the wrong shares. 

This is why people do not trust advice from general people like friends or colleagues. So they sought professional help.

And what’s better than free professional help, right?

An Inspiration for You!

Rachana Phadke

CA Rachana Phadke is a stock market YouTube content creator with almost around 3 million subscribers. She is a great content creator because she has extensive knowledge of her domain and does not shy away from sharing it with her audience.

10. Vlogs of any particular niche

vlogging is a good idea for youtube personel
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Vlogs are video blogs. It can be related to any topic- about your life, your job, and yur pet. Anything that can interest your audience. 

People videography their lives, and it gets famous. 

NO! It does not work like that.

They put a lot of effort into it, from trying to figure out what can interest the audience to making the content to presenting it in an impactful way. It’s a lot of work.

An Inspiration for You!

Singh in USA

Singh in USA is a vlog where the creator shares his personal life experiences. The whole content revolves around the basic theme of “life of an Indian software engineer in the USA”. 

How to earn money online?


So to conclude this blog, I would like to mention a very important point. 

Yes, I have listed these ideas and we’ll be happy if you choose them. We’d love to see you succeed!

But the purpose of this list is not to limit your creativity.

I believe you can create even better content than these with your own creativity and innovation. 

Also, YouTube is a long-term investment. You have to be patient. Very patient!

Things are not going to happen overnight for sure! You are not going to get rich overnight. Okay?

You just have to believe in yourself, put in your best efforts, and keep pushing yourself!

I hope you find the best content for YouTube channel ideas helpful. If you try any of these ideas, share your experience with us in the comment section below!

If you have any queries or doubts related to any topic covered in this blog, do reach out to us. We are happy to help!

FAQs Content for YouTube Channel:

How do I choose a YouTube channel topic?

You should go with a topic of your interest and one in which you have a certain level of knowledge. You neither want the content to be too challenging nor too monotonous for you as the creator!

What topics pay the most on YouTube?

According to the YouTube Creators Academy, the top four popular content categories are entertainment, food, gaming, and beauty & fashion.

How much USD does YouTube give per 1000 views?

As per gadgetsnow.com, you can make around 1-3 USD per 1000 YouTube views. Depends on the type of content you are creating and many other factors.

Who is the richest YouTuber?

Jeffree Star is the richest YouTuber in the world. Although, the highest-paid YouTuber is a nine-year-old boy from Texas, Ryan Kaji.

Who is the youngest richest YouTuber?

According to Forbes, nine-year-old boy Ryan Kaji is the youngest richest YouTuber with nearly $30 million in the year 2020.

Which content is best for YouTube?

According to the YouTube Creators Academy, the top four popular content categories are entertainment, food, gaming, and beauty & fashion.

How can I be an amazing YouTuber?

Well, if you want to succeed on YouTube, you have to set clear goals, frame a structure of how you are going to achieve it, be consistent in your efforts and most important- be patient. Success on YouTube does come overnight, but with a Chinaman’s chance!

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