10 Best Business for Scorpio Woman – Opportunity Alert!

10 Best Business for Scorpio Woman – Opportunity Alert!

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.”

Melinda Gates

For years, patriarchy has forced women to stay put, locked up with the house chores, without permission to have an ambition. Although, the time has changed now! Or maybe, not!

Well, it would be only appropriate to say that it’s the women who have changed. With time, we have learned to stand up to our rights, dare to have dreams, and rise above the patriarchal society! 

Even though society continues to pull us down, we somehow manage to rise. Today’s woman is more than capable of laying foundations of strong businesses, nurturing them, and growing them. She can even embark on great business ideas with limited resources

So, to honor all the struggles it took us to get where we are, let’s discuss some businesses which are best-suited businesses for that strong, powerful, and determined Scorpio woman! 

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Is Business Good for Scorpio Women?

Scorpio individuals make excellent leaders and choosing business as their source of livelihood can make a huge difference in their lives. They can command and control employees and motivate them for high productivity.

Doing business instead of getting a job can provide Scorpios an opportunity to work independently (which they love)

Scorpios are great at planning, strategizing, and analyzing– especially financial matters! Not utilizing these strengths for their good would be a big bummer. 

Thus, opting for a business could be great for a Scorpio woman and can provide her with a sense of independence and meaning.

10 Lucky Business for Scorpios!

What is the best business for Scorpio women? Find out in the list below!👇

1. Best Business for Scorpio Woman: Financial Consulting Firm

Scorpios are great when it comes to handling finances. Planning, strategizing, and allocating finance is one of the strongest suits of a Scorpio, making financial consultation one of the best businesses for Scorpio women. 

To start a business in financial consultation, you need to have an academic background in finance and the necessary certifications depending on the region. Having past professional experience in finance would be the cherry on the cake.

You provide financial consulting services to other business houses and corporates. Or, you can choose to help individuals in planning and organizing their finances. Both ways, the business offers great incentives and a sense of accomplishment. 

2. Best Business for Scorpio Woman: Accounting and Audit Firm

Best Business for Scorpio Woman: Accounting and Audit Firm
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Accounting and audit are some of the best career options for the future and also a lucky business for Scorpio. 

A Scorpio’s analytical mindset and problem-solving capabilities make them perfect candidates for the job of an auditor or an accountant. Their detail-centricity gives them an upper hand in their roles. 

And, starting your own business to provide audit and accounting services to other organizations is a great business opportunity that you must dwell on. As it is a very well-paying career.

3. Best Business for Scorpio Woman: Pharmacy

Starting a pharmacy business or a chemist shop is one of the best businesses for Scorpio women. It is a perfect mix of their need for human contact and an independent work environment.

You will have to invest in buying or renting out a shop or outlet and stocking the drugs for your store. But, this investment is sure to pay very well. The profit margin in the pharmacy business is HUGE! 

To be a chemist, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and knowledge about medicines and drugs.

4. Best Business for Scorpio Woman: Private Investigation Business

Scorpios are as good at unfolding secrets as they are at keeping secrets. A private investigation agency could be a lucky business for Scorpio as it will utilize all their strengths and help their work at full potential.

For this, you will require a state license, and depending on the region that you serve, you might also require a concealed license. Next, you will have to hire experts to support various segments of the business including more investigators, medical professionals, etc.

5. Best Business for Scorpio Woman: Market Research and Analysis Business

Scorpio women with a background in marketing or business analytics might consider starting market research or business development firms. This could be the best business for Scorpio women as it requires analytical and problem solving as the central skills.

Scorpios are focused, determined, and great at keeping secrets. Their sharp and curious minds can churn out great interpretations out of plain data.

You can provide competitor research or market research services to businesses even from home. You do not need an office for this business and you can even manage the business independently. Although, of course, you will need a lot more human resources to operate at a bigger level.

6. Best Business for Scorpio Woman: IVF Clinics

Scorpios love making an impact and connecting with people emotionally and deeply. Starting an IVF clinic or fertility center can be a lucky business for Scorpio.

Many people face fertility issues and are not inclined towards the idea of adoption or surrogacy. What they need is the expertise of a professional who cares about their patients. Connecting with the patients and investing yourself emotionally in their issues can be very helpful in attracting business.

As such Scorpio makes a perfect match for the job profile. Starting an IVF clinic requires huge investment and a lot of planning. You need to start your preparation early if you want to pursue the business as it would require a lot of time and effort.

7. Best Business for Scorpio Woman: Counseling Center/Career Counseling Service

Best Business for Scorpio Woman: Counseling Center/Career Counseling Service
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Scorpios prefer a working environment where they can make some tangible impact. Thus, the list of the best business for Scorpio women would be incomplete without a counseling service agency.

Therapy or counseling is one of the most rewarding and satisfying career choices. And, Scorpios are great at dealing with people’s emotions. They make great counselors and starting their own agency could be a great fit.

To start this business, one needs to be a qualified psychologist and will also require a team of therapists to support the business.

You can provide services like occupational therapy, career counseling, couple therapy, etc. Choosing a niche is totally up to you.

8. Best Business for Scorpio Woman: Architecture Service

Scorpios have an innovative mind but a completely creative career is not great for them. Starting an architecture agency might be a lucky business for Scorpio.

Architecture requires a blend of innovation, knowledge of design, problem-solving abilities, and analytical skills. Also, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in architecture to start a business.

9. Best Business for Scorpio Woman: Private Nursing Service

Best Business for Scorpio Woman: Private Nursing Service
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Starting a private nursing service is very rewarding. Having a medical background can be very helpful for entrepreneurs interested in this line of business. 

The main role of this business is to provide hospice care and make available human resources for taking care of patients at their respective homes or places of residence.

Also, you can even outsource your services to hospitals, nursing care, etc. In addition to knowledge of patient care,  an individual requires sharp entrepreneurial and management abilities for this business.

10. Best Business for Scorpio Woman: Product Review Business

Not just the best business for Scorpio women, Product reviewing is also ideal content for a YouTube channel. Oh, wait! This can be a great business opportunity for a Scorpio woman! 

YouTube offers huge potential for people interested in conducting business digitally. People are making tons of money from making YouTube content. Then, why can’t you? You can start your product review business on YouTube. 

Your job would be to buy and honestly review products over your YouTube channel. If people are convinced by your reviews, they will buy the products from the links that you provide in the video’s description box. This is called affiliate marketing.

The reason this can be a great business for a Scorpio is that they are very honest and ethical. So, the reviews are sure to be genuine and real. And, the audience absolutely loves real content!


“A successful woman is one who builds a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her.”

– Anonymous 

No business is ‘unsuitable’ for you if you carry the passion for it. I, personally, am a firm believer in hard work. If you are determined enough to accomplish your goals, no one can stop you!

Horoscopes tell a lot about a person- what they like, how they react to situations, how they feel from inside, etc. Horoscopes predict a person’s compatibility to businesses or careers based on these character traits. It is a way of telling people what they are compatible with based on their existing strengths and weaknesses. (Of course, not all people belonging to a particular zodiac are the same!)

So, this was all about the ‘best business for Scorpio women’. Do let me know in the comment section below how you liked the article. Also, feel free to hit us up if you have any queries or suggestions. We are happy to help you!

So, if you are a Scorpio woman and want to start your own business, it’s time to take your big leap now with these best lucky businesses for Scorpio! 

Be the BOSS LADY that you are!

(Also, drop a 🤍 if you want the more lucky business for Scorpios in the next article!)

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